All Community parameters indicate strength in #pob

As the festive season approaches, community is strengthening again. Interestingly, the engagements have witnessed significant growth after the gap of 7 weeks. This is a very encouraging indicator for the community and its time to cheer up according to me.

Highlights of the week

  • 2619 (Last week 2531) subscribers to the community - This was the strongest parameter with the growth of 7.25%.
  • 730 (Last week 676) active users are actively posting on POB. During the last week number of active users have grown up by 9%. This is one of the major factors that contributed to the growth.
  • There are about 6786 (Last week 6578) investors who are/were holding POB tokens. 6.23% growth of investors. Investors have seen a continuous growth since April, when I started compiling these reports.

Growing number of investors against the interactions also indicate that the stakeholders of the community are now not interested in the engagement but prefer to be in the curators role.

Engagement is key

Since last 7 weeks, the engagement was underperforming other indicators. It was consistently recording the downward growth. On 25th August the community witnessed the activity crossing 8000 mark, from there straight 7 weeks the numbers were falling down. On 7th October it reached 4605 levels, on 14th the number remained more or less the same and today on 21st October we are witnessing an impressive 11% growth in the engagement.
Hope the new initiatives would help to pick up from these levels.



This was the initiative started by @gimmetricks1 to promote the talks around cinema. This was quite impressive concept, hence I decided to back it up with my votes. Its almost 3 weeks, since it started, but there is no significant spike in the statistics which was witnessed on 2nd October. It is quite steady community.

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It's really good to see that small tick on the engagement curve. I am really wishful about the future of the #pob community. Now I hope the prices of the tokens go up from these levels.

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Very Impressive! I'm happy that the journey towards growth has begun.

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I think the bottom is in... POB rocketships set to launch.

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This is good , this may means we are now over the end of engagement program that ended some weeks back.
It is now time for POB to pickup and continue growing.

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Well, commenting and engagement is definitely an important measure of the health of a community... the more people interact, the more likely they are to keep hanging around and participating.


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i think #POBSTREET is also playing a role on this and i hope we see more quality engagement in the community

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Yes #pobstreet is also quite an happening street on the POB. Its a definately interesting project as it is supported by @onealfa.pob. It must be quite rewarding.

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The stats are impressive and the growth is healthy. POB is one of the best communities, on Hive and I hope it will reach the top.

But there is also the frontend issue. I do not know why but sometimes it is too slow to load and I can not upload images I have to use Hive or Blurt to upload images and then add the code here.

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Great seeing engagement return to POB again as it was earlier when the project kicked off.

It's really good to see this happening!

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