Are you willing to fight for humanity?

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Ask yourself this: In a day and age where propaganda runs rampant, what chances do the masses have to avoid succumbing to a type of weaponized information that's hell-bent on reducing the population? Most people don't have a lot of time on their hands. They live inside of a matrix of work, news and information, and celebrity gossip.

So after working that 9-5, if you're lucky enough to get a shift like that, you come home, make dinner, and hopefully, you have time to kick back for a couple of hours of TV before you hit the sheets and do it all over again tomorrow. For many, there is not enough time to study or research the pre-chewed and lifeless information that gets spewed out via the television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the like.

I'm sure that we can either all imagine this or are presently living this scenario out in our waking lives. But what about the people who have the time, insight, and discernment. What if there is a mass-culling operation afoot? What if the lives of many good men, women, and children are under active threat of termination?

Is it their fault for being uninformed and brainwashed? Do we have a personal responsibility to warn them by utilizing the best and most effective tactics at our disposal? Ask yourself this, which of your friends, loved ones, or family are you willing to lose in the next few years, only to prove that you were right and they should have listened?

Personally speaking, I don't want to lose anybody. Not friends, not family, not people from my past either. Hell, I don't even want to lose any enemies if they are friends of humanity and aren't delusional pawns of the wicked game that's getting played against us now. And this is why I'm sharing this video with you today (at the bottom of this post).

I'm sure you are familiar with Alex Jones, he gets a lot of shit from the establishment mainstream media, and it's because, for the most part, he's doing what they should be. Unlike the news, Jones doesn't pretend to be an android without biases. Hell, even the mainstream media has dropped that facade in favor of appealing to people's emotions.

Alex Jones in 'Waking Life'

Some people don't like when Alex Jones gets emotional. They think that it's a fallacious way to communicate. And that's fine because people can think whatever they want. But here's the thing history has taught us that words embedded with emotion are more effective at persuading people. And this is true for some people more than others.

It's true for me. I love when people are passionate and animated about the topics in which they speak. I think some of the best educators throughout history have demonstrated this ability. When I hear charismatic and passionate people talk, I do not immediately discard whatever it is they're saying. However, some do because they do not appreciate that style. But this is why I'm glad we live in a world with different kinds of communicators, as it'd be a crying shame if we all sounded the same.

A loving mother or father might raise their voice and speak out or even yell out to their child in a loud and booming voice not to touch the hot stove. Are they trying to persuade the child? Yes, they certainly are. They are actively persuading the child not to do something that is in their best interest not to do. I do not think this example of a verbal outburst is manipulative or wrong, especially if time is of the essence.

After all, sometimes it can only be a matter of seconds that makes up the difference between a scarring 3rd or 4th-degree burn and a lesson well learned. The lying mainstream media, on the other hand, is a different story entirely. Many times they will use emotional appeals in combination with unsound logic as an attempt to misguide people into making poor choices, and that's the dangerous part about emotional appeals.

Regardless of how you feel about emotional appeals, the truth of the matter is that it's an effective way of communication. However, one must have the discernment to try and suss whether someone is genuine or disingenuous with their emotional conveyances.

It's not an accident that AlexJonesWasRight has been trending on Twitter a lot lately. It's because many things he has warned about for years have come to pass, either that or we're watching it unfold in real-time. Jones knows that time is almost up for him, as he's a well-read student of history and sees the proverbial writing on the wall.

I think whether you love, hate, or are indifferent towards this man, you should listen to his latest Monday night emergency warning. In all the years I've been a listener of his, he's never put out an emergency warning on a Monday night, and this one is of great importance. We're talking about a life or death situation. And it could be the life or death of someone that you know and love.

Please take 42 minutes of your day to consider this warning, and then ask yourself again, Are you willing to fight for humanity?

Alex Jones' Monday Night Emergency Broadcast Message

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Ohh...thought provoking...rather awakes you this thought...because I can connect with this.

See reality is different from whats on media, all the time.

Even so, some media channels are doing good work and are in percicution in my country India.

I am kind of a aware person of things done wrong...coz I have been part of activist group and I am connected to news resources that are more unbiased.

THe answer is I am not ready to fight for humanity...not yet atleast coz I am not ready for it. That takes a lot of people organisation, awareness, action, stratergy and leading people rather the masses properly and hell due to covid I can't travel far too as I used to travel using public transport and now I don't.

So I have a disconnect with my activist group.

Still...what you say is true... I always try to join groups in discord where I can share my views on these things.

