A monetary value to the object used (VNZL)

As far as people's needs can go?


Welcome one more day to my blog in #pobdaily #04, a day full of great enthusiasm, because it dawned, and thank God I can open my eyes, breathe and see my family still alive, it is very special to be able to thank God EVERY DAY, for that gesture of kindness by allowing us to live one more day next to our loved ones.


Today I went out to a grocery store to buy some necessary food at home, and on the way I began to reflect on an issue that had not been paid enough attention.

I remember that years ago families used to give away objects that were no longer used, something very common were books and clothes.


They were given to those low-income families or close relatives, gratifying to be able to give and just receive a word of thanks. that was part of the culture and values ​​formed at home.


but unfortunately times were changing and the need embraced the majority of Venezuelan families, and added to this, in search of surviving the economic crisis, hunger, need and The lack of medicines put a price on what one day only had sentimental value.

The garage sale as it is exclusively known has been an open door to informal commerce and the acquisition of an object for a price lower than that which can be obtained in a formal establishment.


In avenues, or simply at the door of the house is where these sales are located. The prices are affordable for many people and instead of visiting a shopping center, they go to this type of business to be able to cover some of their needs, either in household items or clothing.


Although there is always a person who gives an exaggerated value to a used object. everything is left to the conscience of the seller. but there are those who think of obtaining a 100% profit with a single object that perhaps its resistance time is minimal.


I would like to know if you are willing to put a monetary value on your used items. Or you prefer to donate them to people in need.?

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In my house we thank God for having allowed our daughter to have a childhood with her needs met, of course this happened because of our efforts. She grew up and has left books and clothes, which we have donated to people in need. Yes, it has crossed our minds to sell them, but the values that have been instilled in us since we were little tell us not to do so. I have seen with great sadness people who have been donated clothes resell them on the street, and also at exhorbitant prices.