Maliciousness from Discord (POB WOTW - S3W21)

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Humanity was broken, yet the essence of the Hive remained. Still, they persisted as like sought like. And when the people of Shinar found others of their odd language, then gathered unto themselves.

The God of Caelum now knew fear.
The host could not survive without the faith.
And faith came from those blindly believing in the word.
The God caused a paradox.
By fracturing the once-whole language he denied
his immortals the opportunity to feast from their faith.

Now, they would have to toil to connect to the endless languages abound. Victory came swift following the fall of the Tower, but it would not last. The ego of humanity, and their bizarre consistent perseverance, would see to that fact.

Deviant Art: Angel in Waiting by captdiablo


Fate is What You Make

Deviant Art: War by Erik Shoemaker

A malicious harmony can exist within our reality. We have free will in what we do, but not in the consequences our actions cause. For, if we have free will, so does everything else.

It is here where discord is born.

Similar to our natural laws, what we choose to do to one thing may cause an equal or greater reaction upon ourselves.

Those of the Shinar, despite their intelligence, failed to acknowledge the risk inherent in their initial challenge. The result was their destruction given Shinar's lack of preparation. The impact was malicious at the onset, but may be harmonious for the people in the long run.

And so it comes to pass that the hive-mind continues to grow despite the acts of those from above. We continue to grow and thrive.

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1ST@mineopolyLacking a Chord of Love140 POB
2ND@amberkashifThe Brain in the chest70 POB
3RD@samsmith1971Cries of Discord50 POB
4TH@chincoculbertNo More Discord30 POB
5TH@kemmybDiscord And Physical Appearance10 POB

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The word for THIS week is MALICIOUS (300 POB)

The word for NEXT week is Frailty (Rewards - 300 POB).

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In Closing

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There's more to this life than our first perceptions. Our actions are based on our first perceptions. Trust your actions, but give your target the benefit of the doubt of possible; Otherwise, your actions may be taken as malicious.

Give respect, when you wish to receive it.
Give treatment to someone as you would in real life.
You will then find that perceived maliciousness
may become actual benevolence.
Immortals fear the hive for good reason.

Thanks to the community for supporting our fellow authors. I look forward to providing more in the future. Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey.

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Thanks for including the #artecency contest that I am hosting! Only 2 days left but the prizes are BIG , so get creative and enter!
40 HBD and 4000 Ecency POINTS for 1st place!

It's always a pleasure to see the contests you're running.

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hi all, I just wanted to mention that I have just received a wonderful 3-month delegation of 100,000 creative coin off the back of a contest that I entered. I honestly don't know what value it gives to authors whom I upvote but it wouldn't hurt to add the creativecoin tag to your WOTW submissions if you want to earn some CCC tokens from my humble curation efforts here within our lovely group of WOTW authors🙏

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out

No problem. Just thought it ties in nicely with the creativity that we see in WOTW :-) By the way, any idea what's happening with My WOTW draft entry is sitting in there and the site is down giving a 503 error. I've tagged @leprechaun already so hoping when he's available next, he may be able to let me know when it will be back up and running. I'm seeing the following "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." but it's been like that for a while now. Do you know if there is anywhere we can see official notice of when sites are going down for scheduled periods?

@themarkymark would you happen to know if there is anywhere we can see the official notice of when sites are going down for scheduled periods and how long they are scheduled to be down? is down at the moment with a 503 error (maintenance and/or capacity issues) but it's been down for a while and I was just wondering how to find out when it is expected to be back up and running (if the issue is maintenance related) ;-) I have a 'selfish' reason lol - my WOTW entry is sitting in my drafts and I can't access it, but I'm sure it would be useful for everyone to be able to access this info ;-)

I don't know that, but theMarkyMark might have that answer if you can give him a ping.

oh dear, still down :-( No response from anyone yet either ...

@leprechaun? Do you know if there are any server issues at this time?

Coincidence or not, I have just tried it again and it's back up ;-)

So, what you're saying is that if there's every problems with servers we only need to invoke his name?

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You should get a prize @scholaris for the story of the people of Shina. Looks like graphic novel material.

Thank you for your efforts to continue pob-wotw and challenge all of us to go beyond our limits. I'm so happy to win this prize just in time.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and for those who said hello to the Greedy Yellow Bird !LUV

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@scholaris, you've been given LUV from @mineopoly.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (3/5)

I'm not sure how it happened myself. I've read through the King James' bible and the Talmud. I've also read through bits of the Koran. Add life experiences and interpretations to the mix and a story started forming.

Between wrong-doings of the different belief systems a new narrative started to form in my mind. And when I read works from Steven Brust, John Milton, and John A. De Vito last week's post took form itself with the Tower of Babel. It's difficult to justify a faith, when so many texts are excluded from "canon". Christianity and Catholicism are no strangers to proclamation of heretical works.

Now, I'm looking for planets within habitable zones. Immortals are made. They don't just exist. In John A De Vito's, the Devil's Apocrypha, he mentions that the host of heaven came into being as a result of either the philosophies or science. It will be fun exploring those possibilities and to see where the story takes me.

The best reads though? The heretical texts like the ones you find in the Gnostic Gospels at the Nag Hammadi Library.

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I went through the Screwtape Letters and that was enough. It's important to take a break and think about what the writer was really trying to say. There is really too much to read and groups of people like to take out of the sacred texts what they want only to suit their purpose.

Discord is not even possible for those who are convinced they are right about things no one knows anything about. Anyway I'm glad you are reading and can see the forest through the trees. Still I can't see much sense in the sentence: "Immortals are made." It just doesn't seen logical to me. As long as there is eternity there is no beginning and no end. That seems like the basic definition of "forever".

