POB : A major Activity I did Today ( Macro photography )

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Hello ,
I am back with another photography post for all of you.

Today again it is a macro photography of a insect that is seen in the rainy season after it is stopped raining.

There were so many of them on my terrace and i really had a difficult time in capturing this insect because it doesn't stop at one place and keeps on moving from here to there.

So today i have lived my day around nature, doing lots of photography and eating food.

So , I captured around 10+ shots to get one decent shot from my smartphone camera. So sharing the most accurate shot i was able to take.

SHOT 1 : This one is most accurate.


SHOT 2 : its a little blurry.


SHOT 3 : This shot is decent as well.


There were many other shots that i took today but these were few the decent among them.

I have enjoyed my day by taking lots of other photographs of different things and now i will be taking some rest.

Thank You

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