What does it mean to be unvaccinated today? Macron makes his intentions clear for France

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The unjabbed people of France will from the 1st of Aug no longer be permitted to enter bars, clubs, restaurants, public transport & shopping centres over a certain size, and the above photo may well be the last one I ever take in a French beach club with my children. Macron talked in his speech about the importance of freedom, explaining that as an alternative to the 'vaccine passport' (known here as a health passport) the unjabbed can still present an up-to-date PCR test upon entry. The small print catch however is that PCR tests are no longer free in France, now costing anywhere from €50-€120 a pop and they must be updated every 72h.

Anyone working in the medical industry must get jabbed immediately or face losing their job.

There has been a huge pushback from the people of France with protests erupting in every major city this weekend.

Take a look at the above timelaspe in Paris, which looks arguably like more than the few thousand it was described as. Could it even be a million?

Many of the protesters were vaccinated but they were still there to show their support because they do not believe it should be forced on people in this way. It is after all a dangerous medical experiment (which the Nuremberg Code is very clear about) so manipulating people to take it is a flagrant use of power and nothing short of evil.

That being said you can expect your government to soon impose on you something similar, if indeed you are not already experiencing the manipulation in another way.

To give you a quick example, my friends in Indonesia are currently getting jabbed or packing up their bags to head back to their home countries because you can no longer enter this archipelago without a 'vaccine passport', while you can (for now) still leave. If you are rich this doesn't apply to you because diplomats & large business owners are permitted to fly into Indonesia without vaccine passports, coz yeah, covid doesn't affect the rich.

While over in the UK it was announced a few days ago that from Sept, PCR tests will no longer be enough to enter clubs or "crowded spaces", reserving such pleasures for the vaccinated only. Anyone with half a brain can sense this is just the beginning of a division which will continue to expand out from here.


Food is the ultimate control

The unjabbed people of France can for now still access a limited number of smaller sized food shops, but how long will it be before the fear levels are jacked up to the point where we are denied access to this most important aspect of our weekly shopping? I will hazard a guess at around six months. It will happen in the winter when the food shortages have begun and the government is 'forced' to offer rationed food only to those who have been jabbed.

At this point it will be too late to start a garden.

So I think you already know what I recommend you get on with during the limited freedom available to you this Summer. If you are unable to get seeds in the ground, make contact with local food producers. Stock up on tinned & dry foods at home and why not have a go at growing your own microgreens which are a simple and fast way to increase your daily nutrition?

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 11.24.07.png

The Invisible Wall

If you are not already aware of what the fourth industrial revolution means I suggest you look it up because you will soon have to make a choice between two worlds. The jabbed will be permitted access to all the frills of this supposed revolution while the unjabbed will not.

Even now there is an invisible wall growing between these two groups because so many humans are living in absolute fear at this time and being around people who are not in fear makes them feel uncomfortable.

As an example, we live in a village of 300 people in the south of france (where not a single person has contracted covid) and just this weekend I mentioned to a vaccinated neighbour that Esteban had kept me up the previous night with a cough. She asked if we had tested him for covid and I responded honestly that we had not. I mentioned that the inventor of the PCR test himself said that it was not an appropriate tool to find viruses, but she didn't seem interested in this. She asked if I would be vaccinating or isolating my family and again I responded honestly that I would not. Because it's just a cough! She appeared highly concerned by my words and it turned out that later in the day she reported me to the village mayor! Thankfully our mayor chose to not take any action, but I am left with the distinct impression that this lady now sees my family and I as the enemy. So there we have it. A total lack of logic persists amongst the fearful.


Medical Industry Waking

At a wedding last weekend I met a nurse who told me around 40% of medical staff are currently quitting their jobs because they won't take the jab. Indeed, if any group of people are in a position to see this fraud, it is them. On the flip-side however this will do nothing good to the french medical system this winter when 'flu season' hits.

Over on decentralised video platforms I am seeing more and more doctors & nurses speak out. Even the inventor of the mRNA jab is vocalising his disgust at the way in which his untested technology is being pushed on people. He is obviously a naive man because he was confused when his YouTube videos were deleted and didn't understand why everyone was suddenly advising him to hire personal security. Indeed, pesky voices such as his tend to be silenced quickly, as the inventor of the PCR test found out shortly after he started calling Fauci a fraud.

