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RE: What does it mean to be unvaccinated today? Macron makes his intentions clear for France

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The small print catch however is that PCR tests are no longer free in France, now costing anywhere from €50-€120 a pop and they must be updated every 72h.

These tests were not free even in Hungary.

Anyone working in the medical industry must get jabbed immediately or face losing their job.

This is the same in Hungary.

This COVID-19 thing is a straight business and a worldwide human experiment.


Same. The tests aren't free in Indonesia. There are three types of test with the PCR test as the expensive one. Not to mention, these days if people wants to use train or plane service, they have to either show a vaccination card, a paper mentioning their workplace, and statement why they are traveling. If they are can't show the vaccination card, they must provide a paper from a specialist that list the reason why the person can't get the jab. And it's also the same where people in the medical industry must get jabbed or face losing the job. But here it also extended to businesses and now schools.

Very much appreciate the direct update from Indonesia. I had not heard about the extension to businesses & schools. That's tough. But not at all unexpected. Every government of the world will use every trick in the book to get us to take this.

My mom works at a retail store and was asked to get the jab. However, she was not legible to get the jab and thankfully her boss was okay with it. Now, they are rolling vaccination to schools and universities. Indonesia is still waiting for more clarity on the vaccination rules because there are plenty unvaccinated. and what I don't like is how people seem to say " Get the jab" while actually not all people can get the jab due to medical reasons nor there is vaccine for people with comorbidity. I know some family members and neighbor who died after getting the jab and that was because they weren't upfront about their comorbidity or even know their own health status. Then later on, the cause of death is their comorbidity instead of post-vaccine incident.

I know some family members and neighbor who died after getting the jab

Deeply sorry for your loss. Be in no doubt my friend, this is a cull. And the true effect of this jab is not yet known. Though I think we will find out in the next six months...

It is the same in Greece too. A cheap trick to lure the people to the jabs.

I hypothesise that it is actually not an experiment at all. More likely the experimenting was done a long time ago in secret so they know exactly what it will do to people. Things like this are not left to chance.

The COVID-19 virus exists since 2019. Or at least this is what we currently know. If this is true, then there was no time to properly experiment with the vaccines.

The truth and what we are told publicly are two things which are not normally connected. Perhaps never even. Slaves only get told what they need to know.