After rain

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Walking after rain is fun. Refreshing. Feelin good.
And if you bring your camera along - giving some good opportunities for macro shots.


Olympus E-M1 mkII + M.Zuiko 60mm macro lens


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That reflection in the upper water drop is so nice. It's such a long time I haven't took my camera out for some photography session. It's probably time for some traveling.

@onealfa this is an amazing shot....and the camera is obviously a very good camera...

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That's a beautiful shot @onealfa, would love to use a macro lens but they are so expensive, at least in my country. :( Can't afford one for a hobby.

But my mobile has a macro lens. I Will put it to use and upload some pictures someday. ;)

Btw, keep publishing more of such amazing pictures. Cheers!

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Photos from good cameras do look beautiful

freakin beautiful shot! That camera is OG

The water droplets on the tips of the flowers look absolutely beautiful and they are a simple subject that is attractive in a macrophotography shot.

Greetings @deltasteem from Indonesia;)

Oh, my world. This is so lovely.
Great shot.

That was a great (an beautiful) macro shot.

Well done, @onealfa.

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You are a very talented photographer.

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