All eyes are on Ethereum, but Dogecoin also reached another ATH - A sign of alt season vil 2?

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Everyone's attention seemed to be on #ethereum this morning as it not only passed $3000 for the first time ever, but went on to blow through $3100, $3200 and now $3300 in just a matter of hours.

But while the Ether punks were collecting Maxi-tears on Twitter, the true champ of Crypto also made another ATH. I'm of course talking about Dogecoin.


Bitcoin and Ethereum will sooner or later have to accept their inevitable defeat to the one and only true crypto king!😅

I've never really cared much about Dogecoin other than as a fun experiment of what greed and/or good name recognition and branding can accomplish. But I've began to wonder recently of it can be an indicator of when the bullrun or alt season is coming to its peak. How much crazier can it really get?


Dogecoin hitting another ATH and currently sitting like a good dog at 44c

Again, I have no intention of ever touching Dogecoin, but it's getting harder and harder to ignore it completely. People will want to know what the top cryptos by market cap do, and how they can justify and sustain its value.

How do you explain a crypto-newbie why Dogecoin is worth more than Ford by market cap? Or how other coin's valuation is any different to the joke-coin (if there is any difference at all)?

I'm curious to hear what you're making of it:)


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Possible SNL Sketch:
"We switch live to the White House for an important message from President...."
"Ahem, my fellow American comrades, It is my great pleasure to announce our new Secretary Treasurer Egon... what's your name again son?"
"It's Elon, Elon Musk Mr President."
"Ah yes, Mr. Elon elon Musk mr. President, Our New Secretary treasurer of the United States!"
"Thank you Mr. President, And as my first act as your Treasurer, I will be retiring the USD and in it's place make Dogecoin the currency of US and the reserve currency of the World! And Tesla will be accepting Doge for the Model 3 Car."

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LMAO @ meme.

Dogecoin is a joke on Crypto Enthusiasts. A coin with no real value or use-case, making people millionaires.😂😂

It's hilarious!

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@fredrikaa Dogecoin is currently doing well on the market,honestly Dogecoin was among the crypto that I underrated but now the coin has surprised me....

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Will it really reach 1$?

Oh wow! It's getting closer to $1 better to buy Hive in the dips though

What's happening with Doge is so fascinating! I keep waiting for it to drop really bad but it's taking forever to do so.
I read an article a few weeks ago that predicted the next dip with doge to be severe. I've been watching and waiting but it keeps rising beyond expectations.

For a newbie who only started paying attention recently, I'd say it makes the industry look like magic. It's like a wishing well.

Throw in a quarter and get a million dollars in 2 months.

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Fight, fight... We have more "solid" options to invest, haha!

Dogelon go bonk*

Thats a good question friend, although Dogecoin is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies, the truth is; the leap he has made in recent months is incredible. But hence why It is worth more than FORD by market capitalization is hard to explain I have some Dogecoin coins in storage so i hope it goes Up a bit more.

Buying doge now seems very risky, it could all go crashing down. But a lot of people made good money out of it even though it's a silly coin in my eyes

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The pump in doge surprises me, on how a coin with no solid use case keep breaking the charts. I guess we'll have to see where the price gets in the next few months

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