My Favorite Movie Of All Time And Why

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Firstly, I'll like to acknowledge @vempromundo for this great opportunity opened to all member's of the pob/hive community.

The challenge is what keeps steering up engagement in the community and am surprised to see how things changes so fast and sure no-one ever though this newbie community could strive and be where it is today.

I know the price and the Fomo might have an impact but i think the concept of it being a proof of brain community made it an interesting token to watch.

Now to why we are here, I'll start with what i like to watch because that's what most of us do more often than Reading right?.

My favourite movie of all time is a indian movie Titled: 3 IDIOT'S.

This movie talked about three college friends which each one one of them has passion for different things and with a very different home background.

From left to right we have Raju who has passion for Engineering but has alot of distractions from family to having belief in ungodly things to pass an Exam.

In the middle we have Rancho, who's family is said to be the richest but at the end turns out to be the Gardener's son to the Rich man.

And, lastly we have Farhad who comes from an average family and loves photograph but his Dad wants him to be an engineer, infact his Dad declared that he's going to be an engineer minutes after he was born and his fate was sealed😄. That's the crazy part for me lol.

To cut the long story short, I'll like to state few reasons why i do find this movie very Motivational, Inteeresting and Crazy at the same.

  1. This Movie talked about how suicide rate is becoming alarming due to Society, Educational And Peer Pressure. Raju who was from a very poor family was put in a very hard situation by Dr. Viru the college director known as Virus, which he has to save himself or his friend(Rancho). This left him no choice tha to jump from the director's third floor window and landed in in a coma state , which he later survived with the help of his friend's and families.

  1. The storytelling process is such an interesting one connecting both the present and the future together.

  2. It shows how being educated goes far from just having good grades in Exams. You should be able to apply it in real life to solve problem not create new ones. It further illustrate how Rancho who never used his college degree became a very well known Scientist. i think the movie is far ahead of it's time TBH.

To wrap things up my favorite quote in the movie is FOLLOW EXCELLENCE AND SUCCESS WILL COME YOUR WAY

Hope You Find This Movie Revie A bit Interesting, If you haven't watch this movie you can try watching and am sure you'll find it Informative and Educational.

Thanks for reading this far.

NOTE: @pob-fund is set to 50% BENEFICIARY

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I find myself using this quote from the image in future conversations

I'm going to look for this movie to watch, I liked the way you approached it, it made me want to watch it

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Oh okay

Am glad you liked it.

You can find the YouTube link here with the English subtitle

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oh nice, thanks for share

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You’re always welcome mate 😎✌🏽

I watch three idiots in 2015, it was emotional, funny and really humorous, it had great lessons too. It was one movie that entertained and taught me a lesson and it did it really nicely. @tipu curate

I think my first time was also around that time, early 2015 i guess. It's really one movie i never get tired of watching from time to time. it's like i keep learning new things after watching. Did you know it was gotten from a book, Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. i think i'll add that to the post.

i'll even be reading it soon lol

There's really alot to learn from the movie to be sincere. Good to hear you can also relate to the great lesson's being taught in the movie.

Thank's for coming through brother

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I never saw this movie before but I'd like to see it. Thanks for sharing.

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You’re very much welcome mate.

Am sure you’ll love it 😊

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nice post, it made me want to watch it, I only saw one Indian film, Singham.

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Singham is also a good movie.

Thanks for the kind words mate

The 3 idiot is an interesting movie.

It also teaches how to react smartly toward every situation that comes our way, Rancho was a good example that in the movie

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The 3 idiot is an interesting movie.

Yes it is brother. a very interesting one.

Rancho is really a good example and a good character to watch, he always show's enthusiasm in every situation he find's himself

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The plural form is +'s' as in "ones" rather than "one's". We use 's properly with possession like in "Brandon's son." Also used in contractions with "he's" for "he is".

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Thanks for the correction. I thought I edited that already😊

Thanks for coming by ✌🏽

I’ll definitely do the needful ASAP

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Ohhh great even i liked 3 idiots a lot. It was a great movie, besides Amir Khan, R madhavan has done a meticulous job and Sharman Joshi was perfect comedian as usual

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That’s cool 😎

You’re right. They all did a good job with the whole movie.

Thanks for coming by

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