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RE: Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - June 8th 2021

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I triple edited that question, just for you!!!

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Is Lassecash everything you wished Hive could be?


In some aspects, yes! I do wish HIVE had a hard cap on supply, even it if were just an arbitrary huge number, there is comfort in printing not going on to infinity!! Good Question!! To tell the truth I exactly think that about POB, POB is what I wished HIVE would be more like! ( Just cause the price illusion is more strong)

While there is no hard cap, it is completely predictable, disclosed, and shrinking.

Oh yeah I forgot you explained that to me about the decreasing inflation. Cool, thanks, that helps a lot! Sshew

Hive inflation is around 7.6% right now. Higher than some tokens, but fairly reasonable. Compared to some tribes that are 300%+ higher.