What to do when freedom is found !

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What to do when one find's freedom ?

This is the question we then have to ask ourselves ,..
ho' fruck lucky me , see what i have found ? ... FREEDOM ! ,... all for me .
So , what are you gonna do with it ,.... Hu',,.. hmmmm ,.. i don't know ? ,.. sit back and relax i guess .
Yeah i know , bit boring , but it's what i would do , and let me explain why .

Lets take a look at times in our history that we or one of us found freedom . The drainage system for dirty waters and feces , did that gave us any freedom ? Sure it did , freedom from sickness and dirty streets , what did we do with it ? We sat down and relaxed ,... while taking our shit's .
Now don't ridicule me for taking this example to state my point , i have more , like i am reaching my target not yet . Patience please , taking angle before dropping is crucial .

Avro Lancaster.jpg

Next example , a very accurate one if i might say , what did we humans do when we finally found the freedom to fly ?

We took the freedom to fly,... straight in to war !

Well if that isn't reason enough for me to just sit back and relax when i find some freedom . And fuck i might even share it whit some . He' dude , friend , wanna fly ,.. come ill teach you how ,, will have fun scaring the chickens and cheep a bit . Now not go confusing flying whit a state after taking some drug . Such freedom i will never share , for it's to personal in it's experience . What turns green for one could go purple on some other .


On the other side , when my rightful freedoms are under attack , i will gladly take a seat as a gunner in a bomber plane ,... again .
Not that i ever did exactly that , fly gunner on a bomber , but i say again only in the spirit of the ones that ones did . There spirits live on in me , they are not forgotten by me .


This last picture i found on the dailymail , i admit i did a tiny bitty of Photoshop to it for the @lols .
Where in a serious note , this where Aussie's , ... Aussie's that would turn in there grave knowing what state there country is in right now . @teamaustralia , take notice on thy hero's , do not loose what they fought for .

Middle picture is some random google piccy i altered a bit . Don't shoot me over it .

First picture is a by me digital altered photo that i found on :

Any comments with thoughts about freedom , and how to act on it , are welcome .

Any claims this would be about something else entirely , i can't deny , for we live in a fractal world , and things fractal show true in other things , always . ;-)

Have a very nice day all , stay free as it gets , or work on it .

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