Salvation & Solitude (POB WOTW)

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Paradise exists in many forms. You could be spending an eternal moment where you were your happiest or have heavenly beauties surround you after a lifetime of service. Paradise, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Yet, sometimes, we wish for a paradise specific to our needs. Perhaps our ideal time will be to spend it with your friends, companions, or confidants. Imagination is the limit to your ideals. More often than not, however, solitude may be what you seek in a hectic world of decisions and dreams. A time alone to your thoughts might be what the heavens prescribed.

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1ST@samsmith1971Home before the leaves fall...65 POB
2ND@shubhwajCompanions Are Indispensable And Friends Are The Best Companions25 POB
3RD@mineopolyWill You Join Me?20 POB
4TH@kevinnag58Man's Best Friend - POB-WOTW - Companion10 POB
5TH@melbourneswestCompanion5 POB

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Top 10 Authors843 POB
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NameReasonAmount (POB)
@nonsowritesGrading Assistance, User Engagement100 POB
@amr008.pobAutomation Maintenance & Development1000 POB (delegation from @calumam)


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  • Necromancy
  • Bungee jumping without a bungee
  • Admitting to liking Cyborg 2
  • Violation of the bonus round rule
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  • This week's contest starts 22/08/21 @ 00:00 UTC
  • This week's contest ends 29/08/21 @ 00:00 UTC

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The word for THIS week is SOLITUDE

The word for NEXT week is Hive.


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  • You can't use synonyms to discuss solitude.


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Paradise exists in many forms. You could be spending an eternal moment where you were your happiest or have heavenly beauties surround you after a lifetime of service. Paradise, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Powerful and truthful words, for the beginning of this post! I thank you for the shout-out on my contest, and appreciate both your friendship, and support.

(And awesome banners you made! 😉)

!LUV @tipu curate !WINE

I'm glad for promoting your contest. I wish it the best of luck. Thank you as well for the support.

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@scholaris, you've been given LUV from @wesphilbin.

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Thanks so much for including the Shadow Hunters Contest in your contest list! It is a fun contest where everyone can express their creativity. It is not a photography contest, everyone can join!

You're very welcome. Thank you for hosting that very interesting contest.

First off, thank you so very much @scholaris , @nonsowrites and @amr008.pob ! I am humbled that my short story - fiction piece for "companion" WOTW was worthy of 1st place this week. I poured a lot of love and thought into it, so it feels quite special. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to read it and those who may now give it visit :-) Congrats to all the entrants and other winners. Consistency of effort really does pay off. I have been quite busy this week, away for a long weekend last weekend and then spending time with my dad who has finally moved over to the UK from South Africa. I only just got my entry in this week, but it was my top priority yesterday :-) I have not had a chance to read everybody's submissions as yet but plan to do this over the next day or two as the quality and content is always fantastic and I definitely do not want to miss out. A quick question on the Solitude bonus it says normal WOTW rules apply which implies we have to use the word solitude in our submission, but then the bonus round rule states you can't use the word in the submission. Are you looking for one normal WOTW submission and a bonus round submission this week or is it just one submission and we are not allowed this week to use the word solitude? I think you mean the latter but just wanted to clarify 😂

You poured a lot of love into it and we noticed.

Congratulations to you

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Thank you so much my friend; finally cracked a 1st! woo hoo... My wish is for everyone who enters to get placed at least once. So much effort goes into all these submissions each week. That is very evident as they mostly make very enjoyable and thoughtful reads :-)

Yes oo, you made it and I am happy to see that. Do enjoy the rest of the week. Looking forward to read from you on the next WOTW

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Congratulations! You can write whatever you want about solitude for the WOTW contest.

If you want your article to qualify for the bonus round you just have to follow two simple rules:

  • The one article you're allowed must not use the word solitude.
  • You can't use synonyms for solitude.

ok I think I got it, so still only one article on Solitude but if we use the word solitude or one of it's synonyms in the article then the article ONLY qualifies for WOTW contest, but if we don't use the word solitude or any of it's synonyms then that single article will qualify for BOTH WOTW contest and the bonus round?

That's right. So, if someone takes the #1 spot next week AND wins the bonus round, then the rewards will be:

  • 100 POB Bonus Rewards
  • XX POB for the #1 spot
  • Article rewards for the WOTW contest.

However, if you get disqualified from the Bonus round, you're also disqualified from the WOTW contest.

Gotcha! This is going to be fun😆

I think so. If my mathiness is correct, the rewards go up if no bonus entries appear, but so does the difficulty.

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@scholaris I actually put in an entry, for the last POB-WOTW it seems what I don't know went wrong because vi can't find my entry here. 😀

Nevertheless I'm gonna see what my brain tells me about solitude and salvation.

