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RE: Spring Strength - Your Encouragement Can Uplift Someone

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That is a bit difficult, since if someone helps it is because they receive a benefit for doing it, but there are also people who are very few who help if they want nothing in return.

But I'm going to help you in everything I can, you just tell me how I can do it

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I've followed you on Twitter also so we can talk more at some point.
I would need more HP if you can delegate. I am posting daily on an average of 4 posts...I have almost 50 days in Hive.
I also need guidance related to my FanBase, but we can talk on Twitter about this or anything else. Whenever you can, just write me there.

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I just delegated 500 hp to you, enjoy them and take advantage of them

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I just woke up and I was about to eat and now I see this GIFT!

I don't know how to react! I cannot believe this.

I hope to be able to help and support you when you need it too, in any way. My heart thanks you so much!

I'll be around if you ever need me!

Thank you SO MUCH!


Yeah that is true,but I believe that if we want our society to be a great place then we have to learn to help others without necessarily expecting anything in return....

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It's all a transaction. It's good not to expect anything because the universal laws will be sending back to us the good that we have offered :)