Verify Your Brain (New Tribe Token)|| Still Selling Your POB At A Miserable Amount? You Might Want To See This.

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I just came across this exciting project by @vyb.vyb Verify Your Brain today, and a new breath felt in my heart.

We have talk so much about POB use case, people losing hope in POB project and when I saw this, I just felt some relieve.

I have talked so much about why you should stake your POB token and wait, so, I think here it it. The use case we having been waiting for, one might be here. This project seems to capture alot about what we have been yarning for from proof of brain and I think you need to check that link and read for yourself.

Claiming VYB Tokens will Likely Boost the Market Value of POB
This is, of course, merely opinion and conjecture, and not financial advice.
As mentioned above, Verify Your Brain is being birthed to complement the Proof of Brain tribe. One of the ways we’re doing that is by intentionally funneling any initial demand for VYB tokens through the open market for POB, an activity that we expect will (at least temporarily) boost the market value of POB.

And we have some great people in POB like Scholaris.pob, Calumam and Trostparadox.pob working on this project .

So for the very last time hold on to your #pob like a new born baby, is about to get very very interesting.

Thank you for your attention,
Much Love from Funshee.


In #POB and #VYB i believe!

Yes baby, that's the way to go.

Yes, we have an insider)
It's not clear yet, but it's already interesting)

Very interesting!

Interesting indeed! I see there's improvement coming and it's gonna be huge. That's a great move indeed. !PIZZA

Yes, indeed! Hold on tight.

I will 🥰

Excited now by this news! I'll find out as soon as I can about it, and I'll be waiting for news :)
At last a light!

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Yes, light at last. Find time and check it out.


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