Boycott the Witness Who is Against Questioning the Vaccine

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I had previously spoken highly of the @hextech witness, I am now going to publicly denounce that support as I have been flagged by @rishi556 and was provided with no explanation for this flag, it was also on a post with a lot of community engagement and there are others wonder why I was flagged by a witness for covering topics I have covered for over a year now on the hive.


A joint witness from @rishi556, @sn0n, @edicted. Helping develop a better future for the hive. Stand up against extremism. Be kind. Wear a mask. Respect everyone.

I wonder where the respect is for people who question the narrative the media pundits are on about... Experimental vaccines that have not completed clinical trials and are being issued on mass to the world's population.

Is this extremism to question a new DNA modifying vaccine, that has not completed clinical trials?

I guess @hextech witness is not the place you should question authoritarian influences in the world around you, I should just shut up and sit down like an obedient little slave right?

P.S. There were 2 posts downvoted with community accounts, maybe 1 was yours and you support my freedom of expression and concern for good medicine practices that involve informed consent. Both posts covered similar topics, and there was no explanation provided.

I am now going to remove my support for this witness that doesn't provide a quality service to the community and infringes people's freedom of expression without explanation.


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Well, I'm guessing you are referring to the misinformation campaign you are rambling about on your other post....

Laura Lynn Thompson is live streaming current events about adverse reactions ...

As such, all I can say is, unless you are a scientist.... Probably best to just sit down and shut up. LoL.

Facts don't care about your feelings as Ben Shapiro spouts, unfortunately, you're not speaking facts, but divisive opinion and false narrative, as such, @rishi556 DoWnVotEd.... Cuz he's a twit like that and supports Dem downvotes.. I'll have a chat with him about using hextech to downvote, hopefully he doesn't beat me too hard with the large trout.
In the future, when speaking out about conspiracy theories, it may be best to clearly tag as satire or perhaps a psychological study on human response to fake news. (;

I voted for Laura Lynn Thompson in the last federal election in Canada, she is who I want as a MP.

Are you suggesting we can not question the vaccine without it being misinformation?

Laura Lynn Thompson seems to be taking an objective truth based approach to curating the ideas she covers.

What misinformation specifically are you talking about? (she has a daily guest on the live stream I recommend)

Historically speaking, Christians don't offer the most reliable scientific advice, as well intended as their opinions may be, Bless their hearts.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really not invested in any of this, and I really don't care what people want to believe, that's the beauty of free speech and "proof of Brain". But to not support a group making an effort to support the platform because some aspects of that brain not supporting your opinion, seems off to me.

I believe we all need to work together and make the earth a better place for all...
As a result of this, I'll follow ya and upvote content I like... Maybe some extra thought and effort on your future posts will do well, share an opinion or give something beneficial to all like a tutorial or DIY type stuff... Idk,... I just woke up and saw I was tagged in some bullshit... So here I am.

Have a beautiful day friend, hopefully it goes better then getting a ranty reply from me, who has no context on anything here.. just grasping at straws as I fall into the pit of despair.

I am a spiritual satanist, who bases his thoughts on a sense of hedonism stemming back to the most ancient interpretation of satan, the Satanic Dharma in India.

I can see there is issues at this shared witness and will try to not "poke the bull" because the flags were my only problem.

Also fellow stoner here!

Helping hands

What do you mean help? We are helping, we're helping hands.
She chose down.

But legit, I hate downvotes too.. lol

Especially from a witness when you have invested in that witness.....

I am a 2013 bitcoin investor who has taken rent payments in Steem...

That's the beauty of our group, we are all of differing opinions... We try to do what's best for hive as a whole, sometimes we have different opinions individually as to how to accomplish that task.

Well i am not a part of that community anymore because I think hextech is a low quality witness. Nothing personal to you, id probably vote you as independent if you ever do that.

@sn0n are you saying scientists are always right??are you saying that other humans that are not scientists should not make use of their common sense because a scientist says a particular thing and just swallow every dish they give to us simply because they are scientists??i am not saying whether the conspiracy theory is true or not but i do not like the fact that you are trying to make it sound like scientists cannot be questioned or can never be wrong,..since they are so perfect,i am wondering why millions of people had to die before they discover the vacciness,isn't that a clear sign that they too are not perfect??

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When a content creator on Hive submits their content, they are submitting it for a rating from stakeholders. Stakeholders provide the rating from -100 to +100
It is how the system works. There is no way to say "as a content creator, I only accept ratings in this range" or "as a content creator, ratings from this rang to this range require explanation while ratings from that range to that range can be done handled this other way"

Tagging people because you don't like the rating they left is pretty poor form for a content creator and indicates that content creation may not be your jam. Whatever the scale available - 1 to 5, 1 to 10, -100 to 100, people will leave ratings within the range. Lobbing insults and having this kind of meltdown really isn't very good content


It's very confusing why this comment has been upvoted above all the other comments the author of the post responded to, this comment was the least relevant to content in the article as well.

