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RE: What Happens in Your Brain when you feel Appreciated

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Feel free to use more POB-related tags.

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😊Thank you for your support and encouragement @regenerette. Pls may i know the other POB related tags

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Look in POB, there are a few articles about that or create your own. I usually use #proofofbrain #pob and my own related to the content

In order to earn POB you have to use #proofofbrain. A post with #pob only cannot earn POB. Nevertheless, using other tags as well helps to categorize content and makes it easier to find.

Any post with POB can earn POB if it brings in valuable content.

no, only posts with #proofofbrain will be picked up by ScotBot to be rewarded with POB tokens. Take this post (random find) as an example, it has #pob but not #proofofbrain and therefore won't earn any POB as you can see here.

I don't care about any bot. I care for the votes people are offering after reading and engaging with the text I am offering.Make a clear difference so I can understand why you think that texts without #proofofbrain, posted in won't get reward...and what type of rewards are you talking about, specifically? I need to understand you point of view.

Ok, I'll do that now. Thank you so much @regenerette

You're welcome!