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I can't pass up a photo contest with the theme “Water”.

Water is one of the elements that always triggers something in me. Before, I could each be found on the water when we still had our boat. A wonderful time that I remember with great pleasure and homesickness. But times change, and due to changing circumstances we haven't had our boat for a number of years. We are now anchored to the ground of the place where we live, so to speak.

The North Sea is as attractive as the Mediterranean Sea

Yet the water continues to draw. And for that simple reason we try to go to the sea once in a while. A walk along the beach, and look out across the water as far as you can. The Dutch coasts are perhaps not the most inviting in the world. The North Sea is certainly not as attractive to see as, for example, the Mediterranean Sea. Not to mention the tropical beaches in the Maldives and the Bahamas. Unfortunately, visiting those distant beaches is not one of my options, and if like me you live in a wooded area ... then you are just happy with the view of a 'dirty brown-looking North Sea'.

Dream away looking across the water

For me it is mainly about the atmosphere that a sea evokes in me, the seagulls that fly over the water and let me dream away with their screams. When I see the seagulls flying, I long for the same kind of freedom. Being able to do what you want, with only the care to grab some food here and there on time. Of course, the life of a gull will entail more that gulls have to worry about. But at least they have all the freedom. And that's something we humans can't always say.

My entry for the contest

The photo below, my entry for the contest, is an old photo of myself. Taken during my last trip to Scheveningen. Oh, where does the time go? After this we have not had the opportunity to go to sea for a long time. And now that we had the opportunity again, it just wasn't convenient to go for other reasons. But trust me, I really want it. I miss the water, I miss the atmosphere that water carries with it, and the freedom it radiates. The dreams it evokes. The sound of the screeching seagulls…


Time to go back soon.

The last time we were in Scheveningen was with my sister and her partner. And it was also the last outing I took with my sister before a stupid misunderstanding caused a disconnect between us that has never been fully resolved.

Nostalgia for that time

In that respect, the text below fits in with what I ever feel when I think back to the years before that stupid misunderstanding. As long as I can remember, my sister and I have been friends as well as sisters. That feeling seems to have completely disappeared … and that good contact, that bond that we had, I still miss that almost every day. Unfortunately, I can't change that much. And I'm glad that we are at least "on speaking terms" again.

Seagull...Take my love wherever you may fly
Seagull...Carry all my feelings for her
to a place somewhere in the sky

Longing to go back to 'the water'

The thoughts that come to me make me long for the time when things went well, the time when we went on trips together … such as the last time to Scheveningen. And thinking back to Scheveningen,** that makes me long for the water again…**


Nice creative story and a very cute photo. This was classy. Keep it up.


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Thanks for your visit and compliments. Very much appreciated!

It's alright, it's been an intense pleasure.

You are highly welcome.🤗

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@hetty-rowan what a beautiful moment you have captured. I love looking at nature and animals. This pics is top notch

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Nice photo mate.

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Thank you for sharing interesting idea , keep up.

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