AI world, no thanks.

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Took a day off today. Wanted a chill out day.

If you read my post the other day with regards to the Illuminati cards. Steve Jackson and all.
Well I can tell you I messed up when I bought them. I used my UK bank account and put my Polish address down for billing.
My bank in the UK was blocked for a day (No I do not want your money, thanks all the same.)

At the time when it dawned on me I was at the ATM. The computer kept saying no. I know how much I have in that account at any given minute. But nope. The bank was saying no. Can not have it, my own money.

So I carried on my day. I have no great desire for FIAT folding stuff anyway.

I noted my phone had 4 missed calls by lunchtime. I was restoring a motorbike so had left the stupid smartphone unattended. (Best place for it.)

They were all from the UK, so like Sherlock I deduced it was my bank trying to call me to see if it was stupid me trying to buy something online.

Yes it was, and yes my detective deductions were correct.

So I kept the phone near me and sure enough it rang again.

Santander bank UK.

The call was soulless, a robot voice, no human contact. Select this key, was it you, did you do that, press this key, now press that, thank you, have a nice day. Robot left the phone.

It reminds me of the new shopping experience. Lidl. Bit like a Wallmart but in Poland, and from Germany.

Went there a few days ago. It was closed, many workers inside doing "something to the checkout tills."

They had I found out today fitted loads of self checkout tills.

Cashless and all, card only.

Not my kind of thing.

I headed straight for the only cashier working, gave her a beaming big smile. Exchanged pleasantries. Noted she was as unmasked as me.

The human touch you see.

I am all for that.

Not wanting Alexa, nope and I do not want state cryptos.

I do not like google, I do not trust any politician that wants tax to live for free from my efforts. Nope. Not interested thank you.

As we reach the point of no return regards getting rid of the useless, may I suggest politicians be the first shown the door?

Forgot did they not they were there to serve.


Yeh, yeh, yeh, the lazy do not care.

I will write more posts soon, throwing together a couple of books too.

Been home schooling my youngest daughter. All good fun.

Fun is much needed, for all of us.

Excuse my language, but fuck the NWO and robots. The human touch means all.

NO, I am not ready for a souless world of keypads, touchscreens, speaking to and fucking a robot.
No thank you.

No I do not want a blow up doll.

Strange world, did I somehow end up here on some weird portal. I feel certain the world was more "normal" than this before.

Support the cashiers by heading to them not a machine.

Have a superb day and hug someone, smile. Say hello to a stranger. Enjoy life. You only get one shot at this.

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I always use the cashier and not the self checkout even if it takes longer to get served.

Same here bro. Got to try and keep them in jobs if that is what they like to do.

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I would say, one more episode of "the @shepz01 chronicles".

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:-) I try.

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I mass murdered over a million AI in my lifetime , for there creator was not there to act on things he could not predict that i could do to his creation ,... never used cheats do , for no AI is smarter then the human coder that created it under heavy work pressure ,.... yep i am a gamer ,... self checkout tills fear me ;-)

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If shops go full on self checkout, I would imagine theft being rampant so shops would have to go back to having staff.

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Nice information.just flex your holiday.

As we say in the UK, cheers :-)

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Interesting Noted

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Excellent portrait photo. And that was an adventure of a chill.😁👍🏻

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