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RE: Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - June 8th 2021

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Is POB everything you wished STEM could be, and more???

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I triple edited that question, just for you!!!

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Is Lassecash everything you wished Hive could be?


In some aspects, yes! I do wish HIVE had a hard cap on supply, even it if were just an arbitrary huge number, there is comfort in printing not going on to infinity!! Good Question!! To tell the truth I exactly think that about POB, POB is what I wished HIVE would be more like! ( Just cause the price illusion is more strong)

While there is no hard cap, it is completely predictable, disclosed, and shrinking.

Oh yeah I forgot you explained that to me about the decreasing inflation. Cool, thanks, that helps a lot! Sshew

Hive inflation is around 7.6% right now. Higher than some tokens, but fairly reasonable. Compared to some tribes that are 300%+ higher.

Do you ever lay awake at night worrying about the price of HIVE going back to 8 cents?

No, you?

Yeah I do lay awake worrying about it at times, but not for too long, that's why I asked. It's always in the back of my mind because because if I knew it was gonna happen again I could sell and buy back and get even more!! Always a conundrum, very tricky!

If Hive gets to 8 cents, there will be a buying spree.
Unlike Lassecash, it won't just be one person buying back their own token.

Perhaps we should rename it LASSECRASH then Hua lol! hah jk - thanks for the entertainment!

The thing about Lassecrap and any token that is centrally controlled by one party is it is any price they want it to be, until they don't or can no longer support it by buying it back. Like a hot potato, you don't want to be holding it then.

IS HIVE going to be Quantum Computer resistant, what are HIVE's plans to address this threat in the future? Can hive implement this in time before it is needed?

That’s a question none of know and will affect everything from cell phones, bank accounts, nuclear weapons, and of course crypto.

I suspect we are a long ways out and if we get even remotely close we can up the bits to out pace it.

Even when and if quantum computing gets here it will initially be limited to governments and massive businesses.

Hive's ability to adapt is likely better than most crypto projects in the space.

O,K, good. I agree HIVE's flexible in this manner. I'm not gonna worry about that for us.