My comment to a post by @bagofincome ' HIVE & LeoFinance Will Thrive - You Ask Why?'...I'll tell you why it won't..


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As Charlie Munger said (Warren Buffet’s partner):...

“Show me the incentive and I'll show you the outcome...”

I now have zero financial incentive to post on hive.
The other incentive - now - is show off to the world the hive ecosystem - in all it's 'glory'...(sarc).

My incentive is no longer related to 'post for rewards'.

My incentives have changed - due entirely to the negative actions of account holders on Hive.

Which begs another question:

'What outcome are the large Hive stakeholders looking for?'

What is their incentive?

It's not a platform with a 'free speech air' to it, that's for sure.
It's not wanting a platform promoting discussion about the important current events unfolding in our world at the moment.
(crypto shillling is not 'discussion'- it's an expression of wanting to belong in the 'cult of crypto') .
...It's not trying to distribute the inflationary token to an ever wider and wider community (you can see clearly where the inflationary rewards are being continually allocated to - The voting patterns show the reality of things).

“Show me the incentive and I'll show you the outcome” .....

The incentive for large stakeholders wanting power, is to accumulate as much crypto -value- into as small a circle as possible...
( voting patterns show evidence).

It's a wealth transfer up.

They have no incentive to redistribute the Hive token as widely as possible - not if it's power over others that they're looking for.
(small man syndrome - the 'large fish' in small bowl, mentality)
The scared , defensive, mindset.
The very poor man.
The spiritually vacuous.

'They' implement typical commie gas lighting techniques to achieve this.
Such as ...Sell 'the community ethos' - and then take the value from the efforts of those buying into the propaganda....

Ergo - ANYTHING that questions the official narrative from 'the establishment', will be attacked...
It displays a pathetic weakness.
The outside world is watching...

Gas lighting works on some people...


My response to the post.....

@bagofincome and the post - ' HIVE & LeoFinance Will Thrive - You Ask Why?'

The content here is mind-blowingly good!


The 'quality' is abysmal in my opinion - it's increasingly boring and 'navel gazing' in's getting more cult like by the day.
Brain dead sycophancy will get you rewarded on Hive - greatly !

Critical thinking, logic, (and humor) will see your account attacked.
...any anti establishment material (like the covid psi-op) are down voted by large accounts (stakeholders) so that the creators do not earn for their work.

Questioning the DPoS Hive narrative, will get you down voted to oblivion.

' It's only when you fear what other people have to say, that you try to rip their tongues out '...
Only weak structures with things to hide feel threatened by open discourse.

TPTB (whales and large stakeholder accounts) are either 'woke mob commie technocrats' who tow the line on the establishment narratives, or they have no integrity - or courage - to stand up to the woke mob mentality ,take your pick.
'Stay woke, go broke'.

If there are any actual libertarian minded large stakeholders on Hive - they do nothing to mitigate the commie/technocrat dominance that's prevalent on this platform (I have my doubts as to whether there are any).

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A libertarian without principles isn't really much of a libertarian freedom lover, are they?...
More like a politician really - just wearing a 'freedom loving' mask to try and sell something, you might say. ...

Digital feudalism - and not libertarian minded perspectives - is the reality of Hive DPoS governance.

All that matters is your voting power. The bigger it is, the bigger your outgoing vote is and therefore, the bigger your impact on other people's lives.

This is true.
Hive cultists (with large stake), have taken away thousands of $'s away from the people who have up voted me.
It's the upvoters own inflationary rewards (based on the upvoters stake) that's been taken off them - without their consent.....

This has happened on nearly every post that I've written, for over 8 months.

And many other accounts to.
Anyone who's had the temerity to question 'The church of Hive' on just about anything...

If all that matters is voting power, you have an oligarchy/tyranny/ plutocracy .
In Hive's case, it comes with an embarrassingly low understanding of human psychology.... (or that the majority of large stakeholders on hive, have 'the midwit psychological makeup', thus desiring power and control as the underlying motivators).
Paradoxically, both of these things is what they'll lose -in heaps- as time progresses.
('They' just love to shoot themselves in the foot at every opportunity..bless).

Digital feudalism - which is what DPoS governance is - makes everyone a serf, dependent on 'favors' from those with large stakes...(apart from the few overlords who are 'in with the in crowd' of course - who serve themselves very nicely_, tyvm... ).

Blockchain and crypto currencies are here to stay - in one form or another.

DPoS governance (as it is now on Hive) will not be part of that 'brave new world'.

Tyranny never endures.
(incompetence + corruption = collapse).

Can the power hungry (greedy), and very self destructive attitude be changed?.... Yes!

Will it?...

I highly doubt it.

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It's an 'opt in' model though! one is forcing you.
...not for now, anyways...the totalitarian tip toe....think 'chemical soup injections' and passports...Opt in...for now...but what happens if DPoS was the only option?..

Welcome to technocracy - and digital serfdom.....


...hive centric posts.

... all the other fun stuff that will not be on hive.
(links will be posted in my hive blog).

**BLURT is a place where the power hungry and very scared midwits - cannot use financial terrorism on your posts to try and control your free speech.

They can't do it on hive either - but the nasty little tykes will try to, via downvoting.
Down voting while shooting themselves in their bank accounts foot, in the process...bless...(and that's because they're clever, you see **..lolol).

** This is on the assumption that a sound business model is being used, and not a scammy 'pump and dump the crypto ,and then fuck off', kind of model.....


Yes, there are some offended people, always. I'm sad that you're getting such big downvotes, I never had that problem myself, even though I've written many anti-establishment articles on my feed. Probably, because I'm mostly using LeoFinance.

I'm not in any inner circle but writing about financial crypto topics has given me a nice amount of Leo/HIVE and other tokens.

I've seen downvoting wars on Steem back in the days, didn't know they still happened. Good luck on your journey!


I caught your posts before the major downvoting started and have seen it since. I understand why people would dv anti Hive material, but I also understand why you write it. I'd be just as ticked. As a matter of fact, I got dv on a comment to you for upvoting you. As you know, I found that childish and found a different way to show my support. I wish you luck in your next endeavor.