Influential Factors Of Emotions In Our Life.

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We humans are in fact a very strange and complex with the way we act in different scenario and its rather even more hard to predict the human nature as we operate. Really,the human brain is something that never does the same thing and same work each time it comes in a new way,there is a deep critical touch of creativity and judging life situation from more in depth point of view.The more we study the different parts and contexts of the human brain, the more new views we find, the more staggering outcome popps out consequently.


Today, we would not just talk about the physiological matters of brain but, here the hidden soul which nourishes and operates the brain to adjust and remodel things and orders us to act with the mood instantly as we possess. There are in fact a lot of factors that personally works before that decision making, such as the role of neurotransmitters,dopamine secretion and many more but here our main topic of discussion doesn’t revolve around the plain cryptic and obscure concepts of physiology and brainstorming doctrines, but I would specially like to talk on the role that Emotions actually play in shaping our works to do and act on certain contexts,to be driven by the sole force of emotions and mental state.

Emotions :Good Or Bad?

Its rather an essential part to know,whether emotions do exactly help us in our life or destroys us in many reason.Emotions are something we all face in our life,it can be reckless or softy, sometimes very naive that we at times dont pay any heed to that.But,emotions can have life and death effect in our life, if we know how to use this as a great resource or as a tool to do specific things.I personally do say that,if you want anything done by you,something that would be miraculous or prodigious, any achievement that you want which will astound yourself,then you should channel your emotions in getting you to reach the point where you want to go and achieve. Gaining proper control over your emotions will be enough to channel th towards a safe direction and learning and ultimately getting the end result.Yeah,thats how we need to use that emotion in positive way and not letting it do any harm to us.


What To Do To Reduce Emotions?

As I said earlier, emotions arent not that bad as far as you know how to take full control over it, Again excessive emotions can be very lethal and hazardous both for the person and his associates.Strong Emotions like anger, pain, sorrow,outburst, laughter, desperation etc are something never let humans to go through easy and safer path.I myself at times fell into that same situation like all others where I was pretty imbalanced and finding it hard to get over it. Some memories and life's conditions led me nWord really focus on life and do usual routine works, but instead I was very upset and depressed to see my poor conditions both mentally & spiritually.
I didn’t have control over my lives whatsoever, but back then after suffering from these odds, I became stronghold and literally dedicated to improve my conditions.I did lots of things,lots of trials to get over my poor life,then ultimately I found I should really take controll over my emotions and be in it.
With the process, I learnt how to mitigate the sudden adrenaline rush and minimizing the feelings that influnces to be emotional and I tried hard, thats how I became a person with some control over emotions and thankfully I am fine now.


Final Words To Say Here:

My only message to you folks is to let have a try to capture your own emotions,seizing all of the rush and lets have a look at it if you find yourself in the same conditions that I had had before.Be really committed to it.I dont know, what age group you belong, if you are reading this then I suppose you are at least young and juvenile, tender in mind,even if you are old, still you are young and fresh, huh ha!
They say,Mind Never Gets Old,so being emotional is a simple and usual part of our life.
On the contrary, if you do know something better to handle emotions, do let us know about it by dropping your valuable comments in the beautifully decorated section here in hive.

Thanks For Reading Guys,🙂

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Bruce Rashford.


Nice article, there are many factors that influence our emotions , let's take for example love, that's one of the factor that influence emotions, what about jelousy and hate? , Yes they are also emotions too

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