Combining Proofofbrain with another work

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Writing a truthful, and sincerity post like this is needed some time.
PoB is not actually something difficult to do, but most time is not that easy for those who combine it with another work either schooling or office work and also for people who have goals.

Most of the time, I will get exhausted, after having class for the whole day, trying to get something to eat, and on getting home I will try to do somethings in other to make the day a complete one.

Definition of terms

Combine: Put together two or more task at time or in a day.

PoB: Have defined it in my last post ( showing your writing skills and knowledge to get rewarded)

Another Work: It just getting an extra work together with the present one.

Combining PoB with another work

When I was about to sleep, here came my goal, my target, my aim, my objective beating very fast in my heart.
I'm exhausted though but I still have to charge myself like a phone battery to wipe away those stress stored on my brain.

Getting a good post

Sat down, I couldn't think that much because I need to write what will benefit the community, so to get a certain PoB I need for that day. I preferred to write about my day or something going through my mind.
Started writing, editing after jotting down that's what I do, I first jot down and later cross check for edition before posting, I don't know if anyone does? Or feel the way I felt?

Helpful Aspect

I think this has been helping me to manage my time, the usability and durability.
And to plan the day ahead, when you plan the day ahead you will try much as possible to meet it up for the day because the plan for the day will be ringing in your heart.

Thanks for reading. @psalm111

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Honestly it is not really easy to combime both. Like me what i mostly do is to be forming my write up while in office working and once i get back home from office i post. But regarding comment it is only at night i try as much as possible to ready some beautiful and meaningful write up just like this and give my comment

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