Tell me a little about your token, I want to buy it.

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I'm posting through the POB front-end, but I'd like you who attend other communities to tell me below which one you attend and would like more people to attend, I want to know new communities, and I'm investing a little of my balance in buying and staking some in addition to what I already have.

I recently found out that there will be an airdrop tomorrow for some SteemMonster users, and I will receive a portion. Then I found out that they had a token called SPT, and it made me think about getting some units.

I also bought some BHT tokens raising my stake from 2,500 to 11,000 and I still have some buy orders to buy just over 6,000 and keep staked.

CineTV is another one I'm trying to raise my stake in, I currently have 1,000 PowerCine delegates to the @poboutsidepob account to curate while I don't start the project for this account.

Ash, Archon and Hustler are 3 tags that I always use last, as I know little about the project and with that I stake every unit I receive to gradually create a certain amount.

Leo's token is another one that I want to accumulate as much as possible, I hope to reach more than 1,000 by the end of the year.

Ctp and Neoxian are two tokens that I read very little, but that I always try to place among the top 5 tags I use, because I know that the little I read showed me that they are good projects and with that I hope to also keep a great staked value.

Pizza and Beer, excellent tokens distributed through comments by users after having a minimum amount of tokens staked, also makes me really like this project, because in the distribution it creates a bond of friendship by coming through a comment, something much more empathetic and intimate than a simple vow.

DCC, the @clixmoney token (which I even need to do an introductory post about), which rewards good content creators. Curatorship is an essential role for web 3.0 and he has great incentives to support authors.

I hope to continue investing my rewards in more tokens, so help me meet others by commenting below:

  • Token/Tag Name
  • What is it for
  • If you have a front-end for posts, what is it?
  • Current price

This way, in addition to capturing more varied tokens, I can increase contributions with publications for each specific token.

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I'd really like to make a token called chill that works like pizza but I don't know how.

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#cine is a niche community but if you have interest in writing on movies and webseries then I guess you should stake more. In a post by @interpretation it was concluded that it has second best tokenomics on the #hive platform with more than 100% APR for curation.

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I think sportstalk social is a great token. It has more than 90 % staked.

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Thanks a lot for promoting DCC. I'll do my best to make the token valuable. I need now some help in creating the tribe. I hope to find the right developer to help. I want really special rules for it. Like limited earning from the post, the thing you wrote about. And other things I'm thinking about. I have to do it right to not make the mistake of other tribes.


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I like #pob #cent and #blurt so far…. All great projects …. 🧠 🪙 🤬 🚀 🌙

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Yay! 🤗
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Olá @vempromundo! Tudo sussa? Queria te pedir uma ajuda amigo, é que tô participando de um concurso e preciso de votos. Lá no Twitter e queria que me ajudasse por favor.

Quando entrar no link, logo abaixo vc escolhe o meu desenho. Desde já agradeço ✌🏼


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SPT ainda é bastante interessante comprar pois ele te dá pontos para o airdrop de SPS em Splinterlands. O token ainda está barato ao meu ver.

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@vempromundo, participe deste concurso, é rapidinho. Coloca seu username do Twitter aqui para concorrer a vários prêmios hehehe...

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