Distribution. A #1 task.

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When a new token is created, no doubt the most tough and crucial task is token distribution.
Same applies to tribes, communities, which backup the new token.
The more participants - the better.
The more token holders - the better
The more investors - the better.
The higher trading volumes - the better.
The higher liquidity - the better.

Everyone can go to Hive-Engine, and create a new token. I can do it in 5 minutes. You can do it too.
Just set the max token quantity to 21,000,000,000 tokens (yes, 21 Bil.), make a fake, one single trade on HE at $5, and ... voila, we have a new token with $105 billion marketcap ! Sound all legit? Sure. 🙂
But what is the value of it, if there is ONE user, ONE owner, zero investments ( lets ignore at this point token creation fees), zero investors? ZERO distribution.

Distribution is very tough task. SUPER TOUGH.

In fact, is there anything at all more important than this?

Then remember one good proverb, heard so many times recently, while people talk about Polititians, governments, banksters -
"do not listen what they speak, SEE WHAT THEY DO".
Sound familiar?

Last night, while I got sucked-in in a discussions on discord, I pulled some data out of hivetasks.com
It gives some interesting things about yet unexpired posts. Some statistics.

So here is what I found:


I will not go any further here with my comments, judgements, interpretations, recommendations.

This is a PROOF-OF-BRAIN tribe. You have brain. Time to use it.


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WOW! Tha main trail is voting only 31 accounts :)

If this is not lopsided distribution; I don't know what is!!

Well, you already know my view :)

I agree that more people should be upvoted to get PoB. Their curators should do a better job there.

PoB also wasn't air dropped from what I understand, so the only distribution is being upvoted by curators.

They have a serious problem there that could easily be solved.

But the main problem is all Hive Engine tokens, the creator of a token could Mute everyone and then it crashes the price of the token. They could mint all tokens in one second. There's a lot wrong with Hive Engine tokens I think is being missed here.

Interesting data there. Interesting to see who is spreading the upvotes around and trying to spread token distribution through PoB! Actions definitely speak louder than words.....

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Initially I looked at these discussions about votes and the distribution of curatorship with a certain laziness, but it's been a long time since I stopped receiving votes from @calumam and, consequently, the entire trail of the greats that came with it. I have observed this a lot of "Say one thing but do another" as you yourself commented.
And I've been a little discouraged from Pob, who seemed so promising with his idea of ​​engagement and creativity, something I've always taken very seriously (see my posts, I'm really dedicated to what I do) and noticing these people voting too little and distributing their voting power is very discouraging.
I still have a goal of growing as much as I can and fulfilling the desire to take advantage of my voting power to benefit as many creative people as possible and still receive this curatorship for me, to pay the bills and spend money, after all, that's what he's for exist. Little by little I get there. I'll keep an eye on your posts @onealfa,
it's good to look at the other side of the coin sometimes.

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It's why discussions like this are so important. It keeps people grounded in the reality of the situation. Comments like yours also send a message. It's a reminder that its a community participating in something to make it greater.

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The data speaks volumes of the situation. Sometimes there's no need to even comment on these sort of things when I see them.

All I can say is that we all appreciate your effort and hope that you keep on doing your good work to distribute and spread the wealth around the community. I'm staking all my rewards on POB and LEO to also play my part in distribution.

The more token holders - the better

Accumulating Leo now - will come to Pob after that.

Distribution is very tough task. SUPER TOUGH.

I agree! It takes time (and money) and dedication to make any blockchain community bigger. The size of the community has a direct and indirect effect on the price of the token. We definitely need more content creators & more investors to make it!

Since only a small circle of people are using proofofbrain.io, only a small circle of people are getting a large number of upvotes. Out of those 10 only you and a handful of other people are voting without looking at this:


I know it's good for SEO if you use proofofbrain.io but anyway all the content is shown on the website if it has the tag. SEO takes months and years to show its fruits. To take care of that, we are screwing up with the distribution and closing this circle even more. This is what my understanding is.

I think we need to distribute votes to everyone who uses the tag if they add value. Already tribes are centralized and we are not doing enough to make it more decentralized. Do this until we make a cool frontend that will people attract people to use it.

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What I think is most impressive (negatively speaking) about all this is that those who are responsible for the project don't give an official statement about practically anything.

Once, I thought of investing money out of my own pocket here (because I thought it would be a good idea), but it's like shooting in the dark. So, I gave up on that idea.

I hope the next few chapters of this "controversial show" will be more enlightening (because the community really needs it).

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have no comments for this onealfa...just respect and thank you for sharing this
it is important to know what is going on and how whales float.....thank you

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How about we get together, all of us here a few weeks in the middle of these discussions and help @leprechaun develop the front end and think of new features and ideas for POB? Let's stop wasting energy on this voting model. Let's help each other!

