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Rape is an issue that cannot be over emphasised. It is a prevalent that has sapped the moral principles in which were handed down to us by our ancestors. It has infested our communities and it is now seen as "the norm".


People go about raping people and still end up justifying this evil act. The argument is no longer about rape and the constitutional sentence that should accompany it, the argument is now about, what the other person was wearing, how the person dressed, why did the person leave himself/herself vulnerable to be raped. It should not come as a shock to you that people rape people and they end up getting away with it. That is our new reality now. I can categorically tell you for a fact that husbands rape their wives, I'm sure many of you would be wondering how that is even possible but the truth is with rape, there is no consent. Rape happens when there is no consent between two adults. If your wife does not consent to having sex with you and you force her, then you are raping her and vice versa. Rape in the dictionary defines "It is to force sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon another person without their consent". Funny thing is if such an issue is even reported to the Nigeria Police Force, It would be thrown out as inconsequential and the other person would be ridiculous, mocked and laughed at for it.

We have so many rape victims out there living in silence. A lot of people have committed suicide because they cannot bear the shame or the mockery.

Some even come out share their stories because they consider it an embarrassment due to the society we live in sees it as such.

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Rape should be a punishable offence. Stringent laws should be placed on people who indulge in such. Our government need to wake up to the evils rape is causing. Parents also have their own part to play and even the community at large. There should be Institution where victims of rape can seek redress / closure and classes should be organized for them with thorough psych evaluations.


Society should not shun or look down on rape victims rather they should be embraced by doing so it would bring them closer forward their recovery. Let's not forget that they are humans, they seek to love and to be loved. They want to be beard. They want to be able to share their experiences in a friendly environment without being judged by you, I or be that person.

I believe by so doing we can all put an end to such act call "RAPE" in the society.

Thank you for taking your time to read through the end.

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