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Today makes it 10days I joined this community, and truth to be told I'm very happy to be among this community. I want to talk about how POB has helped me. No thought POB has helped me in so many ways, and has improve and develop me.

**Improvement in my writing skills: POB has make my writing skills better and improve, ever since have joined the community, have being choosing words carefully when writing my pobdaily challenge. It has make my writing skills has improve even more than my speech.

**Brain exercise: Exercise is not just for the body alone, through writing have been able to exercise my brain, thinking, ruminating on what to write takes a lot of process which reveal my creativity. Writing keeps brain sharp, and active, research have it that it prevent some mental illness.

**Retentive memory: Each time, I sometimes forget the major things I want to talk about but on when I put it on writing,it begins to flow back to me and triggers new memory which is not even in my mind,new ideas which people call "inspiration".

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All these are what have gain and which as also improve me positively. God bless the great community.

Thanks for reading. Happy sunday.@kuse6051

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Cool? Great to see your journey is going smoothly. Cheers! I'm also enjoying the Community just like you and I see a lot more potential.

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