You can't fix stupid, but you can say "I do not consent'. ......And your actions hurt the Nasgul greed louder than any words.

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I've given up on any hopes on the invertebrates that purport to run Hive, actually doing anything but reinforce 'The Iron Rule of Oligarchy.'


Downvoting is theft.
It's taken away, without consent - from the accounts that have upvoted a post ....not the account that's has been voted for.
Oh dear....

Downvoting may be financially very beneficial to the powers that be (in the short run), but unless the model is made with the intent of wealth extraction from the gullible and a disappearance into the night (fraud) , then it's a very shortsighted approach to growth.

It actually does the total opposite of growth, but hey...I'm way past the stage of trying to help anymore in this regard.
(you can throw me some dosh from the DAO if you like, for me to help out, 'cos you really fucking need some help - But only if it's not a commie technocracy that's trying to be implemented...)
*You can only help when you recognize the problem, but the willfully blind never want to open their eyes.
Nothing can ever be addressed if the participants of the problem, refuse to see a problem, or take steps to mitigate the problem.
DPoS, greed , and not looking long only helps to keep those blindfolds firmly in place.
Oh hum.
Such is life.
You can't fix stupid.


The blatant bias toward dowvnoting on any 'anti-establishment' narratives on here, speaks volumes.

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It's a weird fucking revolution, isn't it?

One that financially terrorizes anyone that dissents from the establishment condoned narrative...? A revolution?... lololol
Yeah, I've never come across that type of revolution before....

In fact, it's so far away from reality that it's almost like a psi-op propaganda tactic, isn't it? is white, up is down, and hive is revolutionary !

'Web 3.0' is no revolution, not if we are to use Hive as the example.

A revolution where 'might is right', and ethics have no relevance in governance
is just one tyrannical system being replaced by another...

...And that's a revolution how , exactly?
It's stakeholder capitalism , that's what it is - which is a one world technocracy, which is communism.
It used to be called communism, anyway.

Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together soon worked out that it was a crap theory, written by a 2nd cousin to the Rothschild banking family - Karl Marx (no pennies dropping yet?...seriously?).

The crap theory turned out even crappier in it's execution - and there's always millions of executions with communism, on that you can count ...

DPoS with downvoting is the NON REVOLUTION implementation of a new tyranny.
(dressed up in 'woke mob, smiley faces', and cartoon avatars).
Don't be fooled by the image, look at the actions, and the same accounts just keep cropping up....


One action that I'm now embarking on, is moving over to Blurt to post my content.

A shit name, imo - but it's better than 'Hive'.

Who in their right mind would come up with a commie invoking image for a platform name ?
'Hive', 'Hive mind','the hive', 'worker bee's ' ...'the collective'...(communism).

Some one who see's 'the hive mind', 'the collective' as an attractive concept.
A commie would find that logo appealing for example (or technocrat if you prefer).

A freedom loving individual would ,most probably, not find it that good an idea...
Who then created 'Hive', or agreed to the name ?
...psssst - start asking the witnesses and ultra large stakeholders for more information.

I refuse to call the higher echelons of hive, whales, as I see no comparison between those graceful , intelligent, majestically moving vertebrates of the sea that I've had the pleasure to swim with, and the accounts that take on that moniker.
Commies think 'fear' and 'respect' are the same thing.
They're not.
Respect is earned, and I see no one at the top, one earning it through their actions.
Respect can come from the exercising of power, with integrity...

Blurt is a much smaller platform, with less users - at the moment.

Why am I moving there?

I find that not having the specter of a downvoting, power hungry, greedy, idiot hovering over my content and playing god, a much more positive proposition....

How about you?

cvg - Copy (4) - Copy - Copy.jpg
Downvoting predators aren't swimming in these waters..

Free markets dynamics, not tyrannical control dynamics.
....a more authentic 'free market' that's heading in the right direction - and a breath of fresh air when compared to the hive toxicity.

Negativity and criticism on Blurt, is left in the comments sections.
As it appropriate. Discourse is all.
That's called free speech.
That's to be encouraged - always.

It is not seen by the absence of any rewards in the authors wallets.

Content creators - The people who've spent their time and effort in making something that they see as having value do not have to 'bend the knee' on Blurt.

They do not have to cower, fearing some power hungry little man who likes to play at god, deciding the value of their work for them.

The free market can do that quite nicely on it's own.
...Speaking of free markets...

Imagine if people started exchanging their Hive for blurt...I wonder what would happen...?



Imagine if you saw this post on blurt...

Five years to arrive at this!

lol- I've met rocks who'd call some people on here, 'a bit dim'....
There really is no point in discussing - just point out the idiocy just to alert any thinking people that may be passing by.

These people are real, aren't they?

Scary, uh?

