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RE: Social media is evergreen

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Indeed social media is a tool but can affect lives positively and negatively, it can create and destroy lives.A very good example of its ability to destroy is the on going Olympics games where the director of show for the opening ceremony by name Kentaro kobayashi was dismissed a day to the opening ceremony for a Holocaust jokes he made in the early 1990s,the joke was described as "painful facts of history " Am very sure is grand children will get to know of this act in the near future.The same social media made a good samaritan a millionaire just for paying the transportation of a lady,who late raised funds for him.SOCIAL MEDIA......THE PAST,PRESENT AND THE FUTURE.

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It depends on how it is been used, it can serve as a good and a bad tool, it's high time people should learn how to use it in a good Way
The social media does not forget.
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