Further to this I am getting more and more calls from people around the world who have made contact with doctors and nurses offering fake vaccine passports. They just run you through the system and do everything except the injection, for a price. So don't lose hope! There are many more awake people than the media would have you believe and perhaps you may yet sail around the world as you once intended.

Personally I don't care about access to shops or restaurants and I don't care about public transport or planes any more. I am exactly where I need to be with exactly the right skills to do what must be done. In time others will join us because here in the french pyrenees food grows in abundance and it will be easy to disappear off the beaten track while the world finds its equilibrium.

As always I offer you the chance to join my family & I on our mission to live freely in these mountains. Just drop me a line at harmonicfuture44@protonmail.com

It is apricot season at the moment and we have dried a bunch already. Later today we will be making jam!

Love & Light everyone 🌱



The small print catch however is that PCR tests are no longer free in France, now costing anywhere from €50-€120 a pop and they must be updated every 72h.

These tests were not free even in Hungary.

Anyone working in the medical industry must get jabbed immediately or face losing their job.

This is the same in Hungary.

This COVID-19 thing is a straight business and a worldwide human experiment.

Same. The tests aren't free in Indonesia. There are three types of test with the PCR test as the expensive one. Not to mention, these days if people wants to use train or plane service, they have to either show a vaccination card, a paper mentioning their workplace, and statement why they are traveling. If they are can't show the vaccination card, they must provide a paper from a specialist that list the reason why the person can't get the jab. And it's also the same where people in the medical industry must get jabbed or face losing the job. But here it also extended to businesses and now schools.

Very much appreciate the direct update from Indonesia. I had not heard about the extension to businesses & schools. That's tough. But not at all unexpected. Every government of the world will use every trick in the book to get us to take this.

My mom works at a retail store and was asked to get the jab. However, she was not legible to get the jab and thankfully her boss was okay with it. Now, they are rolling vaccination to schools and universities. Indonesia is still waiting for more clarity on the vaccination rules because there are plenty unvaccinated. and what I don't like is how people seem to say " Get the jab" while actually not all people can get the jab due to medical reasons nor there is vaccine for people with comorbidity. I know some family members and neighbor who died after getting the jab and that was because they weren't upfront about their comorbidity or even know their own health status. Then later on, the cause of death is their comorbidity instead of post-vaccine incident.

I know some family members and neighbor who died after getting the jab

Deeply sorry for your loss. Be in no doubt my friend, this is a cull. And the true effect of this jab is not yet known. Though I think we will find out in the next six months...

It is the same in Greece too. A cheap trick to lure the people to the jabs.

I hypothesise that it is actually not an experiment at all. More likely the experimenting was done a long time ago in secret so they know exactly what it will do to people. Things like this are not left to chance.

The COVID-19 virus exists since 2019. Or at least this is what we currently know. If this is true, then there was no time to properly experiment with the vaccines.

The truth and what we are told publicly are two things which are not normally connected. Perhaps never even. Slaves only get told what they need to know.

Very disturbing first hand testimony.

I heard that a lot of former military officers were calling for a coup against Macron.

France seems ripe for another revolution.

Honestly I had lost hope in France's ability to stand up for itself until I saw this timelapse. My perspective on this country is however not at all an accurate one as it has been years since I last visited a city. Here in the sticks there is no chance for a revolution. Most people are sleepwalking their way through life, addicted to their daily television programming which keeps them behaving like good obedient slaves.

Definitely guillotine time. You can't look at those protests and still claim to have the consent of the governed.

Not sure if they really care about having the consent of the governed? They are more interested in a system of governance which cannot be overthrown.

Keeps the police and military obedient though. You spend decades drilling democracy into them at school, you want to make sure you can convince them you still have 'the consent of the governed', or they're going to depose you and hold elections.

I see what you mean now. It's basically a mind trick which keeps us believing we are part of an enormous group who all want the same thing. While we uphold this belief we will uphold the status quo.

