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As I glanced out the kitchen window I caught a glimpse of a large buck strolling around behind the shop. I decided to grab my camera and see if I could get a few shots of him before he wandered off. Here are the results of that endeavor.

I was really impressed by the size of his neck.
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From where I was standing I couldn't get a good view of what seemed to be holding his attention.

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He really didn't seem to be paying much attention to me and what I was doing.

Suddenly he lowered his head and began walking toward me...

and then I saw what his real target was. These deer had come into view and I figured this is what he had been fixated on. Each time he approached they would scamper away a bit and he would turn his attention to another one.

Here he his making another approach to one of the other deer.

I took one last shot and decided it was time to go back in and let the deer do their deer thing. 😀

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Photos taken by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300 and some Lightroom post processing.
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Wow,that's many wildlife. You must live in a place close to the forest. I love that kind of environment.

And you didn't sound really suprised that you saw a buck and deers, does that mean it's like a normal occurence in your area?

I live in a development of about 100, one acre lots surrounded by forest. In fact in a couple directions it is pretty much forest for a hundred miles.

We see a lot of does and fawn, the bucks are a little more rare. This guy is one of the bigger bucks to venture into our compound. 😀

I'd really love to live in that kind of environment one day, with everything so serene...

I do hope wild animals don't poke around too?

I've seen a coyote while walking in the woods and there is always the threat of a cougar. I do carry protection though while walking in the woods.

On second thoughts, I think I'd just stick to living in the city. I know I'd freak out if I saw something like that while taking a casual stroll. 😹😂

That buck was worth a hundred bucks, at least ( looking at your payout,so far ) ;^)

Nice stories and awesome pictures.

Thank you!

Yeah, the universe graced me with a great set of circumstances to get the $100 buck, so far. We will see if the "adjustment bureau" has a say before payout. 😉

It is definitely a far cry from my early days on "prior Hive" when it took me lots of posts and several months to finally break a dollar. I think I've learned a few things since then, at least I hope so. lol.


I guess you have evolved and like to think I've done the same.

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