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I surely hope he has what he needs. I remember his request for assistance in an earlier post of his. Unfortunately, I don't have that experience. The best I think many of us can do is to reach out ourselves and maybe reblog his post.

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I have followed and shared.

And I try to help as much as I can with the icon art issue, even though I'm not a professional designer for that.

But let's do what we can

Exactly. That’s the kind of dedication and motivation we need.


!LUV 1

It's proof of brain, if you don't know who or what you are voting is it really using your brain? Is distribution of the token more important than using a brain to cast a vote? The vote is the persons vote. If the individual has a track record of producing good content, heck even if by most peoples standards it is not good, but you like it and enjoy it, then vote it. It is your vote after all, spend it wisely or spend it half haphazardly. I do not care how people vote unless it is on plagiarized content.

I am a 100% manual voter. This is my alternate account on my primary and most active account I am able to cast about 270 votes on average for the week spread among 130 accounts. Most of those votes now-a-days are blind votes, they are cast by me on known content producers and on people/accounts that I maintain on the peakd list function for when I have a hard time finding sufficient items to vote on.

Manual voting is hard, finding content is hard, the choice to vote should not be hard. I do not have a lot of vote power so getting out ten to twenty votes a day is not hard. A quick look at 20 items of content is not hard. Determining if I enjoy the content is not hard. Trying to find a half assed good movie on Amazon Prime that is less than 5 years old is damned near impossible.

I wish I could give out a higher value vote to people, that is after all what a reward is, it is something that can be given out,. I don't care if the highlighted account gives out 100% votes or 12% votes, they are at least voting and by voting letting people know they appreciated the content they provided.

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Totally agreed with you ! 100% upvoted!
WE need to have the responsibility with our votes by reading the content.
This is the way we show the respect to the authors.
This is the way we help the community grow by encouraging the good content.

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@onealfa wow you upvoted 582 accounts in just seven days??that is a massive feat i must say..

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I appreciate the way you take time curating content on Proofofbrain.io. 1898 number of upvotes look huge if its made manually.

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No not all are manually. Would be impossible. I'm human, not machine. Plus my top priority is still LEOFINANCE.
Every nigh my smart voting bot, following a few dozens of respectable POB curators, kicks-in with a bunch of small, 0.5-1.3% upvotes. It starts ONLY if my voting power goes above 99.5%, so I can avoid the worst thing I could do to myself as curator - keep voting power idling at 100.00%

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Please is it possible that I connect my wife's curating account to your voting bot and follow your voting on Proof of brain?

Also, do you have something for Leofinance that I can connect my Leo curating account to? I tried using "hive.vote" application and it didn't work.

I have no idea why it not worked for you

Following somebody with curation votes is a completely permissionless thing. You do not need anyone's permission or approval. Nor I have any tools or means to disallow, or disapprove.
I have never asked anyone, nor encouraged anyone to follow my curation votes.
I don't need this at all.
At the same time - it is OK for me, if somebody decides to follow my votes.

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Well said

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I have never asked anyone, nor encouraged anyone to follow my curation votes.

You and me both. What can I do to stop them? Stop voting, posting, commenting?

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I think it's the same like asking someone to not vote or to vote for someone. I remember being included in a post you wrote about upvoting me. But, I can't be blamed for creating quality content and for the time I spent here and for the value I braught and kept bringing. We are all here in the same ship and we should care about it to not sink.

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You and me both. What can I do to stop them? Stop voting, posting, commenting?

IF (for certain reasons) I would be capable to cast out only 31 votes in seven days, and at the same time see that my following trail has grown to 15(!) times bigger than my own stake - I think at least I would put a word out, asking those followers, that they should find a more healthy way to use their big stakes.

I would like to see, if anyone here will dare to call these numbers (174K vs 35 vs 31) a "healthy distribution"

Why? I didn't ask them to join my vote trail, and they're responsible for their own stake are they not?

You can't ask people to use their brains in one breath and then assume they don't need to in another. We can go round and round all day @onealfa, the reality is that the community needs better curation efforts for the size that it has become.

Check the past 7 days now, it'll be even less. I've already said how loose your statistics are.

Now if you want to see something funny, check this out...


my post


@amr008's post

Like I said, we can go round and round all day long. I have better things to do.

Oh sorry for the miscommunication, I'm not asking for your permission, I'm doing it willingly and out of my own personal interest.

I like your curation pattern and will like to copy it for personal reason. I was just saying that I've tried following your curation pattern on a different hive application but it didn't work Andi don't know why.

