Who owns proofofbrain?

Errmmmm,am i the only one curious to know the brilliant brain behind the proofofbrain??

For now,the only thing i know is that @proofofbrainio is considered to be the username of the admin of the proofofbrain platform..but who is he or she??

What are his or her dreams??what are his or her life experiences??what are the exact things that motivated him or her to create this wonderful platform??was he in the tech field??who is his or her mentor??

What are his or her plans for this platform and the POB economy as a whole??

Am i the only one who thinks,constant updates from proofofbrainio will help more people to understand the great plans for the platform and will encourage more people to have interest in this wonderful project??

Well i know he or she might just want to stay anonymous for whatever reasons best known to him or her,but please try and update us with whatever your plans are for the platform,i noticed that for a long time,proofofbrainio have not posted any updates...please you did so well by creating this wonderful proofofbrain platform and i believe strongly in the idea and concepts....

A house might become scanty if the owner of the house is not around or there is no caretaker who is monitoring and taking care of the house...

I would perosnally be glad to read from you soon @proofofbrainio keep up the good work you started....thanks in advance...

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