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Alright I'll bite this seems interesting! Going to be watching this one to see how it plays out but honestly this is kind of a thought I've had on my mind for years and always wondered how it would work.

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Interesting concept -- taking the 'pure' aspects of Bitcoin and Hive and merging them together (along with the linear curation rewards of LEO).

Kudos for beginning a truly interesting experiment!

At the very least it'd show us kinda what hive would have been like if it was 100% PoB from the start.

This is what crossed my mind as soon as I read about this too.

I'm interested to see how will compare to Hive, especially when it comes to the quality of created content and how it relates to rewards. Good luck and I'll be watching!

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🤔 Very interesting..You have a market in the token yet??

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Interesting project! Will you curate also on comments or only on full articles?

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whoopee - i made it to the and signed in at least

i have no clue how any of this works

It seems interesting and promising. I can understand that the redistribution is not based on an inflationary system, but it goes a bit against what Hive can propose. Isn't there a risk that it could be prejudicial to the project?

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it seems like new projects and new communities are springing up on Hive lately. This is all very positive! :)

Yea which is wonderful for the Hive Ecosystem.


This is crazy and interesting, I'm in ^.^

Isn't this what $HIVE is for?

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Interested to see how this experiment goes! I've just wrote my first little blerb, based on my first impression.
For some reason I cannot upload any pictures though, even when I make them really small. just a heads up. If it matters, I'm on Brave browser, and files were jpg.

Is the use of five decimal places illustrative or is this going to be the precision of this token? Inflation could last even longer than bitcoin's.

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This is kinda mind-blowing. Gonna be interesting to see where this goes, where it ends up, and how it ultimately 'competes' with #Hive and #BTC.

Is there going to be limits on the type of content allowed to be posted?

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Nice to know. A place for stories and post with out excessive rules. Proof of brain does not mean boring after all.

awesome idea. good luck!

Hmmm, I'm intrigued! First I'm hearing of this project. Will be following along to see how it goes :-)

Do we have to use #proofofbrain or does #pob works too?

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OK. Thanks :)

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1 token in created and staked.
It means only proofofbrainio can curate and distribute new tokens right ? At least during the coming days.
Or I totally miss something ?

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then curate this comment. thank you

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All aboard the ”Brain-Train”!

Very excited about this.

There will be no sells. mfkn 💎🤲

I like this concept, will be keeping an eye on the project!

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Interesting concept, but I have to agree with @handtalk5 that this is what HIVE does or am I missing something?

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Yes the token is different to HIVE, but the actual idea behind it - getting rewarded for creating content - is the same. Also how to you plan to sustain this project after all tokens are distributed in 10 years?

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Yeah, but what's the plan to sustain this project after all the tokens are distributed? :-)

if we wanted to keep's distribution going maybe decimal precision could be increased or @proofofbrainio could fund it.

Yeah, that was meant kinda tongue-in-cheek, seeing as we have 136 years to work out a solution. Good to see you already have a couple possibilities.

I will be posting later (within the next few days or so) about my assessment of $POB's ability to solve what George Gilder called "The Bitcoin Flaw" (Chapter 22 in his book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy). Although I don't think $POB fully solves it, it unquestionably (imho) represents a giant step in that direction (with respect to resolving the $BTC contradiction Gilder identified).

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See my reply above (accidentally replied to my own reply instead of yours) 🙄.

Oh sorry, I must have missed something there

It is very much like Bitcoin's issuance. In the first four years half of all coins to be created will have been created. Then there is a very long tail of rewards. In total 142 years. In total 6,569,999 a century and a half from today.

I was speaking only of the issuance. Other qualities are different of course.

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I agree with this change. There is something elegant about having a token that follows the exact supply curve as bitcoin, albeit on a 12-year lag.

It allows folks in the future to ask themselves, "How does this compare to bitcoin?" as it is today and as it was 12 years ago.

Makes valuation comparisons easier and more straightforward.

Cool, I hope the project succeeds!

Sounds like a future successful project. Are you thinking on diving in to defi pools?

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Not sure what the plan is behind token. It could do with some more info to show what it is all about.

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I really like this! But I don't know exactly why ...

If I can figure out why I find this concept particularly appealing, I'll try to post about it.

Amazing. Let the experiments begin

What is the tokenomics of this token?

what benefit I get by holding this token? How can token sustain it's value and price.

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Love it, following this project with great interest.

Wow, this is a very cool idea! I always wondered what Hive would be like if it didn't have the DPoS aspect to it. I imagine rewards will still follow big stakes? (The more POB you have, the more your vote is worth,right) In this sense,there would be a selection bias from the start, but this is unavoidable considering the nature of brains, so PoB from the ground up 😊

I'm really interested in seeing where this goes.

In this sense,there would be a selection bias from the start, but this is unavoidable considering the nature of brains, so PoB from the ground up 😊

That was my thinking as well. No perfect way to launch something like this. Looks like things are off to a good start, though.

This is a very interesting approach to add value to the blockchain. Hope to watch this take off in the next few months!

It seems an interesting concept, in particular this way of rewarding publications at first sight seems more democratic than the one applied in Hive.

I like it!

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I find the way the token is distributed and the philosophy behind it very interesting. I will keep an eye on the following publications to find out more about the project.

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I just tried to vote on another post but since I don't have any tokens it didn't work. And since I can't buy any I have to wait for @proofofbrainio to upvote my comments so I can earn some. Is that correct?

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Alright @proofofbrainio. Then, ProofOfBrain me some PoB upvoting this comment too, to test if I can distribute your token further like @gillianpearce is expecting. };)

Will be waiting to get some #POB after a week

I like the progressive concept of POB tribe. I will be participating as well.

Was hoping that I could buy but there are no sell orders in H-E.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to mining some and use it to curate as well.

Could there be a better community
Of valued writers in the blockchain?
There's not, for I see opportunity!
Let's all hail the great Proof of Brain.

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Sorry I found this post today...
I have delegated some HP to the account but still the POB delegation did not reach my wallet... is it still possible?

wish I caught this 3 months ago! the comments on this are epic

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