My Week begins on a high note B-)

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It happened again. I was just lying down and thinking of a walk. I wanted to go on a walk but I was both lazy and I didn't want to walk alone. So I lay there, preparing to take a nap and I got a call again.
Wishes do come true sometimes.
I answered the call
"Hello,are you at home?" My reply was obviously yes
"So how about we go on a walk?"
Why would I turn down such an offer?

I got up from my bed and headed straight out. It is not all cousins that take you on a walk. I met him downstairs and our walk began. Two things were accomplished actually, first, I got a walk and second, I got a proper explanation on a pressing matter. And oh, lest I forget motivational speeches too that were disguised.


My walk was fun apart from the fact that I had to keep crossing from one part of the street to another to avoid the stench from the various dumpsters or the fact that I kept looking up because he is way taller, I wonder why I didn't get that gene,lol. I got a good laugh. We explored places and buildings, art works and all but unfortunately, my phone's camera decided to misbehave and so I didn't get good pictures.

I realized that conversing with the right people or person is a very good thing. I went back home feeling all refreshed and happy. My week started on a high tone, I hope it stays that way. The adventurous side of mine were displayed but the stares I got from passersby while taking some pictures made it look like I was crazy,lol.


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Yet another week comes in our lives , it’s important to Embrace the week with enthusiasm faith and energy. That you have clearly shown ..n that’s what happens when you get over the old weeks with a smile nd welcome a new week in your life full of promises to give you a breakthrough.
🙏🏾 I grab ur msg
I’m gon Explore the beauties it has in store for me! Never miss any opportunity. All the best to us.

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You should totally explore the opportunities you have without second thoughts.
If it comes out good, better. If it turns out bad, you've learnt a lesson 😂

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