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Being safe online has always been a focus ever since the internet became a thing back in the 80s. I used to have a friend who was an early coder and his still in it in cyber security but he started his coding life as probably one of the first trolls. Nothing to malicious, but he'd send you emails with files and back then everyone thought they were pictures. He'd often label them Hot Chick we were 13 don't kill me.

Once opened he'd have access to your computer remotely and just randomly open your CD rom drive, turn off the monitor or make your home screen windows button keep opening. This was mainly done at school. It was funny especially when he'd submit those boring copy and type pieces they'd make you do in IT class.

Teachers would fall for it all the time 🤣 they'd open up the file, no document would appear and they'd ask him to send it again. We'd wait until the next weeks class and spend the session laughing at the teacher getting frustrated that the IT equipment kept failing.

He was definitely my introduction into cyber safety and not opening everything that you are sent. Also taught me what to look out for, never open an .exe file because it is a program. Pretty common knowledge stuff but back in the 80s - 90s it wasn't common.


It led to alot of girls back then having the computers hacked and nudes stolen, yes there were nudes in the 80s, 90s and 00s all on 2mp cameras that returned fuzzy pictures but they still occured. The word Trojan was coined because someone would often send you a few files pictures, documents and you'd click on them all and often mixed into the lot of them was an .exe file but because you had been opening them you wouldn't notice and think it just failed.

Fortunately, internet banking wasn't as big then as it is now but still resulted in a significant amount of thefts. But the lack of cyber protection ment Hackers could just put in another screen ontop of yours I.e. imbed on homescreens trackers which was a popular way of stealing people's details on early subscription sites.


But thinks have advanced since the 80s and 90s and here we are on block chain technology which is far more advanced than early code and its Decentralised nature means ain't no one getting between you and a transaction or even a blog or anything, unless however they get a hold of your private key then you're in all kinds of trouble.

Hive is pretty safe as long as you use the main blog sites the more front ends you use the more at risk you become. Fortunately Hive has 3 keys so they have separated the functions using your posting key allows you to do basic stuff so no one can hack your account only post on your behalf. It's further strengthened by staking if anyone does get into your account they have to power down and that takes time giving you a chance to recover your account.

But what I'm seeing arise lately is hacks on discord, telegram and other chat sites the most basic is people sending you that dreaded .exe file and believe it or not people are clicking it....

But a more shifty way I have seen is people sitting and waiting in discord and telegraph groups watching and waiting for someone to ask for help. The moment someone does they pounce and direct message them pretending to be the support of that project. I've seen a few people get caught out and hand over their wallet keys only to be cleaned out.


It is hard though as quite often the entire scenario is emotionally filled someone having issues trying to FOMO into a project and something not connecting or a transaction fails or they send a token to a wrong address and try to reclaim it, which is near impossible to do on block chain technology.

If I can provide you with some closing advice that's check your transactions prior to sending them and then check them again. If you're not confident or clear on how to access a project then don't. Failing can result in a total loss of your account and funds so take your time, keep calm and a level head and never make a decision in an emotional state and most importantly DON'T EVER HAND OVER YOUR PRIVATE KEYS

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I worked for a few years in a technical assistance where we had some cases of users who had caught viruses of all types. Most were just to slow down the computer and nothing so serious until cases where they accessed the bank account with the mirror page as you said.

But one thing I always told them when they asked for the best antivirus: The best antivirus is yourself. You may have the best antivirus in the world on your computer, but if the user keeps clicking on everything he sees he will still have problems.

And today I see the same problems happening on cell phones... Because not everyone learns as basic as it is that you can't click on "anything", so the scams continue...

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NEVER CLICK ON ANYTHING THAT SHINES is my motto when looking stuff on the phone, pc or event the old xbox360 i have.

Thanks for the impactful and quality advicea. You are like a role model to me and I admire your posts a lot.


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Wow! Thank you man that means alot. I've just been chugging away posting and never sure if anyone spends time reading them. Thank you.

You are welcome, Now take that doubt off your mind because now you can be sure that you don't just have a reader of your posts but a fan also.

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There will always be someone reading.

However, your work is always being done. Think like that and the rest will be a consequence

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Lol my keys actually are holded by two separate fisical devices and one girl i used to have sex with on january and it was who told me about hive in firts place, to be fair this was before before i knew my fiancee, just hope that girl never decides to mess with me, still is a great tip and not oppening any kind of file is the way to go currently :S

Not sure I should have found your article funny given the seriousness of the topic😂 but the recounting of your childhood pranks with your classmate made me lol. I can just imagine back then when this was barely conceivable, being the victim of such mischief making. We can see how this has evolved over the years to something far more serious and we should all be aware of the dangers of cyber crime and how to protect ourselves. a nicely balanced article with a good message wrapped in humour.

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