Letter to proofofbrain (A beginners guide proposal)

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might not have been well familiar with other platforms ,but I can only talk for the proofofbrain community which have spent most of my time this days ,it is not that am not familiar with other tribe,but my point of interest and focus as been on proofofbrain

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have been vitcim of alot of things like the spamintor due to the level of less knowledge and understanding about how things works in the community when I newly joined,aside this lot of users today are vitcim of one offence or the other and they are now facing the penalty attached to it,even without having adequate knowledge about how they get themselves into the mess

I must say this, am not trying to dictates even though am a new users, yes am a new user cause am just a month and some days old and with this time have spent on the platform have seen alot of things and get well educated on how things works in the platform, especially the rules and regards that guide each user's.

I strongly proposed that @proofofbrain should create an avenue in which we will have a beginners guide just to help every user's coming into the community newly,to me I think this will help every user's to get more knowledge and understanding irespective of what they have heard or read before joining the Platform.

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many today are vitcim of the hivewatchers not really because they want to engage in any act of plagrism or abusing of tags which as really lead them into it ,the fact that we have some that a fraudster too should not be overlooked,but with a guide to englighten every new users,it will be well said that user's as been educated even after they now go ahead to voilet the laws.

All the above statement or words are just my view and opinion alone and to me this is my letter to @proofofbrain( A beginners guide)

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I put together a list of articles on our discord that outlines things beginners can do when first arriving on HIVE or POB. I'll reference them here now:

People new to hive can also access information found at the newbies-guide:

The information is out there. The easiest front-ends to do searches comes through PeakD or Ecency at this time.

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I'm totally on that! @calumam, @amr008, etc, take a look on that.

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You certainly are right. Coming into the Hive and being able to navigate all the options as a newbie is quite hard. That's the more reason engagement is a priority to help us learn a lot from others by reading their posts and learning from what they do.

I fully support the guide for newbies and I'm sure it'll be really be helpful. I'm sure @proofofbrainio already put that in place because I've read articles relating to that.

I'm glad I go to read this, you're always as insightful as ever

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I am also a new user I haven't experienced such but I wouldn't want to either so I believe it should fly, because in every intake there are newbies who for some really eager to hit the ground running are just as naive on the platform but really want to make a contribution, so I believe it should fly

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I mentioned this anyways, when I was part of the newbies initiatives.

In one of the task we were given to state our experience and also state challenges, I raised such a question.

I have had a random downvote without knowing where it came from. But I can say that I have been victim of so many things even as a newbie.

I really I wish that you get a satisfying response.


wow it is just as if we were thinking together this is very close to what i just posted now and i directed my petition to the top members here, as you have said there should be a beginner guide so as to guide the new members but even more than that i think there should be a category for admins and moderators live we have the sportstalksocial and proofofbrain ctp leofinaance i think a category also should be designed for admin and moderators where everyone communicate so as to solve any issue and we can also vote and comment there also and we can even earn there is just a suggestion, from my own point of view i think it will grow this community it is becoming wider and bigger.

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