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Damn. I’m sorry about that. Did you use the #pob-WOTW tag when you posted or did you edit your article after posting to add the tag.

Did you use the new platform?

I’m trying to determine why this happened. I never saw your name in the data tables.

Wait. When did you submit the article? If you submitted it after Sunday at midnight UTC hours then I stopped looking because I was finished with the contest posting.

Tag me on your next article. I’ll make sure it gets in.

I didn't edit to add. I posted with the tag, but it's okay.

Congratulations to all the winners, be proud of the work you have done, and the merit is reason to continue and stay active to achieve the goal. thank you @scholaris good job that the blessing of GOD be with you and the whole team. by #pob-wotw

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Congratulations to the winners 🎉👍🥂😊. From Campanion to Solitude, Wow this is getting exciting. Good luck to everyone. Thanks @scholaris for your efforts and keep up your good work 😊🙏 !PIZZA

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Congrats to the winners and thanks for the shout out. Don't forget the bonus round of 100 POB in addition to any rewards you get from 1ST through 5th place.

If you want your article to qualify for the bonus round you just have to follow two simple rules:

  • The one article you're allowed must not use the word solitude.
  • You can't use synonyms for solitude.

@scholaris! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @vikbuddy.

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Well, paradise truly can only be quantifiable according to the extent of one's imagination, truly the hope that humans will one day arrive at a location where all needs are met can alone strengthen today's believe. All religions have their respective paradise explicitly described for their believers. Imagine if humans can bring such hope into reality the zeal of people to get into such paradise will be more than the religious believes. Nice post

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i like the challenge of writing about a topic without mentioning the word

Yeah, I thought it would be a fun challenge. Looking forward to seeing all the entries.

Congratulations to all the winners 🏆🏆🎖
Excited for the next week, and this bonus round is a nice addition too. 🥳

Posted via

I'm glad you like the addition. Congratulations to everyone for their participation and success.

Congrats to the winners!..there seems to be a lot of competition now. This week's word is going to be even more interesting especially with the added bonus round.

Looking forward to reading posts from Amazing authors and hopefully i get to join this time..

Great work ,@scholaris

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The contest is moving forward with ever increasing energy and enthusiasm. Congratulations to the organizerss and the contests. It is a collaborative effort that is bringing the desired results.

I am a bit confused @scholaris. Is this week only a bonus round or we can have our enteries the normal way?

Another thing I wanna know if we can enter the both way. I mean, the regular way and the bonus entry?

Apologies for the confusion. This week's contest also includes a bonus entry:

  • You can submit a normal entry into the WOTW or you can try for the bonus.
  • Submitting an article for the bonus round allows you to compete for the normal contest AND the bonus round.
  • You can only submit one article.

Okay. Now I understood what we are supposed to do.

Thanks for the explanation ⚘

You're very welcome.

Sorry to miss the last one, congrats to all the winners. Here is my entry into this week's one. Thanks for the inspiration xx

Posted via

Your entry is recorded. Thank you for joining the contest!

Hey @scholaris

I have a request to make, can you please also list down mu comment of the week contest in the list. This will help me promote it to a wider audience and gain more visibility. If there is any specific criteria to get listed her, please let me know and I shall work on it.

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You got it. I'll add your contest today.

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Being Solitude is a good advice. One needs to make out time for him/herself alone. That way, you can think right.

Imagine being surrounded by people who need your attention, 🤷🤷 you need to excuse yourself to a more serene place where you make that important decision.

Being surrounded by people all the time is not a good idea. You need time alone to take certain things right without any interference. Solitude for me is the best cos I love being alone most time.

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That is truth, paradise, beauty is the eyes of be holder, your work always give me the update of what is happening in this community.

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I'm glad you approve. Thank you for responding.

without alone time, the burnout some of us would be experiencing would make it impossible to actually work on different activities during the course of the week!

nothing sounds more magical than a walk in a semi cloudy day somewhere in nature all alone!

You are very good in giving this community good update and that is good of you.From the companion of solitude is very interesting.

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I just seen this, the tag didnt notify me. Interesting competion for wotw ill have to give it a crack

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I look forward to seeing your entry!

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Congratulations to this weeks winners. I am a little late seeing this post but better late then never. I enjoy entering as it forces me to practice my writing. I need to be better and I am hoping this helps me. Take care.

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Yah, I can't agree less with you. Paradise is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. And speaking about Solitude, That's where you find your true self and Inner peace.

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vi que dices que la palabra de esta semana es { SOLIDAD } si esta bien escrito ? y gracias por compartir mis post , me ayudas mucho , saludos y feliz dia

Tienes razón, amigo. La palabra de la semana es soledad.

umm ok asi si , gracias por aclarar y que tengas un lindo dia

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Very good

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Wow,very nice write is good getting this from you.great

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