16 Year Old Boy Has a Heart Attack After Pfizer Vaccine

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Acute Myocarditis lead to a heart attack in a 16 year old in Singapore, he has been award injury pay by Singapore's Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP).

"The myocarditis was likely a serious adverse event arising from the COVID-19 vaccine he received, which might have been aggravated by his strenuous lifting of weights and his high consumption of caffeine through energy drinks and supplements,” the Singapore Ministry of Health

My fears have now been realized and I am feeling very good about my decision to wait for more stats from the blind public placebo test being done right now.

We do not know, the inherent risk of taking a MRNA vaccine, so we do not have the requirements to make an informed deicion to consent to vaccination.


Such a sad one. The more reason I wouldn't be taking the vaccine.

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Hmmm, in New Zealand the prime minister made a public statement that the 13 year old boy who passed away from a heart attack did NOT die as a result of the Pfizer vaccine he was given only a few days before. Like WTF??? Because heart attacks are so common in his age group? Because Arden just is a trustable expert on the issue? Oh, and because if it's true what she says, there would be such an urgently pressing reason to get on the air and make such a statement.

Politicians are public servants who really need to step in line with their role as a SERVANT. SERVANT is SYNONYMOUS WITH SLAVE.

Yeah the Pfizer vaccine. I felt like I got hit by an 18-wheeler. The ladies in my family felt just fine afterwards. The guys...? Not so much. The poor family. Only $250,000. They should have been given more.

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Hopefully the kid goes and shoots up a Pfizer lab when he is feeling half alright one day.

Phil you've just taken me into a rabbit hole man. I was enjoying watching TV but now am here researching shit! LOL

Good one.

Here is a link that I found interesting.

I have of the opinion that if we get vaccinated and then that vaccination shot doesn't last it would mean to me that there is no permanent changes to our DNA, which is a bummer because I was hoping to be Wolverine by the end of the year, and on my booster shot next year be Cyclops.

Wtf get a refund and ask the doctor he he is into a pyramid scheme?

Tell him if he had shilled his fake vax on Hive at least we all could have curated together, but no go ask the government to make a health act and terrify everyone instead of fun curation time.

I found CRISPR in 2016, through this video.

Funny enough u was comparing bitcoin to other breakout technology trends to see if I could find any similar patterns.

Stem cells and Crispr gene editing companies had a somewhat similar start to their public evaluation as to Bitcoin not a great comparison that I would bet on though.

Yeah those fuckers need to give me a refund.

Yeah I've read and heard about CRISPR too, my initial thought on covid when it first came out was. Dang the Chinese have inadvertently released their plan to make themselves geniuses to the rear of the world but alas that was not the case. It was the stupidiser virus that got it, hence why there are now lots of idiots everywhere.
Ultimate theory is now they are just bombarding is with to much crap that we are all getting confused what is real and what isn't.

And to top it off the X gene is not to be... Heck of it's the zombie alternative at least now I can finally use my katana and chain saw that I've prepared for plus my bug out place is already established.

I even have a supply of spares wood to cover up my house. My family always asks why I keep picking up people's wooden scraps.

But yeah still hoping for that wolverine effect.

From what Dr. Malone said, if you don't keep taking boosters most of the stuff should leave your body within 6 months.

Booster Gold.

More information is coming out regarding this topic. Although the finding that myocarditis occurs after the mRNA vaccines occurs, with increased frequency in young males, the incidence of myocarditis after COVID is also significant, but the exact number has not been determined yet with certainty

I wish there was easier to access information about this, the information from 6 months ago promised the vaccine was safe, this is not safe imo, that's extremely dangerous to risk myocarditis even if it's 0.0000000000001% why would any risk getting myocarditis when they are asymptomatic?

The only way to know is the measure cardiac enzymes in a large group of just vaccinated people, for several weeks, every day (or every week). Then the information should be stratified by age, sex and all the variables we would like to study

I support all forms of independent research into this. I am happy to know there is science methodology developed already, seems reasonable to look into this kind of study.

Did you see that my yesterday's post @secondmedicalop was banned in stemgeeks? You can still see it in ecency

Myocarditis is a known side effect affecting mostly young adult males. However, it is also a very rare side effect and is an immune response in a very small percentage of people to both the vaccine and COVID itself. That's no consolation for this family but it also isn't very useful to hold this example up as a reason not to take the vaccine when this type of problem affects approximately 0.0055% of those taking the vaccine (my math done by simply dividing the number of people affected by myocarditis by the number of people taking the vaccine in the study - that's based on one particular study but other studies show similar numbers). You will, of course, be able to find hundreds of stories like this because hundreds of millions (or maybe billions by now) of people are taking the vaccine.

As far as knowing the risks, the risk of mycarditis is well known and probably the most frequent dangerous side effect and it is no secret. There are numerous studies, easy to find. Next down the list is probably anaphylaxis but then anything you put in your body carries that risk. Statistically, so far, mRNA vaccines don't seem to be much more dangerous than Tylenol. You might be worrying about longer term effects but this isn't something that stays in your body. It's broken down and pissed out like most any other liquid you put in your body. The whole point is to stimulate an immune response (in this case to the protein surrounding COVID). An overly aggressive immune response seems to be the greatest risk (and this is essentially what causes myocarditis) but that gets less and less likely the as time goes by and is probably nonexistent after a few days or couple of weeks at most after receiving the vaccine.

It's hard to see how it could have long term effects although I guess they are impossible to rule out until there is long term data. But how long is long enough? A year? Two years? Five years? The first mRNA drug was approved in 2018 but I'm not sure how long mRNA trials go back. We've had these vaccines for over a year now and nothing surprising has come up.

What do you need for informed consent? I'm pretty sure the paper I had to sign before getting the vaccine listed possible side effects. In the U.S. anyway there is a form you should have to sign and a fact sheet that you are given (that you agree to have read by signing the form) that looks like this: https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download

It specifically mentions myocarditis.

I can't speak for what is done in other countries.

I'm asymptomatic and in good health.

Thats an insult to me, who has been healthy my entire life litterally in peak athletic condition aside from a small 2% body fat I added on lockdown.

The risk you stated of 0.005% of myocarditis is about what my risk is of harm caused by the virus seeing as I am in the lowest risk category as a healthy, educated, hand washing athletic built person who works from home and has enough income I don't need to care about any of the lockdown conditions and I have no public life or any commitment to society outside of my internet connection.

I do not need to take a risk, equal to my chance of death from the virus, on vaccination.

I'm not necessarily suggesting the vaccine is right for you because I don't know your circumstances. But I think stories like this without the context of what the risks actually are serves as more of a scare tactic (intentional or not) and has the effect of discouraging people who may be in a much higher risk group than you from taking the vaccine based on a misperception. If you are young, healthy and don't have close contact with those at higher risk then I agree that the vaccine is of questionable value.

Goes back to the point about informed consent I guess. The info is given to those receiving the vaccine and is easily found on the net but how many people bother reading it? People get their info from headlines instead.


I like Pfizer vaccine.it always good

You like 16 year old boys suffering from heart inflammation?