A little ' Team America ' ditty - with some philosophical nuggets thrown in. And magic! .. You're very welcome.....

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Freedom isn't free... ( but downvoting is both free and profitable... ergo...?)
It costs folks like you and me... ( the downvotes redistribute via the 'rewards pool' - where the profits off your stake - your proportion of your inflation (derived from your stake) are redistributed to other accounts you did not vote for.
That sounds....err... Just....erm. (sarcasm).
And if we don't all chip in
We'll never pay that bill...

Freedom isn't free
No, there's a hefty fucking fee
And if you don't throw in your buck o' five
Who will?

Marxists love to grift off the gullible. ( you can profit off your efforts - unless the politburo at the top decides that you can't, and 'insist' in taking a slice of your pie...).

What would you do
If someone told you to fight for freedom?
Would you answer the call
Or run away like a little pussy?

Freedom isn't free - And data collection on the block chain, need not be, either....

Why not negotiate terms instead ? ....It's really quite simple.
And truly very 'revolutionary'...
(Details of the _ how to do this' coming up... *You'll need a spine, integrity, and self respect to be able participate in the real revolution...).

Join the real revolution - it's not the old fashioned hive dinosaur - the digital feudalism model (which is trying to pose as something 'new').
DPoS is an eight centuries old system of governance - The peasants relying on the whims of their 'lords and masters'.. so there really ain't nothing new to see...
(Do you think block chain is the first 'immutable store of information' system? Think again. They had it sussed back in the middle ages - 500 hundred years ago - they were called tally sticks - ingenious..).

Cause the only reason that you're here
Is 'cause folks died for you in the past
So maybe now it's your turn
To die kicking some ass

Keep taking from the people and you will be reminded that no man is more dangerous than he who has nothing left to lose .
This sums up my account staus on hive - all thanks to the scared, fearful tyrants that live in the higher echelons of hive - who delusionally think that stake size somehow gives them a god status...bless...).

Freedom isn't free
It costs folks like you and me
And if we don't all chip in
We'll never pay that bill

Imagine being able to 'negotiate your price', instead of relying on the 'favors' from other accounts ?

'Relying on the favor of others', inevitably requires sycophantic behaviors (sucking up) , and not being your authentic self.
This means playing silly social games for approval, and to garner rewards - rather than just letting the merits of your work speak for itself.
The work becomes the arbiter of value, not the vapid opinions off lefty marxists, whose level of competence wouldn't qualify them to run a burger van...

CIMG4028 - Copy - Copy (2).JPG

A scientifically proven reaction by those with integrity, when confronted with having to compromise themselves for 'favors'...

Freedom isn't free

No, there's a hefty fucking fee

And if you don't throw in your buck 'o five

.....Who will?




Aside from my own game plan, (FOR THE NEW REVOLUTION) ... POB may well be the answer .
I do hope so.

*My own gameplan could dovetail seamlessly with the POB ethos...
More than I first realized, actually.

The 'spells' are being cast - even as I type. (no newts were harmed during these incantations)....All I can say about the recipients of all my hard work, sweating over the cauldron, is this - I most definitely wouldn't wanna be ya.

It's about love, not hate.

Love can be appear to be a cruel fucker, especially to those who do not understand it... (it's most certainly not how Hollywood portrays it).

...or is that ...(giggles)...All you need is 'code is law'...(more giggles)... @lucylin then falls off the chair in hysterics, and pee's himself....

*Only an idiot doesn't understand the cold, hard, logical truth, of what magic is .
You may know much more about it than you realize, btw - albeit , most probably, unconsciously....(A detailed post about that most fascinating of subjects, coming up sometime soon...)

And a massive thank you (once more).... taraz, azircon, acidyo, smooth, ocdb, curangel,noname... and many, many, others... you are all ************, equally.
...And there's also a 100 hundred hive prize up for grabs !!!...
...if you can guess - 100% correctly - what the blanked out letters spell out in the sentence above.

The inspiration that you've all given me - to be able to shift perspectives and make 'mucho, mucho , lemonade' - is very much appreciated.
You'll never truly know just how much .... (but then again...you just might....not sorry).

"...I'll send you all my love... Every day in a letter...Sealed with a kiss..."


...right, off back to work...now where's that fucking newt scurried off to ?


It's about love, not hate.

Only thing you forgot was some of us brought 7 faces to this club lol just didn't expect so God damn man commies and socialists here.

The socialism is kinda hilarious because it's not understood well in general, so the way the socialism works on Hive is funny. You just go grieve to a wicked den of snarling wolves, lol I'm sure you have attempted to "report an unjust downvote on discord", to arrive in a pit of vipers with 7 faces on right?

"You know it's true he hates this place..." - Slayer

That was fun show, their retirement concert.

Slayer have retired? Damn it's all over...no more slaying...

Yep they did their last show. I made sure to catch it. In fact I happened to be wearing a T-shirt from that show today when I read @phusionphil's comment.

I have seen them with this French band Gojira, both put on an impressive show in 2016-17 whenever it was I had seen them.

I had a funny meme about covid coming after this show,"Life on Earth After Slayer" and it showed a red line going exponentially downward.

You can take many of the charts from late 2019 near this show and make them look like slayer was the cause of a huge sell off.

This was the Last Slayer Show

It was Napalm Death (had crap sound), followed by Lamb of God, and then Slayer when I saw them on their last show in Denver. Lamb of God was fun as well.

Never picked you for a metalhead - were you ever into Faith No More?

Not huge into Faith No More but I like them some. They were unique and I listened to them from time to time. I was around and deeply into metal when they arrived on the scene.

There are some pretty cool songs from Faith No More. There are also some songs of theirs that don't do much for me. I do consider them a good band though.


That's one of my alt accounts... I haven't posted on it here.


I have a lot of metal related and other music posts. They tend to come in waves when I think of something fun to post about.

Here is the only one I've posted since I have been back. This from last month:


EDIT: In that Metal Tree series I did this final post

That makes it easier to find all the other posts...

I've also got series dedicated to guitar virtuosos of different types, bass virtuosos, and Percussion/Drum virtuosos. Probably one for vocalists too... it's been awhile it is all blurring together.


Likely to be my last concert in person. I'm getting the hell out of the city. Just signed contract today for a new house with some land and set a closing date for Sept 8th at the latest. I won't be anywhere a decent concert venue and I have no interest in going to any of the places I'll be near that will have such concerts.

surprisingly even Iceland has a annual metal

Oh there will be cities nearby that have them. I just have no interest in going to them. U.S. Cities are becoming places I'd rather not be.

My twitter marketing campaign will be aimed at the commie's - and the midwits!
(it's easier to sell to morons - while taking resource's away from them at the same time! - A Win! win!)

do i have your twitter?

dunno - I have a few names....depending on the maneuver.
I'll drop it in a post when i get started - I'll be using the posh tag anyway - just to irritate the woke mob tyrants on here...


...if you can guess - 100% correctly - what the blanked out letters spell out in the sentence above.

Well, this time I didn't want to spoil the message uncovering & revealing to the world what it actually says behind the asterisks you know?

So, Am I beginning to behave well grandmaster? };)


Being 'well behaved' is very much frowned upon, in these parts... (and from great heights, I might add).