Ducks in the river (POB photocontest: WATER)

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Today I have noticed a post with some new contest. A POB-photocontest run by @freendlymoose, described a few days ago

Then recovered that I made some pics during my walk on the banks of river Neris.
I checked the mem card, and found one, which has "water" in it. So here it is, let it hit this contest.


[click for full size]


Camera : Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
Lens: 100-400 mm LEICA DG Vario
Exposure time: 1/640, Aperture priority
F-Number : 7.1
ISO speed : 1250
Date taken : 2021:09:01 18:36

Those ducks were maybe 150 meters away, but this distance was still OK for my new 100-400mm Panasonic Leica DG
On a MFT sensor it works like 800mm gun (compared to a full-frame body)
The shot was done almost directly towards bright September sun, at full zoom, and handheld. (Who wants always to carry a tripod?)



Ducks are like let March toward some point and all the other ducks follow lead
Anyway its amazing photograph how do you turn it in black & white by the way in smartphone

what happens if you win the contest ? will you keep the prize or donate it to some deserving pleb ? :)

Not that I have a plan yet. But even if I got one ( after your public question), it probably would be not fair to announce it loud at this time.

Why do you think I do not want MOAR POB? :)

I know you want ALL the POB that's why I asked the question :P

Why do you think I do not want MOAR POB?

Haha there is no answer to this, I can only laugh 😅🍻

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800mm at 1/640 is a challenge :D

Ooo a photo contest. I almost always post my Japan photos in the Photo Lovers community, but I'll have to see what I can dig up for this contest.

I like your angle here. We could have a title something like "floating away" or "and then they left me". Also I like the monochrome. As anyone who reads my posts know, I find monochrome to be the superior format for photos (though I'm a bit of a hypocrite and often do post color photos).

You know for years I always carried a tripod everywhere. It was just part of my daily carry. In Japan most expats (regardless of age) always carry around a backpack, so I fit right in with my pack full of camera gear. But lately I have started leaving it at home as well as most of the gear, only taking my camera itself and one lens. Whew, it does make travel much easier!

The shooting angle, sun and reflections made almost NO COLORS in it anyway. So there was no much reason to levae those few still managed to show up. This is original, in color:

Re tripods:
Ha ha... The modern optical stabilization in lens PLUS on the sensor - claim up to +6.5 stops improvement, which makes tripod more and more just left resting in the closet. Ha ha

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What a beautiful shot!

POB photo contest? I'm in.... 😊😊

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Had a tripod for years, never even used it TBH.

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Beautiful photographys ❤️❤️

This is a very good one boss and I came across where it was stated that your support as been seek too as regards running the contest and I want to say it is really good to see you coming out with what I called your own picture too as a participant too

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This is superb
Wonderfully taken for the contest.
Thumbs up onealfa

This a very interesting and beautiful pictures you have there.

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What a nice picture of nature!😍
And its a good angle and position to capture not just one but 8 ducks. Its indeed ducks in the water. Well-done Boss.

POB is doing well,I have stake all my POB.i am planning to invest on it

Great photo. I’m going to enter this contest too.

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@friendlymoose really gets into photos. All I have is snap shots from my cell phone, but no matter what kind of lens you have it won't be easy to capture 7 ducks in the water against the sun. I like the way animals and especially birds move together in formation. The individuals are part of a whole, but they are still each unique.

Thanks for jumping into the contest and sharing it with the community.

If it were me at a distance like this, this photo would be all blurry, my hands shake, especially when I'm a few hours without eating any food.

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You got some attention and a pose from this little guy, lol😀. Wonderful Shot and excellent picture quality. Your new camera looks fabulous. 😊👍 Guys, check out the full size image for better Clarity. !PIZZA

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