I think it is nice to give a reason when giving a low rating to a piece of content. Not that my stake is so large as to zero anyone's potential rewards haha

Since I gave the post a low rating, I made clear why I think it is especially poor content, why I think that warrants a downvote, and why I encourage you to not worry too much about downvotes. Perhaps that resonated with some. Perhaps they'd like it to resonate with you

Your elementary description of DPOS was not helpful, and you missed the topic of the article entirely in the 2nd paragraph...

Not all DPoS chains have blogs. Of the ones that do, not all of them offer ratings below 0. Clarifying my stance before explaining my reasoning may very well have been needed given that you think it an elementary explanation of DPoS

Whether tagging and insults are the topic of the article or not, it is poor content

My view on ratings + my view of the content = my reason for rating this content the way I have

You seemed to feel very strongly that you are entitled to an explanation. While I disagree, I have given it to you as clearly as I am able. If it is not clear enough, then you have my apologies. It was only an attempt on my part to help meet your expectations. In the future, it will probably be best if I do not give a reason

I don't give a fuck about the explanation, I am saying the comment utility is broken on Hive because your spam is voted higher than the rest of the replies that understand the article.

This is a blog, i make to share my thoughts and opinions on topics that I follow.

Where is the insult?

this witness that doesn't provide a quality service to the community and infringes people's freedom of expression

This is obviously untrue. The rating in no way changed your ability to express anything. Nothing was infringed. Making false claims about someone is insulting. Especially when the claim is something like the removal of your basic right to freedom of expression. All of your expressions are still in place, still visible, and you are just as free to make more

The rest of the witnesses expressed their discern in the comments when they downvote, and I have civilly discussed many flaggings in the past.

This was the lowest quality experience I have ever had, being flagged by a witness, on steemit pre-march 2020 or hive until the present.

I have never taken a vote away from any witnesses yet on the hive, and I have a community of IRL friends who follow what I say, so I keep them informed and do ratings with my own opinion like this commonly.

If you are interested in my posts, blog or comments in anyway you can expect me to study the data, and use it how I see fit, which may include but may not be limited to pundit style interpretations of the current events in my life, subconscious included.

I denounce @hextech for the unexplained flags, and I am happy to further express my opinion on the topic if you would like to consider the flags that don't strawman me.

Not sure I follow. Are you saying it isn't an insult to say someone is infringing your freedom of expression when they clearly are not, or that it's ok to lob the insult because subconsciously believe it to be fact regardless of the evidence?

I don't suppose it matters too much, was just trying to follow along. If you think tagging and insulting is good content, you may be right. I'm no blogger. Maybe calling people out as some sort of rights infringer when they don't give your content a satisfactory rating is the perfect get-rich-quick scheme 🤷‍♂

To clarify: I don't think it's good content and I won't be rating it as good content. How much that matters to you is completely up to you, of course. Was just trying to provide feedback and explain how the system works. Good luck with your blog and forcing everyone that rates your content to explain themselves to you. Many are nice enough to do so, but this entitled attitude is a pretty big turn off

To simplify,

You have interacted with me, and made yourself present in my life. I have the right to self righteous indignation in Canada. Sorry if you're from a shithole authoritarian state, but I can speak my mind here.

"was provided with no explanation for this flag"
"infringes people's freedom of expression without explanation"

Both of these statements, are in my eyes incorrect.

There's no explanation needed for flags unless its a childish flag war. But flags in them self's are not required to have an explanation attached to it.

The last statement is without a doubt incorrect, reducing your "temp" pay rewards has no effect on your freedom of expression.

So you think i am more inspired to blog now?

An explanation could serve as a learning experience for both parties?

True, but not needed.

We should take a poll?

If you agree an explanation is in order, vote this comment.
If not, vote the comment above.

@antisocialist lol i noticed that such poll most times do get more upvotes from those who are a fan of a particular user and do not care about the subject that is involved,they just want to show their loyalty to their favourite person.

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If you go look at the comments section, you'll notice the only comments are from people who disagree with me at the top. That's because these people are soliciting bad science, I'm also curious to what extent online harassment would involve a downvote, you don't have to use words to be charged with harassment online.

Only reason I put it that way is because the top two comments literally missed the entire point I was trying to bring up with the boycott, being that they have a problem with you questioning the vaccine and they're encouraging The Mask which is based on bad science, and obviously didn't work with the virus spreading into all countries.

being that they have a problem with you questioning the vaccine and they're encouraging The Mask which is based on bad science, and obviously didn't work with the virus spreading into all countries.

@phusionphil i guess they are just been ignorant..

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I would go 1 step further and say they are encroaching peoples rights and freedoms with coercion to modify their body with bad science. That is disgusting and far worse than ignorance.