I really need to check Alex Jones out...

Again very soul stirring write up...exactly my thoughts even before things went like this.

I knew the world can't go on stabily the way it is one believed, listened and by the way I am damn passionate on environment, curruption, activism...the thing that harm is done that I myself inspire others I know but not my stupid family.

Another reason I can't fight for humanity is family... they won't let me go nuts on the causes and getting into support. man all this, sucks.

When you be a helpless bystander when you have the zeal of a stupid activist deep inside!!

I feel your pain. These are some dire and desperate times. I want to point out that fighting does not have to be in the literal sense. Sometimes it is living courageously enough to stand behind your convictions, that or simply saying no when it feels like that's the right thing to do. Gandhi was an excellent example of exercising one's autonomy. It cost him dearly, but people tend to remember these things. As he once famously said, we can "be the change we wish to see in the world." I hope these words meet you well and that you have a great day, @mintymile!

Well...this is the video of Stan Swamy, this was last year before he was arrested , he explains why he was arrested.

And here is a full interview of Stan Swamy on what he does -

Just notice his passion.

He was arrested during covid pandemic was not treated properly in jail, got covid and died and he was denied bail.

This is the cost people pay for fighting for humanity, it inspires and ashamed me at the same time.

I thought you would like to hear Stan Swamy as he was one who died fighting for people’s rights.

Thank you!

I will never compromise on my values and if by chance I am persicuted for it, I won't mind it(: ...that's for sure. I keep writing articles on injustice and many things, I just can't help it.

I know it has costed people dearly in my country for protesting now against injustice.

For example - Stan Swamy died because he was arrested for fighting using the laws of land, for the rights of tribals to their land. And I wrote an article about it here on Hive.

In the end, I will not accept something wrong, I will stay by my values and believes and live by them and I know that will inspire others just a tat bit. Anyway.

Fantastic, I respect your resolve! Also, I read your article about Stan Swamy. I fear that it may have been the COVID-19 vaccine that resulted in his death. Most people get pretty ill after taking the vaccine. And allegedly, people higher in age are at greater risk.

So stan was already sick, and on top of that, they had given him the COVID-19 vaccine, which was dangerous and probably shouldn't have happened. They say the cause of death was a heart attack, and recently they had to put warnings on both the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines that they can cause an increased risk of both myocarditis and pericarditis.

I don't know how sick he was or if he would have pulled through, but it seems to me the vaccine may have been what done him in. I'm sorry to hear about this. From the little I've read so far, it seems he was a great help to those in need. The world needs more people like that!

There is plenty of support if you would like to make posts in the #informationwar or #deepdives tag for truth/politics/news. Check us out!

will do!!

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.


You see AJ on Michael Malice show last week? Was pretty good.

Nope, don't know who that is.
Got a link?

I did, Malice did real well
with rapid fire questions.

Michael Malice Interviews Alex Jones
Alex Jones Interviews Michael Malice

Lol, you're welcome,...

Any chance of getting that guy posting here?

You could try the socials at his site, or maybe
send him a wallet message to one of his cryptos.

I tried to sign up to his page but his filter won't let me.

He had a bunch of scripts I didn't recognize, too.
I allowed them.
I had to go so far as to enable javascript before it would let me enter my username to find out that it wasn't available.

So, it won't be me that gets him here.
And he has this strike against him, now.

I feel you. I don't even bother trying to onboard people to HIVE. This place is so backward, and it requires that people rewire how they think to be at peace with how things (fail to) work around here. If a semi-successful side-chain token community can ever resolve the downvote shenanigans, in that case, I might promote their front end to people outside of the HIVE.

Some people think Alex Jones is a Zionist shill...

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You've inspired some deep thoughts on the matter!
Is Alex Jones a Zionist Shill, or Does it Even Matter?
Thank you, @frot!

Glad to be of inspiration! :)

In my own case, Yes am willing to fight for humanity. Why? Because there's no way you can say you won't fight for humanity because it's in someway comes back to you whatever you do today, someone you stand for today May come to be your saviour tomorrow as no one knows tomorrow. So be it ur friend or loved ones or even your enemy, you must stand for them in my situation. But let me say in reality that people giving us warnings emotionally or logically must be adhered to but with sense of belonging and utmost care because if care is not taking, we can fall into a trap by this greedy generation we found ourselves. But that shouldn't stop us from doing the right thing at the right time for the sake of humanity and love.

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Beautifully said,
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