The bankers shut my account for buying bitcoin! Fuck them.

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Santander in Spain.

I opened that account 8 years ago. The irony is I have also a UK santander account and that still works.

I asked them why they wanted to close my account. They say because I am not leaving money in there due to buying cryptos.

Roughly 25% of my money was going into that account. Still not enough for them is it!

I care not they shut the account down. I received in full my balance to my UK santander account.
I have a bank account in Hong Kong, Thailand, Poland and the UK so I care not a jot.

Double standards is it not though? UK account I can, Spanish I can not?????????

The fuckers are scared it seems - I am not the only one, see below.

Integrated solutions.

We can cut those in con-trol out of any equation using alt currencies. Cryptos,

As we can pay wallet to wallet via a nano s ledger (my fav) or any other wallet we can take offline.

I have sold parts to people, bike parts using dogecoin (no I am not saying buy dogecoin) and it went wallet to wallet in minutes.

This is what the tax freaks fear the most.

And bankers. (change the B for a W please bob) UK joke regards blockbusters.

But it seems the bankers (w) are running scared of cryptos.


Integrated solutions is from my engineering days in the automotive industry.

We also worked just in time.(Cryptos can be fast = just in time to pay)
Solutions not problems. (you have the tools use them)

POB, Hive, BTC and all cryptos will play a very important part in the future IMO. Just my opinion.

As it gets away from the leaches and tax freaks money backed by nothing.

The solutions are there for all to see. Implementing them will have to be next.

There are no problems, there are only solutions.

My grass was getting long, and it would take me weeks to cut it, then I would have to start cutting it again.

If I bought a tractor to do it, then I would have to buy a combine harvester too.

So my solution was simple.

A gent 2 farms over has cows, he has to feed the cows in the winter. He cuts my grass, he harvests it, and he gets it to feed his cows.

Mutual cooperation. And I save a fuck load of money. We both win, and it costs both of us nothing.



Politicians do not like integrated solutions.

But then again they are useless fucktards anyways.

They also do not like mutual cooperation, as it does in no way benefit them.

There was no money changing hands so no tax to pay, get the picture yet?

If you want to take their fake money (Fiat) system down. YOU already have the tools.

POB, Hive, BTC. Etc.

You have the tools with private wallets too.

You are the future. You all know you can do it. The investors will come flocking to escape money.

Make shops cryptos only. The websites are coming for video cryptos. The rest is down to you.

It is a fast changing world. You are part of it.

In YOU I trust.

They are running scared, finish them off!

Have a superb sunny day ahead.

Picture of the year. Polish PM being chased by us farmers.


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Welcome to the club... Im surprised you lasted this long... My accounts were closed last year

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Lesson learned though. I go wallet to wallet now. Steep learning curve. Willing and able.

Yeah good call!

That's just rude

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Yes. What they want you to do is register everything about you at an exchange and leave it in their custody. Then they can simply tax it directly in the crypto banks we call "exchanges."

and those can be tricky , I saw briefly you wrote of Binance and have heard way too many cases of this and before that Poloniex(before Justin Sun got in it to clarify as if it matters) was doing some shifty af stuff to the tunes of millions but if you start looking at crypto a bit deeper there are a lot of fingers in it from the very things most of us wanted nothing to do with, smdh

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Bittrex is the worst. Them shady fookers stole over $200 of my tokens and refused to speak to me after.

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Polloniex (and this is 3 years ago) was keeping for over half a year roughly 5 million dollars of a good friend of mines. I did a lil' series on it and then stopped as it became apparent how mucky it got and just plain weird. I have no idea how it is today with new owners and personally don't use it or bittrex, oh helllls no.

Many users don't know or care how any of this started or by who as long as they get their sh*t coins, which most seem to be. Oh you mean a lot of stuff was started by the M.I.C. or supposedly Ex types, yayyyyy sign us up. There is a lot of Psy-Oppy/murky stuff that has gone on and also the usual dopamine rushes employed. this is all op/ed (eyeroll)

The banks/gov is behind a ton of this but people just jump at shinies. You were stolen from and there is no recourse and one thing I do enjoy about Hive and Hive Engine is that I don't have issues like that. That's a HUGE plus even though of course there is the usual bullshit that goes along with anything combining social media and money......more like antisocial media but I digress ;)

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or bittrex

Why not bittrex?

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haha you could add prolly a lot more to that list, you got a horror story?
should compile them all, not much to do when some owners of them are half a world away and don't care

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Okay, but why is Bittrex in that list? What happened? Any specific reasons you'd like to mention? I use it often, so I want to know.

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huh? I'm confused, think we were talking about BInance which is different then Bittrex
the original I read and don't have time to reread atm, sorry, was about binance keeping his funds

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more like antisocial media but I digress ;)

They all are, we all are lol.

true dat
my fave saying is "fuck around and find out" lol
people say things are deliberately manipulated or done ...........BECAUSE THEY ARE
the amount of Cognitive Dissonance in anything involving the almighty money/power god always brings in the usual types
lol , such is life

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You stay true to you. That is the most important thing. We are only here on this planet for mere minutes. Enjoy the time you and I have. :-)

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always :)

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I do not really do exchanges. I like wallet to wallet.
We earn it here so this is a start.
I hear hive is going to do a one stop exchange/shop, I hope they do not give in to regulations.

