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This is what I understand about the new curation project:

The POBLexus project is a joint effort to provide abundant rewards for POB users so that each of us will be able to buy a 2022 Lexus. Santa Claus himself, Rodney Norman, says that even those of us on the naughty list will receive gift cards from AppleBees.

So if you are wondering how you can get your reward, it is all quite simple. The POB community has chosen curators who will vote on your posts. You only need to keep posting your genuine original content. Each one of us has something special. Some artists here on POB can sing like @aiuna, but I can't.

I still have a genuine voice, but I may have missed the key. Some authors write long and some write short. The point is the point. There is a reader that needs to be captured somehow in your post. For authors it is important to consider that there is an audience that needs you.

In Pobleus, the curators will upvote your post and behind them will come a long and powerful line of powerful voters.

Voting Trail


A real decentralized community

POBleus is something I wanted to see here for a while. It is part of the benefits of decentralization. Not one person, but several curators will influence the voting patterns.

We really want everybody to have a place in POB. there is something I learned from @por500bolos. At first I read his story and wondered what I am doing reading this. Then I came to realize It doesn't matter if you have a fancy camera or if know all the tricks.

Although maybe juggling @fireguardian and singing in key helps. What really matters... what really matters... I was going to say not being smashed by the haters, but there is more. What really matters is supporting others here and building them up and giving them a voice.

We need your voice...

Because as it turns out, my voice just isn't cutting it.


Do not bring dishonor to yourself or the community. Be healthy and enjoy chocolate chips.
Don't end up like the reindeer that didn't make the cut.
Mostly enjoy your uniqueness.
There is a place for you on Proofofbrain.

Really all we have to do is believe. Now it is a very hot July in Seoul Korea, but I am dreaming of a white Christmas. Here is something to cool you off.


I figured there's something special about proofofbrain regardless of all the shits that's been going on which I try to avoid as though I dislike being entangled in any public conversations.

However, kudos to the community picked curators for the collective efforts, I believe I've received a few from them.

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Enjoy and use it well. I'm racking my brains about what to do next. We can't just all stack POB. We need like a POB ice cream store or POB coffee or POB job or POB shop. I mean I want to see these in action.

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Haven't been around last week to fully utilize my earnings, likely to kick start full energy over the next 7 days window.

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It's best to go through POB fully charged.


I'm guessing he crashed because he's a "BEE" 😂🐝

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I always write from my heart, and it's not some highflying theory its just me my experiences and my opinions.
My punch line may not bang your face, but it could touch your heart.
Has a point? Well I don't write pointlessly. LOL. I always what to share something and that is why I write..
you could check this out for instance..

So lovely. Your raffle number is #6. But next time link it on the contest post^^

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You are really amazing writer, your post have very unique and distinctive quality. You definitely brought fame to the POB community, keep it up. 😊👍

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Aww.. thank you. I feel so touched.

Hello dear, Do you know about POB talks by @vempromundo.pob , plz join us. We would love you to have you there. We will get to know you better. It's a cool place to hang out. Heartly Welcome 😊🙏

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Would love to, but I am having problem with the pob front end. I can't seem to post my comments or do anything except see the stuff in here.
Thanks for the invitation though, I would surely join in when the site doesn't hang up on me.

Hahahahaha 😂
You're a funny ass dude, why don't you use the #lols tag for these funny posts? You've not heard of the community?

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There used to be a #funny tag and I hated it. There was also something called @comedyopenmic but I haven't heard form them in a while. Maybe #lols will be better. The bear season is the best time for comedy.

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Every newcomer to the community should see this post! Well said, @mineopoly POBleus is a beautiful project, I feel grateful to be a part of it and distribute pobs to a greater number of people.

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You only need to keep posting your genuine original content

It is good for original post creator. Nice project.
Thanks POBleus team.

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This is good for you too @myanmarkoko,

I always like to here what is going on in Myanmar.

Send a link of your post to:

So I can enter it in the contest.

Send a link to:

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That is a hell of an ambitious project, giving everybody a Lexus. To be honest, I've always wanted one myself, the reliability these cars have is unmatched, and the build quality has always been a staple Toyota upheld quite well over the years. This is what the foundation of the brand is all about, unlike its yucky German counterparts.

Good luck!

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It is a solid car and a solid initiative. Right now I have made enough to buy a small used motorcycle but by next year I would love to see everyone here in a new Lexus.

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I read your other post as well, but I just can't log in to pob and vote or comment for some reason. I will do this from ecency for the moment.

That's fine. The front end seems a little sticky today. Sometimes I use

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Thanks a ton.. woo hoo this thing finally works lol. I can post again.

Yeah!! Try and try again and usually you got it. If not then give it a little kick and come back later.

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Nah not so good, if I click on anything it just hangs. I hope this is set right. Tried so many times and I'm fed up lol.

Are you in or If it hangs then restart the page and see what happens. Sometimes the action was activated and sometimes it wasn't. Sometimes the action was done double. It's not smooth.

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Are you in or If it hangs then restart the page and see what happens. Sometimes the action was activated and sometimes it wasn't. Sometimes the action was done double. It's not smooth.

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Oh thanks , I'll try that @mineopoly

I want my Lexus!!! Or... at least my applebees gift card.

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Definitely @allcapsonezero. ! )

The Lexus comes for those on the nice list after staking and investing rewards well.

And the applebee gift card is complements of Santa Claus for those on the naughty list. Contact @por500bolos for details on how to get the applebee card.

I'm thinking of increasing the awards in my contest for you and others to participate:

Maybe with the winnings you can buy a Lexus:

Right now this brad new Lexus is in my price range.

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@mineopoly! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @fireguardian.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/20)

It's a great project, Thanks team POBleus for the initiative 😊👍.

See how this guy @mineopoly receives the curation



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I see the light.

Let it rain POBLeus

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The guy in undies tho 🤣

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Just pass @malopie. Sometimes @vikbuddy gets excited. I like animals. He likes guys in undies.

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Lol, OK, I'll take your word for it :)

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