As always I offer you the chance to join my family & I on our mission to live freely in these mountains. Just drop me a line....

I really like seeing these invitations on your posts and I thank you for continuing to make them. If I do decide to leave the UK (can't say when), I would do so on four wheels and with my dog. I'd be aiming to return to Portugal and would most certainly consider passing by your beautiful corner for a visit: perhaps longer stay, perhaps complete escape - who knows :D.

Meanwhile, I guess, don't be 'innocent' in your interactions with the villagers, for anything dropped will likely be used to punchkick - as you discovered with Mrs Goody-Tattletale :(.

Amazing times...whuda thunk even a fraction of this shit eh :D

Your four wheels and dog would be most welcome here any time! How could I not open my arms to this awesome community? The first person by the way I think will be arriving shortly! I will post about it once she is here.

You may perhaps even be able to persuade us to follow you to Portugal? While I do intend to build a community here in the french pyrenees, I still intend to move further south once that is done and repeat the process somewhere else.

As you say... Amazing times!

We knew what we were signing up for when we chose these bodies ;)

Thanks SSH :)

Nice you got #1....first step always seems to be the biggest!

Apart from the kind of fertility that you describe where you are, the thing I really liked about my stay in the Algarve was a sense of gentleness and general lack of aggression. The area's also full of different communities as you prob. know.

Yo and how! What we musta considered ourselves capable off-form and pre-birth huh :D


There's a bill in New York similar to this being presented. It's on @geneeverett page..


It’s a bit different but just as authoritarian. This is fucked. There signaling lockdowns again. I thought it would be winter. Oh btw u might find this helpful also.


I would say it is the same playbook world-over, adjusted a little to fit each country. Thanks for the links.

Save those apricot kernels...we used to sell them but the nz gov banned them because they are an effective remedy for cancer and a few other profitable conditions

Sabrina mentioned this one to me when I first started picking the apricots a few years ago. I have saved them, though I am yet to meet a person with cancer who hasn't been completely conditioned to the idea that such things can't possibly work. Sabrina's mum is actually one of them and you can be sure she will only ever take the super expensive chemo pills which are slowly killing her.

Crazy that such things are banned by governments. Hard not to feel angry about this world sometimes!

I used to eat them like almonds when I was bagging them up, but its best to keep them limited to about 20 a day apparently...b17 overdose!

The best option for unvaxxed is still living offgrid and growing their own food.

covid doesn't affect the rich.

Oh yeah, and their farts are made of disinfectants and antivirals! 🤣

haha ;) Sweet smelling farts!

And yes, off-grid is the only way now.

Thanks for the information.

Reblog and !BEER

Thanks for the beer!

Exactly @samstonehill , we create our own food/infrastructures...

You know it!

And frankly, there is nothing more fun than this ;)

And it tastes sooo much better with your own love,that you
put in the veggies!😀 😉

Just moved to Liberstad Norway .. to escape this nonsense , .. we must build on this free places and make them grow in numbers ... and stay connected or even combine our strength .

Have some amazing info to spread .


Have you made contact with @movingman? I believe he just made it back there after some time away.

My only side note about Liberstad is that you will experience long extreme winters as the grand solar minimum deepens. It will be harder and harder to grow enough food to get you through the rest of the year, so greenhouses or some way of extending your growing season will become imperative. Enjoy the ride my friend and thanks for the link to the doc which by chance I already saw the other day. Very interesting stuff.

I made the journey up north with movingman .. 😉


And yes there are plans to put up many greenhouses . There is a very long " to do " list and not many people actually living here right now . Lot's of members and support do . And i think the whole plandamic is for now working against us but in the end it will make people take the step to move here more easy .
Who knows , in a few years we will make longboats again to raid the English coasts , or to trade goods with community's in warmer places ;-) .

I believe we should not be obligated to do something we are not convinced of; that is nonsense.

Absolutely right.

very worrisome development, this has to be overthrown peacefully!

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That would certainly be a great outcome!

