Facebook + Hive = Bad combination(for us) 😐

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What happened to freedom of speech?

I guess it was never really a thing in Web2 social media...

Here's a post I made in Bulgarian from my Facebook profile , about how it is censoring unwanted traffic, and in this particular case, Hive-related content.

I hid his name and all Hive associated links and used strange and non-direct words, so (eventually) my post can avoid being detected by Facebook's systems.


How do we promote Hive if no one sees us?

Read below to understand what happened...

My friend @iliyan90 has been trying very hard to bring more people in to Hive by sharing his content on Facebook and Instagram, but he is shadow banned and all traffic related to Hive is just hidden from all his friends and followers....

Keep in mind that he has over 5000 friends and over 800 followers on Facebook...

I have just 1000 friends and a few follows.

I did a comparison on the engagement with 2 pictures, one post from my not shadow banned (yet) profile, and his posts.



As you can see from the pictures my account was able to receive a lot more exposure, but his post can only be seen if people visit his profile manually.

Facebook just doesn't want it's users to know that they are making money from people on their website and that there are better alternatives as Hive.

This is very egoistic from Facebook's side, because the biggest social media, shouldn't be doing this to us...

Please share your opinion in the comments section, as well as ideas how we can promote Hive (and where). Thanks!


Will keep on trying to take the best of the situation.

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Namaste 🙏

As a newcomer to the Hive community and only through your direct introduction face to face, I can understand why the established and controlled (controlling?) social media platforms would want to keep people away from a decentralised and uncensored platform. Free speech is always dangerous to those who seek to rule by employing underhanded tactics. My feeling is that the best way to grow the Hive community is unfortunately also the slowest way - by direct introduction. Ironically, this "slower " growth should also help to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the platform and in turn, the community. Thanks for bringing up this topic.I will follow this conversation with interest.

Yeah... it's a lot of information that the "regular" user just doesn't understand. From my Facebook post I mainly got reactions saying that it's a conspiracy or that im being paranoid, but when you've been into Hive and see it's potential, its only natural for big corp to try to hide this traffic from its platfrom...

Yup. Unfortunately many of the comments that you will get on Facebook are not metered rational responses. The Hive community is a breath of fresh air for me.

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True.... People just try to impose their opinion on you or simply stick to their own no matter what, although there are some exceptions, but in general it goes like this...

Also I'm very happy that you like it here, I can say the same thing for myself. Very nice and open minded people in general. Hive on! 🚀

Namaste 🙏