Don't worry about it, sorry about the inconvenience.

on hive.vote you can follow anyone even if there isn't a curation trail. Just type in their name under curation trails and find them, then follow. It will say "they aren't a curation trail would you like to follow anyway" and you hit follow.

As far as I know this should work because I did that recently with following something on another account.

With Hive.Vote, small-percentage votes don't process unless you have a large amount of HP staked.

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No doubt Leofinance is a cool project.

The data show us the level of situation. Good job of you Thanks for spreading the money around the community. You're blessed

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This is an outstanding report and this is always necessary to inspire others and also as a means of reacting awareness. I lovr this timely feedback.

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We have work to do. I think it is being done. Slowly but surely, as distribution gets more and more diversified, it will be up to only a few people.

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Hello @onealfa

The @proofofbrainio have 118+ Stake POB or 118.968 Stake POB?

It's 118.968 Stake POB

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Thank you @sodomlv


Thank you @onealfa

How did you generate the table?

Copy-paste from Hivetasks.com and Marky's HE-tools in to excel. Simple.


Hardly. Which icon do I click? Is it "account watch"? It seems broken. It shows me no data. But congratulations on giving so many up-votes.

It is all of the first page of each account:

Collected data on-by-one, one acct at the time.

Top10 Rich list taken from here:

The question I have in mind, are you giving it a chance since you're not powering down anymore ?

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You can interpret this as you wish. Things are very dynamic, changing every day.
Who knows, maybe I will start a new power-down in 30 minutes.

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I am here on this site for almost 6-7 months but yet to learn the ropes. I am very much sure posts like these will help me understand something new. Thank you so much!

I try to work with hivetasks, but is tough until I got used to it. Anyway, seems interesting. Thanks for the tip. I am trying to make my vote 50% instead of 100% so i can curate more posts, but i do not know how. I appreciate if you have the time to give some pointers. Ty.

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For the sake of the tribe stop fighting like little boys, and starting acting like men. Do it for HIVE and for POB.

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Who is fighting? I'm not.
I'm just removing overvalued post rewards (mainly - from circle-jerkers), so the POB reward pool gets bigger, and there are more tokens left to reward newbies, minnows, and non-biased authors.
You can call me what ever you like, not only "little boy". I don't care.
I do what I need to do.

@onealfa, you were given LUV from @makeitreal95. About LUV: https://peakd.com/@luvshares

Just getting to follow up with the discussions on Proof of Brian community. There is so much potentials for this token, though so much must be put in place to avoid abuse. Thanks for sharing the stats. But it's alarming to see 1,800 vote for a token worth about $0.3 at present rate. That's way a high inflation.

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I hope you don't mind me commenting without being asked? Since I am not part of the circle of people involved.

If you were to make such a publication about a business partner in your offline life, it would not only be presumptuous, but perhaps reputationally damaging and the business partner could take action against you. In fact, it would probably be more damaging to your own reputation if your business partners had to assume that you were peddling their affairs.

This makes me wonder whether you really take the matter as seriously as it appears on the surface? Discrediting someone is very easy online and that is why many people do it that way and basically, as can also be observed, people get along again as if nothing had happened. I don't rule that out.

I assume that such would not be a real business practice on your part, since in all likelihood you yourself would not want anyone to copy a fragment from your activities, make it available to the public and then connote that we are dealing with sloppiness and nepotism?

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong in the matter if you talk to someone with whom you overlap business in the back room and draw his attention to some things, while the person so addressed perceives that you are friendly to him.

Some messages have an effect if you give them time and do not immediately press for agreement or understanding. Are you familiar with the fact that constructive criticism works in you for a while, even, or especially, if it hits a sore spot, that you nevertheless take it to heart? More in a questioning than in a judging attitude?

Is it not unwise to expose another in this way, for example, if one's aim is for business to flourish? I am irritated by the flattering comments that express gratitude, I perceive them as all too quick approval.

As an uninvolved person coming from the outside, I have the impression that there is far too much stress, rushing, judging each other too quickly, exchanging arguments that are reproachful in undertone. Lots of justification on both sides.

Personally, I'm bothered by the pressure built up in many places to be a busy and always active curator and not to have enough activities on the clock or to "distribute too few votes". For me, this is not in line with personal circumstances and decisions, as well as speed, which can vary. The high concentration on voting alone neglects the fact that people are not machines - as you yourself say - and so it happens that you let things slide that you actually wanted to tackle. Here, in this non-binding sphere, where no legal contracts are concluded, the expectations run counter to what can actually be achieved by individuals who want to build something of which they themselves may not yet know how much work they have saddled themselves with. Being under constant observation is a double-edged sword.

Good day for you.