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90% (staked) rewards from this article are assigned to @insight.pob. It's my analysis, but it's his content I'm evaluating.

The POB Street project is a positive light for the community. It allows members to address daily topics and express their Insight, opinions, and concerns. The project, created by @insight.pob and @onealfa.pob, enables us to discuss problems within the community and their potential solutions.

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This article intends to discuss potential improvements to the POB Street initiative. The goal is to present a potentially different format for these discussions that may help guide the community more efficiently. It's essential to look back at what you do to see if the model you utilize for content creation remains viable as time progresses.



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After discussions on the POB Street project with Insight.pob, we agreed to create a different version for his review, approval, or implementation where applicable.

While the analysis of this project is my own, the content within it is not. It is my interpretation and review of work already created by someone else.

Due to this fact, I assigned 90% (staked) of all rewards of this article to @Insight.pob. 10% of awards is automatically assigned to proofofbrainio for community development.


Opinion Drives Growth

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We develop our opinion of an author's perspective while we read an article. We respond to the author by either voting, commenting, or both. The views we have about the piece can further drive engagement in the community. I've had some great conversations with people through the comment section. It keeps me engaged, and, more likely than not, I'll follow along with the author for any new updates.

However, articles that tap the community for information and insight may find their jobs more difficult. The POB Street initiative relies on community engagement. When I read through a new article, I'm there to learn the community's opinions. It's the comments I curate more than anything.


Presentations Make or Break

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@Insight.pob began the POB Street project on September 1, 2021. I felt it served as a wake-up call of sorts. It allows people to address community issues, and it is an intelligent approach to community topics people want to discuss. It also speaks volumes that @onealfa.pob supports the initiative. I take his support seriously as an earlier article of his had a significant impact on my curation efforts.

Over time, it's crucial to re-evaluate any project to determine if it requires modification or dissolution. I have seen projects fail IRL because the people managing it did not adjust to the change in times. In these cases, I found that two contributing factors to that failure included, but were not limited to, new users and the presentation or transfer of knowledge. While I could write about these issues ad infinitum, it's best to focus on the presentation.

One thing missing from the POB Street initiative is the creator's interpretation of the content over time:

  • #1: Are the questions presented useful?
  • #2: Is the engagement worthwhile?
  • #3: What topics did the community recommend?
  • #4: What is the priority of the community's recommendations?
  • #5: What period of time is the presenter reviewing?

The author should also provide a viewing of the articles discussed. The following section provides an example.


Presentation Changes

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  1. Title: Try changing the title to something specific about the topic. It may draw a greater crowd than just adding "POB STREET WITH ONEALFA 22-10-21 #51". You could include the edition number inside the article.
  2. Article Rules/Rewards: Try consolidating the rules to take up less space.
  3. Article Review: Consider providing a listing of past articles the community can review. It's possible people don't follow your work regularly, or they haven't had time. It would benefit the author and the community to have something readily available that discusses past topics. Please refer to the example below:
20-10-21What is our fate in the future as POB holders?
What would be our gain in the future as POB stakers?
21-10-21What do you not like in the Proof of Brain Community?
What are you not satisfied with in the Proof of Brain Community?
22-10-21Can POB partner with other Hive tokens?

Consider speaking about your point of view on prior articles. Did the community respond as you expected? Have any project ideas come up that appear worth developing or, at least, considered for future development?

Most importantly, should you choose to implement any of these changes, you must consider the impact on your time. Higher levels of interpretation require more significant amounts of time. You have to consider how these changes will affect your personal life. Content creators lose their motivation too.


Purpose of this Message

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I believe in your efforts here. I want your work to withstand the test of time. Pose a question, and people will answer you honestly, but take care to monitor the questions asked and the answers that the community gives.

Change isn't always a bad thing. We should all take an opportunity to see if the community can improve upon the things we do.

Perhaps nothing in this article can aid you, or you can employ something here that would work. Regardless, I do my part to see things improve. The rest, my friend, is up to you.


In Closing

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Thank you for taking the time to read my recommendations on the POB Street project. If you like this article, please consider upvoting and following @scholaris!

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#pobstreet has made me more dedicated to proofofbrain community and has made feel like this community is made for me linking us with the powerful ones in pob community one of my greatest dream I wished for the day I first joined proofofbrain community.

Record retention is also important. We have to keep track of the topics we address. I think this is an area where we can improve.

