My First Week Experience in Noise Cash Waiting Project Blank

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I met with which is a social platform just like Twitter which allows it to earn bitcoin cash from tips for making short posts. I think it is not like Twitter, not like Facebook, not like Instagram not like Hive blogging, not like any other social media platform. It has taken some features from these applications.

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After I met with Noise Cash a week ago, I tried to be active to test myself. I shared a few posts in a day and joined a few chambers like Leofinance, Splinterlands and Photography. Shared my daily Leofinance posts and Splinterlands daily rewards and daily photos of my life...

I haven't figured out the algorithm yet. I don't know how Its estimating which votes.

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After a week, I got my first payout from noise cash valued 1 USD!

Analysis for Noise Cash

  • So simple front end. I think it is negative for social media pltform. I should be specific front end and It should be etched in people's minds.

  • Total earning is not bad for new user as me. I got 1 USD in a week and I think that It will increase for next day I got lots of interactions...

  • So simple to get rewards. I added my BCH wallet to site and I got so fast liquid payout.

  • I think It is only at beginning and will develop more...

Havent you heard and registered Noise Cash?

You can sign up:

What should Project Blank Do?

I dont know when project Blank will be released but waiting with patience.

  • I believe that Project Blank's front end will be better... As we have seen in Leofinance, They will do it better...

  • Making money on Project Blank should not only depend on powering up. It should be more profitable and liquid..

  • Project Blank social media should not focus on crypto lovers and contents... Photography and micro blog bring more people..

I believe Project Blank will do it better!

So simple question.


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I’m IN since 7 months ago. I’m earning 20$ a week there more or less

Keep going and every little earnings can add and turn into life-changing money in few years.

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agreed It can make lot of difference in long run

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 74 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

@chorock! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @pixresteemer.

Did you know PIZZA team has a curation trail with 29 followers? (9/10)

ok I will join it to see how it goes for me

joining using your link mate. :)