I'm not sure, I struggle to believe it isnt satirical...

@lucylin, @shepz1

Be patient, or at least check back here from time to time.

I will be launching a Layer 2 DV-free zone sometime in the near future.

Hive as a Layer 1 base platform is great, imho. By that, I mean it is more decentralized than any other blockchain with similar capabilities. Not perfect, by any means; but better than any of the alternatives I am aware of.

Hive (i.e. Layer 1) as a rewards-granting social media platform is not scaleable (imho) due to the toxicity (or perceived toxicity) of subjective DVs that essentially 'cost nothing' to dish out, yet are very costly to authors and their followers. This problem will NOT be solved via Layer 1 (at least not anytime soon).

However, a strong Layer 2 DV-free zone (properly done) can fix this problem, and that is exactly what I am working on.

So, by all means check out Blurt and other alternatives, but don't forget to periodically check back in here.

I'm really keen to see that - watching with great interest.

I appreciate the mention and the comment and by all means will check in from time to time. I always have seen the problem with free downvotes becoming a major stumbling block to not only here but steemit too.
I have been to the near top on both with no bot votes, just real people. But when only 1 or 2 hive insiders can down vote on mass a lot of people, it leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth.
I can get as can Lucylin, frot, jasonliberty etc 500 or 600 up votes, but 1 insider can down vote us all to zero.
That to me is not what I call liberty or anywhere I want to be.

I do hope you pull it off as I trust you, not them.

If a down vote cost an upvote, maybe they would not be dished out so easily, as there are no rewards for it. The easily offended on here only have to read one thing you said that offends them, and they come back and down vote every post for as long as they want, seemingly for fun. People choose to be offended as my words are nothing without someone reading them. Being offended is getting boring.
I grew up with the words "sticks and stones can break my arms but words can not hurt me." Others need to try it.

Long live George Carlin, what a man, at least I can still watch him on youtube.

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Why am I on proof of brain and bastion, and now checking out blurt?

In a word, downvoting.

Content on blurt is pretty sparse, but yeah, no downvoting is attractive...

If all my posts are going to be downvoted to zero on hive, I'm going to comment on and upvote your posts more so that you earn some pob.

And I'm going to say what I really think...the hive name is a blatant psyop...hivemind


I'm not pissed off at the account down voting me, I'm pissed off at the platform being set up to allow that to happen and to pretend that is just a rouge whale, when the real aim is to allow insiders to rip off the reward pool.

Same here, POB has always had @lucylins satirical humor I love to see in my feed. It sucks when its zeroed because i cant even use the "my feed" options regardless of what payout is scheduled on hive due to the stupid censorship misanthropy.

I am done with the place, same people that ran steemit run this place, it will never change till they have no suckers left here.
Count me as 1 less.
Shame for POB, LEO etc, innocent victims in this.
Powering down, making my own sites, helping others that need it. These know all's on here that code can take no criticism, no new ideas. They can choke on it, I care not.

A shit name, imo - but it's better than 'Hive'.

Yeah, lol it's a crappy name. I'm liking it so far though. And I've learned about other platforms that pay you for writing. When I get things squared away I will post to them as well.

I can't event stake the blurt yet, is that normal?

Really? I was able to do it 2 days ago. Someone on my first post mentioned they were having server issues though. I guess issues are going around different platforms.

oh makes sense, i had some previously and I bought about 7000 last night just as a initial to support this movement. I will be buying more as well as engaging in a downvote campaign against az. I think there is easily enough power to zero him but its more so a matter if people like @lucylin will even downvote at all... You could delegate it to me once I make my bigger power up in 6 months.

Hive is just like web 3.0 for communists, we will eventually find a way to use this shit platform like a slave to benefit us.

I actually got more followers in general from the downvoting drama than I have from just regular blogging.

Everytime I do a Placeholder Post I get 1-3 followers lol where I'd get like 5 followers a month aside from that content.

Vote with your feet and your wallet.

Have done, I want out and am out.

I used Blurt for a little while and then it disappeared and I gave up checking on it. Just trying again now and I have some rewards to collect and evey time I try to claim them I just get logged off☹️

Seems to be working okay for me, looks a tad too much like hive and steemit for my liking though, keys, wallet the lot.

I noticed you on blurt yesterday and got flashbacks to the POB topple. Anyway glad to see you are there and enjoying free speech absent down votes.

I am buying blurt everyday on Hive engine as it looks to be in movement now. I am 20% of my way to my goal of 1,000,000 blurt. It is awesome now that there is a bridge to Binance Smart Chain and we are still keeping our eyes out for a bridge to Cosmos soon and some more DEFI pools with blurt pairs.

The Hive name reeks collectivism, like you say. Blurt is sounding better each time I say it.