It's encouraging crimes against humanity.

Upvotes or downvotes? 😁

Explanations are nice. As a content creator, engagement is always a treat from your readers. We just can't claim to be entitled to it

So no, not in order, but cool if someone feels like it. Just like leaving a rating on something when someone buys from amazon. Sometimes they explain, sometimes they don't. Most don't. The few the do can be pretty helpful

I have rated your comment a 3 out of a possible 3.

@foxon but sir just like you said some people just feel like flagging a post and they might not have any sensible reason why they did that,don't you think such attitude should be condemned??that is more like a dictatorship type of blogging platform...

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How are ratings from -100 to -1 dictatorship while ratings from 1 to 100 are not?

It's just a rating. Often people don't have a sensible reason why they rate a particular post or product what they do. Maybe it gave them a feeling they can't describe. Maybe it had to do with the blogger's hairstyle 🤷‍♂

@foxon alright i have heard you

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A good poll is good but the poll will be more effective if it is done on a neutral ground and not on this particular post.

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we have already had many polls of this nature, as I have followed your antics for longer than even I knew... (minds). But perhaps a modern poll with all parties involved could serve a purpose.

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as I have followed your antics for longer than even I knew...

Did you cross reference my personas?

But perhaps a modern poll with all parties involved could serve a purpose.

Nah, it was a shameless vote grab.

I do think that explanation are in order, though.
They serve to make the community consensus more palatable, imo.
Since we have no rulers, but we do have rules.

Yeah, I was cross-referencing.

@snon was very reasonable to discuss this with.

@rishi556 "my money, my vote"

@foxon seems to have some internal conflict and that where the speculation is disorienting me.

The record is now set straight.

All hail, freedom!

"There's no explanation needed for flags unless its a childish flag war. But flags in them self's are not required to have an explanation attached to it. "


Please what can be considered as childish flags??what you believe is a childish flag might be what someone else believe is a sensible and matured flag,so i think that is why it is not a bad idea to explain why you flagged a post...i have seen people on the platform that flagged a post simply because someone did not support their opinion...if everyone starts flagging each other because they give different opinion then who will be stay on the platform??we cannot always agree with something ALL the time...

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"childish flag war" Id think it is both parties flagging each other.

Oh now i understand what you mean by childish flagging

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That could make people to start getting scared of expressing their opinions because when they do that they could possibly get flagged by people,is that not a wrong approach?

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Holy cow. I can’t believe that’s actually a HIVE witness motto...

If there was a such thing as a witness downvote, they would certainly earn mine (simply for the motto, I generally like the 3 operators and their content, but that motto is outrageous)

Yeah I am not impressed either.

Look your comment is at the bottom. You're the only one who understands the point I was making too.

@someguy123 @deathwing

Why have you upvoted comments that are irrelevant to the content in this post?

Me and Jeff seem to understand very clearly what we are boycotting and there is silent participants watching this thread who I have spent time to market Hive too.

The comments you upvoted, didn't even read the article or respond to anything relevant to the boycott I'm talking about, instead trying to make it personal.

Same response as here: You have your right to do whatever you want with your vote and so do I.

While one could ask why folks agree, it just makes more sense to ask why when folks disagree, to me.

I'd respect them if they agreed that your reasons were their reasons, but as it stands, there is only speculation.

Yeah the "we will downvote you if you don't conform to our status-quo" attitude


At the end of the day, communities are set up by individual, or groups of members and they can create whatever rules or regulations they wish to apply. If you don't like the rules then don't join the the community or set up your own!
As for downvotes, its would be polite in my opinion to give a reason for a downvote BUT not cast in stone rule that you have to to.

Liberty also runs to you posting an opinion post like this AND your ability to vote for and unvote a witness.

This is a non-issue, but respect should be shown to everyone here and gratitude should be cast upon people who give us this blockchain and all its toys to play with whether we have the same opinions as them or not.

Well maybe the accused should come and explain why he flagged the post

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He did, but it was a low quality answer "my stake, my choice" so I have removed support for the witness, @hextech is the lowest quality experience I have ever had with a witness circa 2016.

@snon has my support as a witness but I feel the rest of the administration at @hextech must be communist sympathizers or mentally challenged by political correctness.

I agree totally with you @phusionphil

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Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. Why would they interfere.
Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @phusionphil

@optimusre i was wondering about the same thing too,what happened to freedom of expression on this platform

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Big D!ck energy sir. Keep it up. Discussion is good.


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Everyone has right to speak and i don't know why was you downvoted , no explanation sucks. good step on taking your support back.

Experimental vaccines that have not completed clinical trials and are being issued on mass to the world's population.

Exactly that's what happening , what are common people being treated as ?
As a vaccine tester , well if that's so it sucks.

Media and government together are destroying countries.

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