Community Growth Report on 9th June 2021

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Every Wednesday I publish the Community Growth reports. Currently, community is witnessing some of the hot discussions and two whales are involved in the hot discussions. This has resulted in the significant jump in the engagement levels.

This week is showing aggressive increase in engagements. There are comments from both the sides of the whales.


We all like numbers, rather growing numbers but this week witnessed something different.
#proofofbrain community is growing. Its not growing leaps and bounds but its growing organically. More users are coming aboard in the hopes of earning money for liking and contributing the content.

At-least the numbers of the last eight weeks tell us the story that #pob is growing organically.
The community growth report based on the parameters I have already identified reveals that in absolute numbers the community is obviously growing but the % growth has now started stabilizing.

My previous five reports on the community growth are available for reference here

Above graph is the comparison of performances in these five weeks.

Highlights of the week

  • 837 (Last week 725) subscribers to the community - Growth of 15.4%.
  • 839 (Last week 724) active users who may not be subscribers but are actively posting through the different platforms using tag of proofofbrain. This indicates that there is a growth of 15.9% over past week. The more is the growth in active users more it leads to engagement.
  • There are about 3387 (Last week 3218) investors who are holding at-least one or more token of #pob - Growth of 5.3%.

Engagement is the Key

The biggest and the most important number is the number of interactions. There are close to 7277 (Last week 6405) interactions in this community. This is one of the highest growth in the engagement, hope this is not the all time high.


As the community grows, engagement per user decreases. It is a simple maths. The denominator increases faster than the numerator.

Based on the above numbers it is quite evident that the community has now entered the consolidation phase. We need to see some more technology, governance or proposal developments, if we have to maintain the growth of the community. However, this week has seen heightened activity, which has helped the performance to boost.

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I'll like to see more proposal development since there's been consolidation of growth steadily for weeks now. I think the community is responding well, and seeing the stats increasing is a delight. Hopefully we can have proposals that will foster sustainable as we're already in the right direction.

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We are still witnessing the growth on almost all parameters except the number of investors, which are growing in the numbers but the percentage growth is very small. Its close to only 5%. Of course number of investors doesn't matter till the big bull @onealfa.pob is buying the tokens aggressively. We still have not reached the saturation point according to these numbers

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In the month of June, there is a big jump in the engagement. One of the reason for this growth could also be the daily lottery by @vempormundo.pob, which is also attracting a good amount of engagement across the platform and can also be the reason for excessive engagement.

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I asked @interpretation to see what impact POB TALK had on community engagement at the end of June.

Yesterday we had another record of entries, 15 participants

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Its not growing leaps and bounds but its growing organically.

In my point of view... This is what really matters. Real growth.

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I was gonna say the same thing. A solid base is paramount, that's what really matters.

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I once told a friend of mine that this community is going to be the best in days to come and that is why this article is coming at a perfect time to me and I still want to believed that,their is more to come in days and weeks to come

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Great to see the level of engagement around increasing daily. This shows growth and it's what POB needs. Thanks for the stats

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We need to see some more technology, governance or proposal developments, if we have to maintain the growth of the community

Do you think the new frontend will help in getting new users on board?

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