Another week of steady and silent growth of community

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Subscribers, Active Users, Investors and Engagement are the four most important factors to measure the growth of any community. This week the community witnessed a silent growth in all the parameters.


Steady and silent growth in these numbers is helpful in the long run for the community. There is no extra-ordinary growth in any parameters.

#pob token prices have dropped below the prices of the #leofinance after a long time.

Highlights of the week

  • 1359 (Last week 1270) subscribers to the community - Growth of 7.01%.
  • 739 (Last week 712) active users are actively posting on POB - Growth of 3.79%.
  • There are about 4363 (Last week 4190) investors who are/were holding POB tokens. A small growth of 4.13%.

Engagement is the Key

The biggest and the most important number for the POB community was the interactions. The engagements started picking up from the last week and engagements have reached closer to all time high. It registered the growth of close to 3.58% over the past week. Engagement growth is in tandem with the active users.


POB Talk Engagement

I have been tracking this initiative by @vempromundo for last couple of weeks. As this becomes a daily feature on POB it is gaining popularity. This week the total contribution of the #pobtalk in overall engagement on platform went up to 13.68%.

This means 13 of every 100 comments on the platform are made on the #pobtalk post. This is one of the highest weekly contribution of the initiative till now. We can easily conclude that the growth of the interactions on platform is directly proportionate to the growth of #pobtalk.

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Nice to see steady growth. I think that's got a better chance of being sustainable than the rapid growth we saw in the past.


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This means 13 of every 100 comments on the platform are made on the #pobtalk post.

feels good and also proud to see this. Being an active part of #pobtalks, I know and agree with the fact that this initiative by @vempromundo.pob is doing an amazing job for the growth of the community by inviting so many people to engage. We see new faces everyday and the qyality of comments is also commendable.

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Thank you for the comment @sugandhaseth. You are one of the biggest contributors on the #pobtalks and I guess any community would want you in their team for sure. You have driven a massive engagement for the initiative. Keep going.

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Thank you for putting this together, it is good to see growth. Token price will do what it will do short term... growth is the really important factor.

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Growth, albeit slow, is always positive, despite the non-flourishing crypto period.

what is fundamental for the community is to remain united and above all active, this is the secret to success.

POB has a long but thriving road 🤩

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POB on its way to $10…. To the moon. Best crypto on the planet. 🧠 🚀 🌙

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Yes now that is very much required. Do you remember when @jeffjagoe bought a large amount of stake in POB the prices shot up like crazy.

It's amazing to see the community grow. This is what keeps us going 🤭🤭

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I agree, the growth in the community keep us going. Now I am sure the time is not far when the token prices would soon start going up on the hive-markets.

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Wow... fantastic analysis. It shows we are growing in the community.

#pobtalk lot of exciting discussion that has been making people to get engage. Sometime i wonder if it is about the reward that @vempromundo gives by doing a random upvoting but the truth is that it is not about that. It is about the love that people have for the tribe. @pthker2010 has always been active there even though me may not be on the list of those that get upvoted by @vempromundo.

He has made that place a user friendly for everyone to interact. And i think it is a nice idea.

Same with @amr008 when it comes to sport.

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The community is growing solidly. Things are really changing.

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Yes, this time the things are changing quietly and steadily. There is no haphazard spikes in the engagement or the investors.

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So good to see this. Thank you so much @interpretation for always coming up with positive stats. The efforts of the community going in right direction. Its a win for all. @vempromundo.pob congratulations friend you initiative speak for itself. We all are so proud and greatest of you to keep up with the POB talks initiative. Cheers POB Family, Get Going. More Power to POB 👍😊

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I now hope the prices of the #pob go up from here. It has reached a fag low of 0.180 is levels. Which is not really good to see. It was 1.6 hive per pob at some time, which was very attractive. I am seeing the activity from the new comers is coming down.