In the Search of a Lost Civilization #5. Lack of Communication Between Disciplines Does Not Help

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There are many unexplained facts with respect to ancient findings. Ruins that seem out of place, lack of correlation between the historical timeline and the expected level of knowledge of humanity, unexplained features in the setting of the known geological timeline and the evolution of climate patterns, etc.

To be more specific, we have the example of the Great Sphinx. Egyptology states that the Sphinx is 5000 years old, however, geologists say that the weathering pattern of the enclosure of the Sphinx suggest a much older construction. In that case, Egyptology and Geology do not speak to each other in order to find common grounds. Like this, multiple examples exist.

The disciplines involved with this problem are: History, Geology, Archeology, Linguistics, Genetics, Metallurgy, Astronomy, Mythology, Religion, etc. I believe that having the specialists converse and discussed the possibility of a unified theory would help very much.


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