Thank you @insight.pob for creating this #pobstreet

perfectly said by you, i have been thinking to improve things but outside of pob, i'm quite busy this days, i still have alot to discuss with @onealfa.pob so as to improve things in the pobstreet initiative.

this article will make the work more easier for me, thank you for the support and also thanks to every faithful member of pobstreet for every suggestions and comments and thanks to @onealfa.pob for the support and dedication to the community.

and for those that are suggesting topics and give quality comments, your good deeds are noticed, and there will be compensation, cooking some things ones the idea is ready you will be rewarded.

I'm glad you like the recommendations. Just remember to pace yourself. Wealth is a marathon, not a race. It appears like a race for those that are looking in. Remember that. You've got to have a plan to withstand the future or significant resources that can help plan for you.

Since you have written this article about POBstreet, I would like to add on here by saying that the post requires some visual changes as well. It needs to be more appealing to new audience. Those who see it everyday have kind of understood the format but those who are new to it, it's not very legible. It needs to have some more in terms of look and feel of the content.

@insight.pob is doign a great job and has come too far too soon. I reall appreciate his efforts and work towards the community.

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Thank you for addressing this point. If it "looks good" it must certainly "be good". I don't agree this that observation, but it is practical.

Steps are not taken on what's was discussed in #pobstreet that's why am sick of suggesting more solution and my view to the community sometimes. Let's work on the past topics till it's implemented

I’ll get back to this comment in a bit.


This is innovative making contributions to the #POB-STREETS under the supervision by @onealfa.pob and @Insights.pob; they both came about with the beautiful contributions essentially to the development in #POB has a community.

Suggestions are distinct and rules are well leading to make every user having a suggestion headings to topic and more to discover about different opinions.

This is a very wonderful post @scholaris I also gained from your act of selfless been the key contribution to the growth of the community.

Cheers to more wisdom in #POB community.🍾🥂

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This idea will give a very nice update to POB STREET

I really believe this will become a kind of guide for many people.

Both are doing a good job for the POB as a whole, they're helping to "clean up". Whether you like it or not, but that's exactly it.


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Change most be a constant thing in other for us to progress.

Thank you @scholaris for creating this review and for all that you do for the greater good of our community.

If we keep this up, we can achieve a community of our dream sooner than later.

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The title:

I sincerely agree. Most of the time I skip the article because of the title. The title should draw us to the content of the post. It's only curiosity that makes me open his posts most times. These are days that I want to know what they are discussing about.

The rules:

Very true, the rules does takes up much space, consolidating them to take less will be great.

Article reviews

A link back to previous discussions is great too. It will help us follow up effectively.

Then finally, evaluation of previous discussion in the new posts is good as well.

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Thank you for your input. I'm glad you concur.

Well, You have said it extravagantly well and your ideas and innovativeness are so excellent and telling by the way you suggested them emphatically, success is sure to be attained.

You're a genius!

Bless up. 👍🏻

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Honestly I shared your opinion as regards the title of the platform and aside that the only effort I think his making right now is to just post for the day and leave with the aim that rewards will come since @onelfa.pob is supporting with massive upvote.

I don't say that is bad, but their should be a little bit of creativity in it too.

As regards your closing remark,I won't just fellow alone,but this needs to be re-blog too

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I think he's trying to make an honest effort. Personally, his comments and discussions with me indicate that he does need to make change, but he's uncertain how to proceed.

Did you know?

Everything insight.pob has been doing was done before in a very similar way by @Calumam when the tribe first started. Cal would also request responses from the community. Community members would comment on their own posts similar to how the respond to insight's questions.

Some similar questions have been asked before. Just like then, people like knowledge23.pob expected proofofbrainio or other whales to pick a project and run with it. I don't know if things actually work that way. On the Hive blockchain, you have to make a proposal to get funding for anything. I would imagine it's the same here. Writing an article isn't the only way to communicate.

The frustration in the community, expressed in these articles aren't really unfounded. @aiuna wrote a post herself expressing her concerns.

What's important about insight.pob's work now is that we have an opportunity to become better organized. In this manner, people who choose can develop a project proposal from the information already discussed. It at least presents a starting point.

Onealfa isn't wrong, however, in his prior discussions about responsiveness from our leader. He needs to be a bit more active in discussing what goes on behind the scenes. I hope he will soon with some of the changes he's working on. One of those ideas has me pretty excited.

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I just joined this community and I hope to get to know more about #pobstreet

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Addendum - I just had a quick look at my upvotea on my comments - they've all been downvoted to zero to...
by the poison dwarf.

No smell off any coffee yet, whaotosever?


Blurt fixes this.

BLURT - where petty tyrants , who have less brain cells than the fingers on one hand, can't dictate your earnings...sounds cool, uh?

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I have to write I really like that platform. The interaction, thusfar, is pretty positive.