We have a chance to break free. Free we must be.

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Banks are freaking out huh.

Yes bro. Had warnings from others for buying cryptos too. Fuck em, my cash I do what I want with it.
If you do your posts and put a tag proofofbrain too. I have a much bigger vote there than here. And going to buy a lot more. Just a heads up. You earn twice as you get hive and POB.

I have been using the proofofbrain tag a few times now. Thanks mate.

Nice one, time for some wheely good fun :-) 30c and loving it.

Im moving my voting power over to pob as we speak...the returns are vastly better without the whalefest

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I am too.

How do you move ur voting power to POB? I have HP I could stake in Pob

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That's easy. Power down. Move Hive to Buy POB. Stake POB.

She is very new to this bro. She has no idea what hive-engine is yet.

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True that ^

I will explain via fakebook Tracey.

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Thankyou oh dude brother from another mother

We can do it here. You have to go to after you have liquid funds from hive and convert them to POB then stake them.

if shepz is giving you the rundown i'll leave it to him - ive been buying up some pob here:

and also buying some privately

the catch is we are pushing up the price by buying it because the pool is so small

You can explain to the good lady if you want bro. On fakebook or on here. I am on exchanges at the mo trying to buy.

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I don't think I even have a 'wallet' yet ??????
I got as far as registering on Kraken but then had trouble setting up any payment from my 'bank of ireland' account. I rang them up coz their online form didn't have Lichtenstein in the drop down menu hahahaha and the woman said they won't deal with Lichtenstein!!! WTF

Politicians do not like transparency. Cryptocurrency tech enables transparency. It is known that politicians are hypocrite.

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Agreed 100%

Santander are a bunch of cnuts anyway. I had an account with them since a child and opened one for my son. He was still a teen and they let his account go overdrawn by letting a payment go through on his card (he did not have an overdraft) then they charged him, by the time he realised he was over 200 in the red. I went to talk to them and they said they'd reverse it but they didn't so I gave him my account and let him rinse that, then i moved.........bubye

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Nice job. Any bank that fucks me I fuck em back 10 times over :-)

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Yeh me too (and people that fuck me over). Fuck em all.

I took LLoyds bank for 30k, twice. HSBC, Natwest. They fuck me once I fuck them royaly lol

I only use my bank now to pay 2 direct debit bills. That's it. They charge me for that too!!

A pretty nice video, I did not realize that banks were already running scared, they are kind of stupid and brain dead, if a person invest in anything, they eventually want to de-invest and buy something, so the banks are losing out on the reverse part of bitcoin being converted into fiat. But I never did think bankers were the sharpest tools in the box.

Bankers are wankers :-)

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a lot of banksters are into crypto and behind some of it and are making/adopting it but on their terms, it's very murky waters and seems the noose is tightening
My fear is that how China is doing things is going to spread like a virus to a lot of other places on how they do things, National Crypto etc.
reminds me of a one world draconian currency
oh yeah , fook your bank, pretty sure what they did isn't even allowed in a lot of places...........O.o

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They are heading for a one world crypto currency. But we already have that. We have a head start.
I will lay it all out in an article tomorrow.

Fear not my friend. You are already in a winning position just by being on here.
Their silly digital money from central banks will have all sorts of regulations. Fuck that.

China as you stated correctly, yes they gave away the digital Yuan in a lottery. Got to get people to use it to give it value. We have that value before them. POB, Hive, Steem, BTC etc etc.

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amen to that

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I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who don't agree with me that crypto is going to change some things, by taking power away from banks. They point to corporations getting into crypto, or billionaires like Elon Musk, as a sign that it's just part of the system as usual.
But every story where it gets banned or ridiculous restrictions or things like this or flat out propaganda hit pieces in the media, I'm like ...nah they're scared.
I'm glad you have alternatives to the crappy bank that shut you down.

Scare stories are silly. It is like me saying anything out of cognitive dissonance mindset.
Anyone can make a crypto. All you need is the genesis block. It is well covered said topic.

So you can make one. Does that make you the bogieman?

We have a store of value in anything we trust. Most trust Fiat backed by nothing.

You have a choice to make, trust being taxed with regulations or trust wallet to wallet.

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Is that you in the photo with the black tshirt?

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Scratch the question. I noticed you also have a video linked of Russell Brand.

It looks like we follow the same people.

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Russell is ace. At least he has his own mind. :-)

Very sad your account got freezed. these financial institutions never learn. They fight what they can't control

Instead of embracing change they tend to fight against it. hope the eyes of their understanding eventually gets enlightened in due time.

Also hope you get your bank account back.

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It matters not my account. They can do what they want as we embrace change.
The last year proved we needed it. Thanks for the kind words. Have a superb day ahead.

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Thats serious... pls try and make your complain in the bank so they can rectify that

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Nope not bothered enough, they can go away.

All they want is full control over everyone’s life and money, how long do they think that will last for, FOREVER?


Those days have passed, the earlier they notice and accept that, the earlier the better

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Agreed. their greed did them over.

I always hate banks and now, after the rise of cryptocurrencies, I hate them even more.

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I am with you 100% regards that.

I have a bank account in Hong Kong

So what you're saying is you're living in spain and you got treated by spanish banks the same way people living in china get treated by chinese banks. Interesting.

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No I am living in Poland. I opened the Spanish Santander while living there 8 years ago.