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RE: Just a load of fucking jiffies

in Proof of Brain2 months ago

Shits becoming real, lol. If some rug pulling gonna happen the I better go get me some tether and Hive ready haha. Seriously, I just went over to see the post myself and I found it entertaining with all the gifs, so if he wasn't cool with it why not just ignore the post, why trying to change how people enjoy the space and express themselves?

The drama never ends...

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Not acceptable, you didn't reply with an animated jizzle. 100% downvote because I don't like that.

can't fix the boring fucks mate, they'll just keep bringing people down to their own miserable levels of existence, that's their comfort zone

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Your humor is irresistible 😄

But am still not using a Gif till I want to 🚶

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