TikTok banning cryptocurrency-related videos

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We are all familiar with TikTok. TikTok has quickly become famous for entertaining and funny videos. TikTok has become quite popular nowadays to teenagers people. There are also some opportunities to earning money from TikTok

TikTok has censorship. TikTok is already being criticized for its unwanted use of censorship. Censorship is a big problem of TikTok.

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TikTok is banning crypto-related videos. Even TikTok is banning the accounts of those who are publishing crypto-related videos. Some accounts are temporary and some accounts are permanently banned.

Why is TikTok so hostile to crypto? TikTok says they ban videos related to the crypto promotion. But those who released the crypto-related videos say they were funny and instructive. They also say that sharing these videos on any other social platform could have made a lot of money.

The spread of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. TikTok's reluctance about cryptocurrency at this time is not reasonable. However, TikTok is hostile to cryptocurrency.

As cryptocurrency is banned in China and TikTok is a Chinese platform, they can ban crypto-related videos. It is possible to guess something by thinking like this.

This means that if someone wants to promote the HIVE blockchain on TikTok, they can't. Think about how backward platform TikTok is. A lot of hive blockchain content is being shared on Twitter. But at TikTok, it probably won't be possible.

Although TikTok is famous for entertaining funny videos there are numerous pornographic videos on TikTok in which girls are having fun with the attraction sexually in short dresses and increasing the views of their videos. TikTok is not banning all these videos. This is also a matter of concern.

The platform has previously been fined $5.7 million for storing children's personal data without parental consent.

There are also many users under 18 whose dirty videos can be seen on TikTok. They are cleverly attracting sexually to their viewers only to increase their videos views. But TikTok is not banning these videos.

Our hive blockchain shares very high-quality content. Everyone here shares the science and information technology, philosophy, photography, crypto, and much more knowledge-based content. We are lucky that dirty social sites like TikTok are not our HIVE. We can work on HIVE with family. Thanks to everyone at HIVE for that

The United States fears that TikTok is stealing the data of American employees and ordinary citizens and that there are thousands of teenagers who can distort political information and that nothing potential is happening on TikTok. So why would America do not support TikTok?

Some countries have already banned TikTok. All those countries are .....

  • United States
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh

Through TikTok, young people are following a distorted culture and creating an ugly mindset. In addition, they are involved in various crimes. Many of them are behaving like crazy which is not acceptable and disgusting.

It is better to refrain from TikTok than to go crazy. What do you think?

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For an individual to download tiktok app on his phone is his choice.For me I don't have time for those things, I only have time in forex trading,my business and here.
If somebody decide to allow tiktok to misleading him or her is his or her choice.
For them to ban crypto currency video, they are loosing in one way and another because is through crowd they make their money.
They should be wise
Thanks for the information

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TikTok is a Chinese platform spyware


I call TikTok a direct virus. There is no way for people to understand good and evil when they are afflicted with that disease