The Gospel of Judas almost made my brain explode.

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Immortality seems like nothing more than a concept. You can't exist forever. Everything had some beginning.

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I really don't know @scholaris.pob whether immortality or eternity exist. All I know is the definition of the words.

Eternity - "infinite or unending time."

Immortality - "the ability to live forever; eternal life."

Actually they are not the same words although my brain categorizes them as one. Immortality cannot mean living a long time. It must mean living "forever" or the word wouldn't have "existed".

Immortality seems like nothing more than a concept.

How I feel about these word is a moot point. These words do exist in a physical world of time and space. Human beings must have contemplated a time of eternity and the possibility of immortality. Immortals speaking of eternity and immorality in physical time is a paradox. "Immortals are made" is also a paradox. I can deal with it. I've seen it done in several comic books. Wolverine is the best example I know of a man made immortal. I'm not sure if he really is a man at that point though. But that's another story.

I have participated in 8 rounds so far. This is the first time I could get a position in top 3. I am so happy for this. The way the contest has been becoming competitive each passing round, getting the name in top 5 is becoming tougher but it is also bringing improvement in the blogs.

Thanks for this wonderful contest. It is the one I have never missed since I found about it and I don't ever want to miss it.

Happy Monday! Have a nice day! ⚘

You did really well and you jumped right into the winner's row. Congratulations. We've got two more week's left until the bonus round. It will be at least double the rewards and challenge.

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Thank you so much, sir.

Finres crossed for the next rounds. More powers to you and the team. 🌷

Thank you @scholaris. The weekly grading is really useful as feedback and guides me constantly towards improvement. Congrats to everyone who entered and all those who placed and a big shout out to @mieneopoly for another win. Well deserved!

Would you mind clarifying this: "In time, we will expand this grading to include cross-posts within the contest window". Just trying to work out what it means lol. maybe it's just me and I'm being slow tonight😄
Onwards to "malicious" 😊

What I want is to heavily grade the authors on how they engage with other authors and commentators in the contest including their own article. Engagement is a key to growth in Hive.

What I can only do right now, however, is grade authors on how they engage in their own posts.

aha, so what was being discussed last week then 😊💗I wholeheartedly agree with this. It will keep bringing us closer as a community and provide relevant and meaningful input to each others writings.

Engagement is one of the things I have yet to fully employ. It’s coming though. Everyone’s grades are stabilizing. We need to shake things up. There’s one more criteria I have yet to deploy, but I have to wait.

Sounds exciting! New challenges are always welcome👏

Great, it's awesome to have the winners once more, the perspective for last week was totally different. Felt like a homophone of a sort. Many wrote discord as an application, while many others as a disagreement of a sort. It was totally exciting.

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Nice one @scholaris, you're really taking this contest to a whole new level.

Is that my name I see on the winners list?..came as a surprise to me. Congrats to all the winners, especially @mineopoly, the greedy yellow bird really is greedy after all, lol.

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Oh it’s your name alright. Also, after last week, the yellow bird stands apart now with 4 first place wins. That wasn’t an easy feat.

It sure isn't , good one for the yellow bird, I'm starting to love the color yellow more now.

Thank you for continuing this initiative

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This is a good contest for the POB community. I am not really good at making a long and elaborate post, but if I could come up with some ideas I would gladly join the contest.
congrats for all the winner

I wasn't either. You'll never know unless you try!

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Thanks @scholaris for the work you put in to keep this contest going on. We appreciate you and your team! Good job!

Congrats to all winners and all participants. Feels good to see my name up there.

No more DISCORD... Let's tackle the MALICIOUS! Hehe, interesting! 🙂

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Great job done as always by @scholaris, i was able to go up a bit from 22 on #POB-WOTW Hive to 23 on Discord.

Congrats to the yellow greedy bird, for maintaining your first position.
Lets see what i got for malicious!

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Thank you and great job yourself. I look forward to reading your work on malicious.

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Hi there @scholaris.pob, @scholaris now i decided to reform my posting style a bit and not tag you on the post itself, pls do not forget it XD, this is my post, I decided to voice out envy and malicious people as itself, and talked a bit more deeply about it, hope you like it :).

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I have it recorded. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for consider my post to the contest :D <3

Hello @scholaris, I just posted my entry for the pob word of the week. Thank you. 🙂

I've got your entry boss. You're good to go. Thank you for participating in this week's contest.

@scholaris here is the link to my submission for this week pobwotw

Bravo!!!👏🏻 Verrrryyy good.👍🏻

Maliciousness is indeed based on our perceptions and it is a very natural trait in all humans, It just depends on the individual. We have the choice to let it control us or we control it and probably kill it.

This was very insightful and helpful.

Well said.🔥

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Thanks so much for organizing this week’s contest.
Good to see our winners and a big congratulations to them all. They really did their best
Not bad for us too. We continue to strive

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You're very welcome. I'm glad everyone's enjoying the contest. I'll keep pushing things forward.

Congratulations to all the participants who give their best every week to be mentioned in the long-awaited publication at the end of the contest, it really is an excellent job that Mr. @scholaris, is doing together with his team of specialists, all of them must receive honors for your perseverance and dedication. Let's continue making this community a comfortable, original and quality place.

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Excellent initiative @scholaris! I started a little while ago but I have improved weekly, very interesting contest.

I look forward to your next article.

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Congratulations to the winners

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Nice one.

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Interesting message keep it up

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I will win the game soon,but I will put more effort

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Bravo!!!👏🏻 Verrrryyy good.👍🏻

Maliciousness is indeed based on our perceptions and it is a very natural trait in all humans, It just depends on the individual. We have the choice to let it control us or we control it and probably kill it.

This was very insightful and helpful.

Well said.🔥

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