Why Being Selfish is NOT Wrong

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We are programmed from the childhood that being selfish can be bad. And then we end up in a cycle of empathy where we tend to lose on the grounds for what to guard and what to not guard. And that can become future liability.

So why does being selfish is a good thing? How can you work with that?


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If you're not selfish people will use you

That's right. They will use you like a doormat and they can take advantage of you. And yeah they can even justify that because they would find you weak. You have to take some interest in your self interest otherwise they are going to walk over you.

Not being selfish means Easy target

No matter how much world changes you may notice that being selfish has it's price. And so easy target is someone who is not selfish, so the price paid to become selfish is your own immunity. The more selfish you become the easier it gets for you to sideline or filter some of the people.

Not being selfish means hidden Predator

Try being friendly with the people and you will see the beam in their eyes that they think they are trying to manipulate you. But in reality they are kind of unaware they are manipulating you. So make sure to show your selfish side in order to keep the predators away.

Not being selfish means suffering

Finally. let's admit the fact that if you are not being selfish that means you are bringing misery to your own self. And you can't really control how the life goes from that point onwards. and so each interaction with the humans around can become the misery.

Being selfish is one of the trait for the survival. If it goes out of hand it can backfire and if you dont use it at all then also you would be facing more problems. So make sure to be selfish.


Be it school, college and the workplace. Do you know how to be selfish? Do you know how to adjust with the people around and know when to take advantage of them or become selfish?


Being selfish to some extent isn't a good a thing. A selfish person cares only for himself at all times.

If you're not selfish people will use you

I think in this aspect I wouldn't really say the person is selfish, rather one should try to stand their ground and know when to say yes or no to people when the need arises.
It doesn't mean you don't care for others; selfless

Not being selfish means Easy target

This is exactly what happens when people see you as a soft person.
There are people that likes using others simply because they are selfless

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Well said, I can not emphasize on this because you have said it all.

Being selfish can be good if done well but not to the extreme though.

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selfishness is a sign of strength. you care about your wants and needs. you want to make things happen. you're protective of those around you. selfishness is a good thing on an individual level. it pleases those who are aligned with your character