I think if we take and use their tyrannical passport system, even if ours is secretly fake, we are giving it power and consent. We should never ever use that system, or freedom is lost, and will take a long time and much sacrifice to regain. Resist it at all costs, please! The more of us who comply, the sooner our defense falls.
Very sad to see the mandates happening/coming. And you are very right about using this summer to stock up on food. I am making moves right now to change the game for my family. Not a move to a rural homestead, unfortunately, but progress nonetheless. :) And the rest of the summer/fall will be about growing, harvesting, and storing food.

We should never ever use that system

This is a really good point and I can see why you would think this way. And you are right of course! But how, oh how, to get all the fearful people of the world (who think they can get back to normal by accepting this) to say no to it?

It fills me up with warmth and smiles knowing there is a new focused energy within your household around food. Doesn't matter that neither of us have achieved our perfect situation yet, the important thing is the enjoyment of the journey towards it ;)

I guess you know what you're doing already but there are some decent books (available to download for free) in my @survival-archive account.

By the way, thanks for handing out so many votes to the commenters here!

No prob, glad to.
I'll browse your archive account tomorrow, thanks Sam! Have a good night (probably your day).

Thanks for this very informative blog Sam. Gives me hope again. This is my other account btw as my other account has been compromised (@pandamama) Would appreciate a follow

Sorry to hear you lost that account. Have followed the new one!

Sending hugz x

Thanks so much Sam - I'm still using the old account but watching very carefully for any foul play. Appreciate your following the new account

I don't get it? If you still have access you can regenerate your keys, meaning that no one but you will be able to access it, even if they broke into your account in the past.

I don't get it? If you still have access you can regenerate your keys, meaning that no one but you will be able to access it, even if they broke into your account in the past.

Problem is I don't have my master key so I can't change my password. So, you are saying I don't have to worry because it does look like no one is accessing my account now.

That is the master key for @pandamama

Well, if someone else has your master key, it certainly isn't worth the risk of putting any money in there. Can't you just click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page and enter the email address associated with your account to change your password? Thinking about it, am not sure if this permits you to change your master password, but this is certainly worth a try! There must surely be a way?

Jack told me there is no way without a master key. I'm keeping an eye on the money and transferring to the other account but I've made a lot of friends on my old account - so hanging on and putting up a blog now and then.

Yeah all those craczy conspiracies are coming true! They can have there old world, we're creating our own, happy to be right there with you my friend. And yes, grow grow xxx

Yes indeed, those who heard the call are busy creating new worlds now, all in their own beautiful way.

How are you getting on looking for land there? xx

That timelapse does not show even remotely near a million people. To put a million people into perspective, the entire population of Paris in 2019 was 2.161 million.

The AP article I read on this subject suggested there were around 100K protesters over the entirety of France :

Over 100,000 people protested across France on Saturday against the government’s latest measures to push people to get vaccinated and curb rising infections by the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Another article written about past protests in France (it was an old article about protest strikes in France) pointed out how difficult it is to accurately count a protest:

It is true that I have no experience at all with putting accurate numbers to crowds. As a filmmaker I do have keen eye however and what I noticed were the numerous side roads which were also packed full of people yet the cameraman chose not to go down them. My point is that we didn't even see the full scale of this protest. The only way of course would be looking down from the air. With a lovely high resolution photo ideally. If only I had been there with my drone this is what I would have provided for you! Alas, we make do with what we have and make estimates the best we can. That being said, 100,000 across the whole of france is a joke to me. Not a chance.

The reason for this is because of the health issue that the whole world is facing. But nevertheless the PCR should not be collected with cost that is high as this if not free.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

The world is facing a problem but it has very little to do with health and more to do with wealth! Only the rich will be free.

The inventor of the “medical jab” as you call it…what’s his name? I’d be interested in his take on the matter.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Dr. Robert Malone

Thank you very much. Oh yes, his concerns are logical and valid. https://www.totalhealth.co.uk/blog/are-people-getting-full-facts-covid-vaccine-risks

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Interesting read. These words in particular took my attention:

Public Health has a self-assigned 'right to lie'... and once the right to lie exists it serves the purposes of the pharmaceutical companies.

Very well put.


Love you @cuddlekitten

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