The Outrageous Race is still ON!

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The POB Word of the Week Contest for OUTRAGEOUS is on! You still have time to enter your article for a chance at winning Proof of Brain! Hurry! The contest concludes at midnight Sunday!

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WOTW Contest

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@Calumam is the creator of the Word of the Week Contest and this week's entry. Every week he presents a new word and challenges the community to write articles about it. The articles submitted by the community get evaluated against a grading rubric @Calumam created.

Except now the metrics are laid bare! The metrics for the WOTW contest are decoded.

We're all winners of this competition. Authors get increased exposure in the community and some extra voting rewards in the process.

We know you have what it takes.
Join us for this week's OUTRAGEOUS extravaganza!

Before we continue with our main event, here is a word from our sponsors.


Community Behaviors

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I've spoken about this topic in my last article. Plagiarism is a form of fraud that devalues the author's content and the value of HIVE.

  • Please provide references for work that is not your own. This includes text, as well as images.
    • Indications of plagiarism are met with an immediate DV and should be followed by a comment explaining the reason for the DV.
    • The reason for the DV should include the article we suspect is the source of your information.
  • Please do not argue against accusations of plagiarism
    • We're not here to judge you. We're here for great content, but we also have to protect the community.
    • Let's talk about the problem and how it can be resolved and mitigated in the future. Quickly. Neither of us wants this to drag on.

Voting & Engaging

Everyone has the right to upvote or downvote as they choose. So someone could upvote your post by $40 just as likely as they can decide to remove that vote. More often than not, however, there is a reason behind it.

  • If you receive a DV without reason, feel free to ask. If you don't like the answer, move on with your day. Some explanations will be kinder than others.
  • Be courteous to each other. It goes a long way in how people will perceive and treat you.
  • Downvotes, like upvotes, are a part of the system. Use them wisely.

Thank you for reading this special message.


Current Entries

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Thank you to the following people listed below that are already participating in the contest. Please let me know if you have entered an article into the contest and don't see your name on the list:

@diebitchTop 5 outrageous things to do before you die
@kevinnag58Dear Mr. President: Sir, You and I Really Need to Chat. (Political Satire, Sort Of. WARNING: Those on the Left Will Not Like This One Bit!) POB Word of the Week: Outrageous #009
@kraken99El boxeo sigue decayendo - Boxing continues to decline
@sheila23The outrageous against a different dream
@josediccusThe Psychology Of Repetitiveness: How Brainless Are We As "Brain-Full" People? (POB WOTW)
@clixmoneyIt's outrageous to see!
@feyifavorClothes going Into extinct. POB-WOTW
@memeisfunSometimes do crazy and outrageous things can make us happy
@maribelnAstonishment or indignation produced by the scandal. / Asombro o indignación que produce el escándalo.
@espandorrDreams, Chaos, Glitters
@jasonxmurphCould we see the start of an #Outrageous Bitcoin Adoption Domino Effect? "WHY" I think we "ARE" and why I believe it's on the "WAY".
@corporateayPOB-WOTW #009. The African giants and it’s present outrageous state.
@zellypearl15 In Jail
@savagetobiHow “Outrageous”; the Government takes full force.
@pialejoanaHuman evil is outrageous / Esp: La maldad humana es indignante.
@flexygPOB-WOTW #009: The Outrageous world I live in today
@sugandhasethSome Real Outrageous Events Observed In The Recent Past - POB Word of the Week: Outrageous #009
@danikyThe Outrageous Step Grandmother
@dwixerOutrageous - Action against Societal judgement
@thomashnblumThe experience of living in a country ruled by the absurd - POB Word of the Week : Outrageous #009
@bobthebuilder2Outrageous, Tubular, Bogus, Cowabunga, Woaaaahhhhh.....
@genepopOutrageous in the eye of the world
@darmst5339pob-wotw That price is Outrageous
@mineopoly10 Outrageous NFTs
@kemmybI Don't Take No For An Answer!

Are you on this list?
Are you disqualified and don't know it?
Let's talk about it in the comments!


On the Lookout

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

We're looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Until then, and after, have a blessed week.

Have you entered the contest yet?
Hurry, before it's too late!



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Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey.

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It's just Wednesday here and the list is already long 🧐, I wonder what we are in for by the weekend lol.
Great work @scholaris the team is doing really great and I must say I liked the word for this week cause I have read many outrageous stories and articles lol.

We're hoping it surpasses last week. The more the merrier.

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Sure! I hope it does too

No, my entry is not there

I missed the tag the first time I posted

I edited it and included the tag but it's not showing as one of the pob-wotw tagged posts

To think that I explained these errors to someone a few days ago, and today, I am a victim of the same mistake is so disheartening😴

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You’re good. You published your work after my last data pull this morning. I have your entry recorded.

Oh, that's a relief, sir. I appreciate your ability to find things that may probably not be found by others

Thank you very much

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It only remains to salute and congratulate all the people of the team and all those who have participated.

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There's great participation here. I love the interaction during the contests.

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POB WOTW is getting better and amazing!

Great work @scholaris on compiling the entries for the event. Makes it easy to navigate and engage.

Well done and keep up the good work! 🙂

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I'm glad it works for you. It makes me proud.

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The competition is getting wilder each week (which is something amazing)!

I haven't written my post yet, but I definitely have some ideas.

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I can't wait to read your entry. I look forward to it.

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@scholaris thanks for mentioning me. I really enjoy entering any contest on WOTW, although sometimes I write on WOTW it might not be what you want and @calumam lol

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Not at all. I enjoy reading your work. Your entry becomes my pleasure to read.

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Lol thanks, I hope you don't mocking me..hahaha..and yeah I can't wait to enter the contest on WOTW next week 🧠

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Not at all. I look forward to it.

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I'm with @scholaris here. You can post whatever you feel like, just because there is a merit system there doesn't mean that people have to follow it. Be your own authentic self, don't give a damn what we think.

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@tipu curate

Thank you for your support!

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Oh by the way, thank you very much for the mention.

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You're very welcome. I started this as a reminder to the community about the contest. People have had a great attitude about participating. I felt it was a great opportunity.

Also, I had concerns when people were complaining about their entries not being included. I thought something like this would be good for morale.

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I'll have to check out your post!

It would be perfect, my friend

@scholaris, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

May the best writer win.

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